Teen Titans: X is a feature length 80 minute approx film. This film covers up one of the loose ends in the canceled show Teen titans. This show revolves around their unidentifed villain Red X.

Plot Edit

After fighting the white android, the titans don't know what their next move shall be. Red X calls and communicates with the teen titans luring them to a specific location. Once all the titans arrive, Red X finds a way to be with Robin face to face. They fight and the plot thickens. In the end Slade comes in and beats up Robin. Red X helps Robin. Robin escapes, Red X is still trapped with Slade in the building that is about to blow up. X leaves Slade in the compound. He runs out of the compound and attempts to teleport and yells "Come on Come on", the compound blows up. Robin yells for X, to see if he survived or not. He only gets a hold of his mask. Robin says that X can be represented as anybody for saving his own life and the city's. In a post credits scene, Robin gets a hold of a white streak piece of hair that was stuck to the mask. He scans for DNA and finds out it's Jason Todd, the robin that replaced him for being Batman's sidekick. "I will get you Todd," Robin says. Jason Todd is in his secret lair, saying "Not bad kid, not bad at all. One day Robin, one day, we will meet again."

Cast Edit

Scott Menville as Robin/Red X

Greg Cipes as Beast Boy

Hyden Walch as Starfire

Terra Strong as Raven

Khary Payton as Cyborg

Jensen Ackles as Jason Todd

Rob Perlman as Slade