Scene 1 Edit

(theme: This Is Our World)

Narrator: Technology is advancing our world.

Hi my name is prince Nestor and my friends and this is my world.

Making that was once Impossible, Possible.

My Name Is Tony Jones And Johnny Test And Our Friends And this is our World!,

With making,The human race growing intelligent as ever.

Hi my Name is Ash, tai ,Davis ,Marcus, TAKATO ,KIRIGAYA, AND OUR FRIENDS AND THIS IS MY WORLD, said the five whom were happy with their new "Lives" altogether.

With a New day shines for a smile and having more advancements everyday and for the world.

Hi my name is Robin, C.G , hunter steel , Timelord , max Taylor , martin , And kai and this my world

Narrator:But what will happen in the future on this day,Now !!

And On The teletoon h.q That they were making many abominations that The N.E.A.D.T Corporations are making their holograms control room.

(Scene drops into the timelord)

Timelord: My Name Is The Timelord,And THIS IS MY WORLD.

(Scene cuts: with the timelord meeting chase,bren and jinja.)

The digidestined,tamers,d.a.t.s and their digimon were digivolve to fight the b.s infected and then running from them.

Kirito,asuna,agito,toola,and yui were coming out of the van and seeing through the landscape.

Kazuto: They used us to perfect their own virus and antidote and now they can manipulate the world.

Muty: I don't work for kurata and not kodai grims anymore.

Marcus: We Don't care.

Kodai : Marcus how nice to see you again, What the hell is going on here, Said: Marcus

Kodai : They have you under their control,They taken over Moscow, new York , California , Orlando , Germany , Berlin , Australia, Sydney , Hong Kong , Tokyo , Paris ,London , Mexico , and Rio.

And with the people of japan are running with the digidestined looking , And water flooding into the models major cities of the world of the N.E.A.D.T prime.

Marcus: and now were the only ones whom can stop them and save mankind and the universe from destruction and extinction,

Yoshio : when this is over,

Thomas : your going to be good right, yes well first we have work to do.

The N.E.A.D.T Corporations are planning for the end of heroes, this what remains of us to the end.

Edward elric : DAMMMMMIT !!!!!!!!!!!.

and were the only ones whom could find the remains of the two clocks of the universe.

(Scene end )

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