With the A-Team escaping continuing to try and clear their names, they are hunted down by Colonel Ulgothorp, head of the Government. And they wear fake disguises to pose as people so Ulgothorp wouldn't realize it's them.


June 7, 2013


  • John "Hannibal" Smith (Liam Neeson) - in the end, gets his name cleared and returns to his family!
    • Hannibal's disguises:
      • Lee Grove (Social Worker)
      • Nelson Ryce (Tuba Player)
  • Templeton "Faceman" Peck (Bradley Cooper) - in the end, sacrifices himself for Charissa, to stop Ulgothrop and destroy his weapon, and his last words to Charissa, "I could be...the always wanted me to be"
    • Faceman's disguises:
      • Engin worker!
  • B.A. Baracus (Quinton Jackson) - in the end, Leaves for New Orleans!
    • B.A.'s disguises:
      • monk Lou
  • H.M. Murdock (Sharlto Copley) - in the end, wa sent to an asylum in Texas
    • Howling Mad's disguises:
      • Mad Louie
  • Jeremy "Glory" Felton (Andrew Garfield) - a young member of the group, who aids them in order to clear their names, in the end, becomes Faceman's replacement!
  • Fiona Grace (Emma Stone) - Glory's love interest, in the end, is placed in a safe haven from the Governments reach!
  • Captain Charissa Sosa (Jessica Biel) - Faceman's ex-girlfriend, in the end, visits Faceman's grave!
  • Colonol Ian Ulgothrop (Timothy Olyphant) - the main antagonist, who hunts them down in order to destroy the knowlege of life, he plans to use Blasters mixed with Tanks, which is able to annihilate anyone or anything, in the end, gets exploded by the bomb H.M. placed in the Tank!
  • Colonol Ulgothorp's army - men in black suited suits, with helmets over their faces, they follow ulgothorp's orders
  • General Jonathan Cross (Ronny Cox) - Ulgothorp's superior, he states, "I want them alive, not dead", near the end, citing his knowledge of his father's drinking, he is stabbed in the chest by Ulgothorp with a dagger



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