Superman: the New Animated Series is an animated series that serves as a reboot of the previous animated series from Ruby Spears. Superman will be a bit more muscular and will be reprise by Beau Weaver


Like previous versions, the series has its own take on the Superman mythos, such as changing afew characters around. Two big changes are that Lois Lane is now half Latin and Lex Luthor. Also, it features villains and characters who didn't appear in the original animated series, like Prankster, Kryptonite Man, and General Zod. The first season has a recurring storyline involving the battle between Superman and Lex Luthor, while season two features several team-ups between Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman.


Main CharactersEdit

Clark Kent/Superman (Beau Weaver):

Lois Lane Sumalee Montano

Jimmy Olsen...Sam Riegel

Perry White (Keith Carradine

Bruce Wayne/the Batman (Bruce Greenwood)

Princess Diana/Wonder Woman ()


Lex Luthor...James Marsters

Brainiac...Mark Hamill

General Zod...David Kaye

Toyman...Alexander Polinsky

Prankster...Bumper Robinson

Metallo (Chris Cox)

Kryptonite Man (Phil LaMarr

Ursa...Cree Summer

Non...Frank Welker

Bizarro...Dee Bradley Baker

Mr. Mxyzptlk...Wayne Knight

Parasite...Jason Alexander

Bloodsport...Michael Dorn

Atomic Skull...Brian Bloom

Morgan Edge...Bruce Campbell

Terra-Man...Pat Fraley

Lobo...John DiMaggio