Territory Conquest is a 2014 real-time strategy wargame, and is the standalone version of the popular Roblox games The Conquerors and Territory Conquest.

The goal of the game is to defeat all enemies by any means necessary, such as nuking enemy territory to have them surrender themselves or take over enemy territory and emerge as the winner of the round. Rounds may be played multiplayer or singleplayer, and each round lasts approximately 45 minutes to 2 hours. If rounds are played singleplayer, then the goal of the game is to take over every neutral territory.

The game will launch the initial alpha version on January 7, 2014. The full release may be expected sometime in December 2014.


The player starts off with one capital on a country, from there the goal of of the player is to take over the country and expand as much territory as possible. A capital produces 15 soldiers every second. A player is given 10 humvees, 5 light tanks, 20 low-grade helicopters, 3 jet fighters and 50 assault rifles (may vary) that can be used to aid the soldiers at the beginning of the game. A soldier is automatically equipped with a low-grade weapon at the beginning of the game. Unlike the Roblox variant, there are other important people in the game such as scientists, doctors and architects. A player is given 40 of every important civillian at the beginning of the game. A player also starts with three commercial buildings, 25 houses that may vary in looks and a military airfield in a capital. Structures increase the amount of soldier production on where it is placed. Most territories are pre-configured with structures. 40 scientists can produce a lab in 5 minutes, and a nuke can be developed every 25 minutes. Nukes take 15 scientists to launch and depending on where it will hit, the results may vary. If a nuke is aimed at a huge colony, more often they will use counter missiles to blow it up while in the air, and if a nuke succesfully hits, all structures within it's explosion radius will be destroyed, and there is a 17% chance it will produce nuclear winter around the explosion radius. Scientists can also manufacture high grade vehicles and weapons. Doctors can heal injured soldiers and other injured civillians. They manufacture bloodpacks, pills and painkillers that soldiers need when attacking. Architects manufacture the buildings and other structures in a territory. They continuosly build structures at the beginning of the game unless told by the player to stop. Manufacturers create everything necessary for soldiers and most of the weapons. They also provide soldiers food and water needed for survival, and manufacture most of the vehicles. Last but not the least are the soldiers. They are the most important part of your territories, as their job is to defend and take over any territory you want them to. Other civillians need to provide them their supplies if they run out.

If a player wishes, he can ally another player in the game, if the other player accepts. They can provide each other troops and supplies, but can betray each other as well. If a game is won by allied players, it is considered an allied win and doesn't count as an actual win.

A player may also give his territory to an ally or another player, but it takes a minute as the population needs to move to the nearest territory of yours. NOTE: You can never, ever give your capital to somebody else.

If a player is out of hope, he may surrender to enemies.

If a player is taken over by enemies, he will be defeated and ejected from the game.

Nuclear winter can occur at a 17% chance if a nuke is detonated and hits land. When this happens, the radius of the nuke will be plunged into a freezing temperature, ranging from -15 to -25 degrees Celsius. During nuclear winter most of the player's structures will crumble, and many citizens of your empire, including the soldiers, will die of hypothermia. Scientists can work on getting rid of the nuclear winter, but this would be very costly. Nuclear winter ends after about five minutes, or five years in game time.

Players can also name their empire, their capital, their cities and even high-ranking citizens of your country. Players can also code-name their projects so other players won't realize. Players can re-color their structures, their army and their vehicles to match their empire's color. The players can customize their nations' information, such as the currency, the flag, the president, and many other things.

A player can also change his country's flag to an existing one or to a custom one. If you want a custom flag you will need to make it yourself from the Flag Editor, or find one in the marketplace. Changing a country's flag costs 75,000 of your empire's currency. The price doubles to 150,000 if you change it again, but will remain that price after changing it for a third time. Making a custom flag is excluded from the price of changing your flag, and costs 100,000 of your country's currency. The country's flag is pure black by default.

The country's currency is the US Dollar by default. The player can change it every 10 minutes to his/her likings, but every currency will have the same value. The value will never go up or down because it is considered as an unfair advantage. A country will spawn with $1,000,000, but this will rapidly go down as you will spend it with vehicles, troops and buildings. You can have as much as $999,999,999,999 or roughly nine hundred ninety-nine billion dollars. Any amount of money that you earn while you have the largest amount of money possible will be discarded.

The developers have wanted the value of your currency to increase or decrease but they admitted this is very hard to script and will take a few months prior to the Alpha release to happen. If this happens, your currency will be compared to the currencies of the other players, and in singleplayer, the currency of the United States. If your currency goes down, the prices go up, but you will produce more money. If your currency goes up, the prices go down, but you will produce less money. The prices of items will always be compared to your currency's value. Your currency will start with $1 = $1. 

It is recommended for players to invade island countries such as Cuba, Taiwan or Sri Lanka, or if the player can, invade archipelagos most such as the Philippines, Indonesia and Japan. Taking over the United States will guarantee the player his/her victory, but this is near-impossible to do so. The player can choose to spawn as an existing country or a new one.

Revolutions will always occur on your nation, and this is another problem you will have to face. These revolutions are fairly weak but powerful in number, and you'll have to focus on it to prevent it from suceeding, however this opens you to enemy countries.