Team Fortress 2: The Animated Series: is an American adult animated television series based on the popular first-person shooter, Team Fortress 2, the show takes place in the same continuity as the game itself. 


The show, set in 1972, follows the 9 mercs alongside Miss Pauling as they engage in dangerous and over-the-top misadventures in the Badlands, sometimes involving aliens, zombies, robots, and Tom Jones. The show takes place in between the Mann vs Machine campaign in the game and the Mann Co. No More comics as characters like Gray Mann and Tom Jones (who were killed in the comics) are still alive.

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Episode Title Episode Plot
Welcome to the Fortress TBA
You can't drink away the alchoholism When the mercs get annoyed with The Demoman's drinking, they try making him go sober for a week. But when the week passes, things don't really end as planned.
Scout's Date. A continuation of the chicken store segment from the short "Expiration Date", Scout goes on a date with the girl he met at the chicken store... And asks Spy to be his wing-man.
Mercenaries in space The mercs are sent to the Mann Co. Australian Space Station to fix a leak in the fuel tanks. How hard can it be?
Angry Pyro When an accident in Medic's lab turns Pyro into a monster, the mercs must find a way to change him back to normal before he murders everyone.
Merasmus' Game Merasmus The Wizard has returned! And this time, he has a new spinwheel and challenges the mercs. Will the mercs be able to win against Merasmus' kinda rigged game?
Dial M for Medic Medic creates a clone of himself. What could possibly go wrong?
The Adventures of Saxton Hale An episode looking into the daily routine of Saxton Hale.
The 125th annual Mann Co. Mercenary Race The annual Mann Co. Mercenary race. Where mercenaries from all over the badlands come together to race for the grand prize of australium... And a lifetime supply of beer and sandviches.
Hostage Situation When Scout and Soldier are being held hostage, and with the other mercs occupied. It is all up to Heavy and Miss Pauling to save them.
Blast to the Future When Soldier accidentally transports him and Engineer a week into the future, they wander through a post-apocalyptic version of the badlands as they try to find a way to get back to their own time.
Saxton Hale: The Movie When Saxton Hale believes he should make a movie based on him. He calls upon the mercs to assist him in making the film a reality.

Season TwoEdit

Episode Title Episode Plot
Welcome to Mercenary Resort When President Trump tries to deal with the Badlands' mercenary problem, he makes a resort for the mercenaries... So he can blow it up.
The Wizard of Australia Soldier is sent to a strange new land, and joins The Scarecro, The Tin Demoman, and The Cowardly Scout as he goes on a quest to find the magic staff of Merasmus and bring it back to the Wizard of Australia in order to return home.
Merc-Con Welcome to Merc-Con! A place where mercenaries come together to get a peak at the newest hats and weapons!
The Demoman's Quest After Demo finds a letter written by his father, he must go to Scotland and participate in the traditional trial of the Demomen. Featuring The Skeleton King from Dota 2.
What's New Pussycat? When the mercs accidentally destroy Tom Jones' car, Scout feels it's his responsibility to get Tom Jones to his concert before it's too late.
Mercenaries without weapons When Saxton Hale, decides to take a day off and temporarily closes Mann Co. The mercenaries from all over the Badlands go off their rockers.
Trapped in the basement. When the mercs are locked in the basement for 24 hours, all sorts of weird stuff starts to happen.
Poker Night One night, while the mercs play poker, Scout makes a bet on who at the table can tell the manliest story.
Pyro's New Friend When nobody wants to play with him, Pyro starts to feel lonely. Then he comes across and befriends an alien parasite.
Search for the missing helmet. Soldier goes crazy when he loses his favorite/only helmet. Making the other mercs look for it restlessly.
Archimedes' Grand Misadventure We finally get to see what The Medic's favorite dove, Archimedes does when he's not around.
The life of a Mercenary: A documentary of the Badlands In this 30-minute uncut documentary, we get to look into the lives of the mercenaries of Badlands in order to understand them better. The tape was never released to the public. (Note: This is the series finale).

Mann Co. Commercial Shorts.

The Mann Co. commercials are shorts that play after certain episodes. They are made to showcase popular weapons in the TF2 game.

Mann Co. Commercial # 1

BONK! Atomic Punch

Mann Co. Commercial # 2

The Wrangler

Mann Co. Commercial # 3

Pyrovision Goggles

Mann Co. Commercial # 4

The Crusaders Crossbow

Mann Co. Commercial # 5

The Huntsman

Mann Co. Commercial # 6

The Dead Ringer

Mann Co. Commercial # 7

The Sticky Jumper and The Rocket Jumper

(Each sold separately)

Mann Co. Commercial # 8

The Buffalo Steak Sandvich

Mann Co. Commercial # 9

The Backburner

Mann Co. Commercial # 10

Your Eternal Reward

Mann Co. Commercial # 11

The Half-Zatoichi

Mann Co. Commercial # 12

The Thermal Thruster

Mann Co. Commercial # 13

The Market Gardner

Mann Co. Commercial # 14

Baby Face's Blaster