Superman Returns 2: Metallo Rising is the sequel to the 2006 film, Superman Returns.



Cast and CharactersEdit

  • Brandon Routh as Superman/Clark Kent: The Kryptonian superhero who disguises himself as a journalist.
  • Kate Bosworth as Lois Lane:
  • Tristan Lake Leabu as Corey Kent: formerly known as Corey white he changed his name and vows to be a far more brutal hero than his father ever been after the death of richard. he would later kill Metallo himself in the end leading to a rift between clark and his son
  • Kevin Spacey as Lex Luthor:
  • Parker Posy as Kitty Kowalski:
  • Rob Flanagan as John Corben/Metallo: The main antagonist
  • James Marsdan as Richard White: Lois's fiancé who accepts lois to be with Superman. later on he was killed by Metallo when he threw with a sharp metal rod through his back after he saved Lois, impaling him.
  • Allison Mack as Lana Lang

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