From the director of Taken, One day, Miles Rose witnesses his daughter, Kayla is getting married to Brooklyn Tate. But when he witnesses that the man his daughter has married and honey-mooned with and killed a dealer and threw him in the fire, he realizes that he was the son of Gaylord Tate, a former actor who played the superhero known as Hyper in the 70's, who had broken free 4 of the wanted dealers who had history with his son.


June 14, 2013


  • Miles Rose (Daniel Craig) - in the end, leaves with Roxane!
  • Kayla Rose (Amanda Bynes) - Miles's daughter, in the end, stated "Next time get to know them before you marry him!
    • Young Kayla Rose (Ariel Winter)
  • Roxane Rose (Rachel Weisz) - Miles's wife and Kayla's mother, in the end, leaves with Miles!
  • Brooklyn Tate (Michael Fassbender) - Kayla's new husband and son of Gaylord Tate, Second antagonist who now threatens his newfound wife, and Mother in law! In the end gets killed by Jacks!
  • Chief Marcus Lewis (Samuel L. Jackson) - dosen't believe Miles' story about Brooklyn, in the end, apologizes to Miles for not believing him, after realizing Brooklyn lied to him!
  • Lt. Hans Cranston (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) - seems to have a crush on Kayla, has the same tone as Robin John Blake from The Dark Knight Rises, in the end, and befriends Jacks, and also has a relationship with Kayla!
  • Sleeper (Joseph Gilgun) - one of the 4 escaped prisoners, in the end, gets killed by Hyper!
  • Worm (Edi Gathegi) - one of the 4 escaped prisoners, in the end, gets shot by Lewis!
  • Jacks (Chris Hemsworth) - one of the 4 escaped prisoners, his birth name is Jackson Tory, in the end, reforms and ends up on Parole, and gets a relationship with Kayla Rose!
  • Richter (Rooney Mara) - one of the 4 escaped prisoners, in the end, gets killed by Cranston!
  • Gaylord Tate/Hyper (Dennis Quaid) - the main antagonist, has the ability to cause Beams of powerful energy!, after being spied on for stealing money, he has a Acceleration Machine from the 70's-20's, in the end, wants revenge for his sons death on Jacks as he attempts to kill him with his gauntlet, only to end up gets exploded!
  • Kelsey Rain (Rob Riggle) - Brooklyn's long-time dealer, who was killed when Brooklyn lighted up a lighter to fire up the oil in the car to explode on Rain killing him with blood coming out of his eyes, nose and mouth


In his apartment, Miles Rose (Daniel Craig) is watching a 70's TV Show, Hyper, on TV, then he turns off the TV, and hears a knock on the door, he opens it, and the Mailman gives a letter to him. Miles opens it, and said that his daughter, Kayla (Amanda Bynes) is getting married. He goes down to visit his wife, Roxanne (Rachel Weisz), who hears that Kayla was getting married as well, and told Miles that she was already here. Miles sees Kayla on the stairs, and she slips down to hug him.

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