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Slade has returned and it's up to the TItans to stop him but he has unleashed a wave of villans upon the world.

episodes Edit

Episode 1: a new beginning. The Titans are fighting bad guys with ease and everything is going perfect until an old foe makes a prison brake.

Episode 2: a mad mad mad world. Mad mod lures the titans into his castle of death traps.In the end beast boy reveals his true feelings for raven.

Episdoe 3: dark secret. The Titans and Titans east confront slade but Jericho knows more about slade than you think.

Episode 4: X,baby,X. Red X returns as an assasin for hire and his target:kitten!. Can the Titans get to kitten before red x does

Episode 5: Love is cold. Kid cold returns and he wants revenge on his former girlfriend: Jinx but first he has to go through the titans

Episdoe 6: lucky number 5. The hive five returns and want to get the titans,especially one pink haired spell caster.

Episode 7: chatspot. Control freak takes over the internet and its up to Robin,hotspot and Jericho to save the world of technology

Episode 8: the walls of Jericho. Jericho is pinned against the wall when he must fight the hive five on his own.

Episode 9: maddnes is mumbo. The titans east are sucked into mumbos hat and must fight illusions of themselves in order to escape

Episode 10:beware the night. When robin and beast boy are captured by slade and the titans and titans east busy fighting killer moth,fang,mad mod,the source,kid wykkd and wrestling star,it's up to one man to save them:Batman

Episode 11: I can see-more. See-more tries to take down the titans but when he is defeated he brings in kid wykkd,billy numerous and private H.I.V.E to help

Episode 12: Titans forever part 1. When Slade brings together the hive,mad mod,fang,control freak,trigon,brother blood,killer moth,the source,mumbo,joker,lex Luther,wrestling star and the brain, the titans need to summon evrey superhero they can find to defeat them.

Episode 13: Titans forever part 2. Even with batman and superman on their side they still are struggling to defeat slades so called "syndicate" but help comes in the form of Red X and the returning Terra.