Team Fortress 2: The Animated Series: is an CGI animated series that is based after the acclaimed video game of the same name. 


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Voice CastEdit

The TeamEdit

  • Yuri Lowenthal - The Scout
  • David Kaye - The Soldier
  • Corey Burton - The Spy, The Pyro
  • Jeff Bennett - The Sniper
  • John DiMaggio - The Heavy Weapons Guy, The Demoman
  • Jim Cummings - The Engineer
  • Alan Tudyk - The Medic

The FemteamEdit

  • Tara Strong - The Fem Scout
  • Vanessa Marshall - The Heavy Weapons Lady, The Demo Woman
  • Kari Wahlgren - The Fem Engineer
  • Jennifer Hale - The Fem Soldier
  • Hynden Walch - The Fem Pyro
  • Grey DeLisle-Griffin - The Fem Spy
  • Claudia Black - The Fem Sniper
  • Olivia D'Abo - The Fem Medic 


  • Nolan North - Merasmus, Bombinomicon, The Mann Brothers
  • Grey DeLisle-Griffin - Helen the Announcer, Scout's Mom


Season OneEdit

Episode Title Episode Plot
Welcome to the Fortress
Meet the Heavy
Meet the Soldier
Meet the Scout
Meet the Engineer
Meet the Sniper
Meet the Demoman
Meet the Spy
Meet the Pyro
Meet the Medic
Meet the Sandvich
Red vs Blu
Mann vs Machine

Season TwoEdit

Episode Title Episode Plot
Behold, Merasmus
Book of Bombs
Very Scary
Meet the Femteam
Dial M for Medic
Cart Away
The Fists of Steel
I'm a Engineer
Double-Crossed Spy
Rocket Jump Waltz
Day Off
Game Over

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