Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Dimension Crisis is the third and final game developer by Rocksteady and publish by Activision. It will be release 8 May 2024 to TMNT 40th Anniversary to PS5, Xbox2 and PC.

Plot Edit

It's time for TMNT for adventure in Dimension city and Fight of Villians in Final round, Shredder is dead and Karai it's now leader for the Footclan.

Gameplay Edit

Dimension Crisis features a lot of things, you can drive Turtles van in Dimension city, it use to Battle Drones, motorcross and other tanks and solves puzzles, in combat, turtles can pick up a weapon o 2 a used it as a melee weapon or throw stuff, They can use a lot of eviroment Takedown to Takedown enemies, Turtles cas also use tag team to Takedown 2 to 3 enemies, They also have ability to use Ninja Takedown in Stealth and Combat to Takedown Enemies.

Characters Edit

Heroes and Allies:

Dimension Crisis will feature a large Characters from TMNT Comics and media.

  • Leonardo( Voiced by Cam Clarke)
  • Raphael (Voiced by Rob Paulsen)
  • Michelangelo(Voiced By Greg Cipes)
  • Donatello (Voiced by Sam Reigel)
  • April O'Neil (Voiced by Mae Whitman)
  • Splinter (Voiced by Michael Gough)
  • Casey Jones(Voiced by Josh Keaton)
  • Slash (Voiced by Corey Feldman)
  • Leatherhead ( Voiced by Jim Cummings)
  • Vernon Fenwick(Voiced By Greg Ellis)
  • Burne Thompson (Voiced by Tom Kenny)
  • Irma (Voiced by Tara Strong)
  • Zach(Voiced by Yuri Lowenthal)
  • Angel Bridge (Voiced by Jennifer Hale)


  • Karai (Voiced by Kelly Wu)
  • Krang (Voiced by Dee Bradley Baker)
  • Baxter Stockman (Voiced by Phil Lamarr)
  • Bebop (Voiced by J.B Smoove)
  • Rocksteady (Voiced by Cam Clarke)
  • Hun (Voiced by Steve Blum)
  • Arnold Jones (Voiced by Scott Porter)
  • Tokka (Voiced by Frank Welker)
  • Razhar (Voiced by Frank Welker)
  • Koya (Voiced by Nicole Ari Parker)
  • Bludgeon (Voiced by J.B. Blanc)
  • Tatsu (Voiced by Nolan North)
  • Shredder(Voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson; Flashback)

Characters Debut:

  • General Traag( Voiced by Fred Tatasciore)
  • Granitor (Voiced by Jim Ward)
  • Rat King(Voiced by Matthew Mercer)
  • Groundchuck (Voiced by Fred Tatasciore)
  • Dirtbag (Voiced by J.B Blanc)
  • Chrome Dome (Voiced by Jim Ward)
  • Tiger Claw (Voiced by Eric Bauza)
  • Prime Leader Zanramon (Voiced by Fred Tatasciore)
  • Scumbag (Voiced by Jeff Bennett)
  • Mona Lisa (Voiced by Alyson Hannigan)
  • Carter (Voiced by Bumper Robinson)
  • Fugitoid/Professor Honeycutt (Voiced by Corey Burton)
  • Mondo gecko (Voiced by Robbie Fist)
  • Pigeon Pete (Voiced by Tom Kenny)
  • Herman The Crab (Voiced By Clancy Brown)
  • Old Hob (Voiced by Troy Baker)
  • Mutagen Man (Voiced by Nolan North)
  • Sally Pride (Voiced by Sarah Wayne Callies)
  • Lindsey Baker( Voiced by Candi Milo)


  • Karais Foot Ninjas
  • Cyber Foot Ninjas
  • Elite Guard
  • Krangs Krangdroids
  • General Traags Rock Soliders
  • Baxters Mouser
  • Baxters Flyborgs
  • Roadkill Rodney
  • Hun/Arnold Jones Purple Dragon
  • Prime Leader Zanramons Triceraton
  • Pizza Alien (TMNT 1987 Race only)

Sidemissions Edit

Like the other previous Games, Dimension Crisis will feature Sidemission in story, these are:

  • Eye of Tiger (Tigerclaw)
  • Doom of Chrome (Chordome Dome)
  • Sky of Ambush (Koya)
  • Bite and Flash (Bludgeon)
  • Partners in Ground (Groundchuck and Dirtbag)
  • Hun's Hideout (Hun)
  • Skateboard Race (Mondo Gecko)
  • Smash, Slash and Destroy (Slash)
  • Girl Power (April O'Neill)
  • Interview Channel 6 (Verne Fenwick)
  • Goongala, Goongala (Casey Jones)
  • The boy who can help (Zach)

DLC Edit

Challenge Maps: Edit

Challenge Maps consist 6 maps per pack, the First Pack will be released 27 May. The Second map will be released 20 June.

Crisis Episodes: Edit

Crisis Episodes are DLC Level that Focus the other Playable Characters on Casey Jones, April O'Neil, Carter and Mighty Mutanimals which take Place Before or after the game.

Skins/Turtle Van Skins/Tracks Edit

Turtles, Allies and Party Van will have Skins and tracks in the game.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Wanted Villians Edit

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Wanted Villians will focus TMNT hunted down 6 extra villians, it will be released on 30th dec 2024.

Trivia Edit

  • This Game will be release on TMNT 40th anniversery.
  • This is first time you can drive Turtle Van.
  • It will feature many boss fights like standad battle and Turtle Van battle.
  • It was a rumor that Punk Frogs, Fishface,Lord Dregg and Alopex will appeared in the game, but they are scrapped due they not fit in the story.
  • It has most Playable Characters, Leo, Raph, Mike, Don, Casey, Splinter, April O'Neil, Mondo Gecko, Slash, Leatherhead, Old Hod, Pigeon Pete, and Karai.
  • Herman the Crab and Mutagen man is the only Members of Mighty Mutanimals they not Playable characters in the game.