Supergirl: The Maid of Might is an American animated television series based on the DC Comics superheroine, Supergirl and a spin-off series of Superman: The Man of Steel. The Series focus on Supergirl who recently moved from Metropolis to the coastal National City to live with her adoptive Sister Alex and foster parents who are agents/scientists working for the DEO.


The Girl of Steel is back and started a brand new life, meeting new friends and a new city to protect.

Series HistoryEdit

After the events of the battle between Superman and General Zod, Kara need to peruse her own goals as she has found a place in National City


Main CastEdit

  • Supergirl/Kara Zor-El (voiced by Laura Vandervoort): The series main protagonist and the protector of National City after moving from Metropolis to continue fighting crime, though this time she intended to go solo. Kara is now 17 years old who has enrolled at National University and gotten an internship by Chloe Sullivan.
  • Alex Danvers (voiced by Mae Whitman): Kara's adoptive sister. A captain and a rookie in training at the DEO.
  • Jason Starr/Power Boy (voiced by Christopher D. Barnes ): A athletic college student who attends National University and Supergirl's new love interest. He has dark brown hair and brown eyes.
  • Chloe Sullivan (Erica Lindbeck): Lois's cousin and the owner of Sullivan Communications in Nation City. She's aware of Kara's secret.
  • Rafe Luthor (David Faustino): The series' main antagonist and Supergirl's archnemesis who's the founder/leader of the Renegades and has turned 18. Using the resources from his uncle Lex (which he barrowed from his own bank account), Rafe and his faithful pet Ignatius are now pursuing their own goals for world domination and build his a team to destroy Supergirl.
    • Ignatius: Rafe's loyal pet rare monitor lizard.
  • Reactron/Benjamin Krull (Mark Oliver): The series' major antagonist. A former nuclear physicist who's body seethes with radioactive energy after he survive a nuclear meltdown in Metropolis.
  • Selena (): The series' tertiary major antagonist who is a powerful sorceress.

Supporting/Recurring CharactersEdit

  • DEO
    • Chase Cameron (Grey DeLisle): Director of the DEO in National City.
    • Eliza Danvers:
    • Jeramiah Danvers: The adoptive father of Supergirl and a scientist at the DEO along with his beloved wife, Eliza
  • Zor-El (John DiMaggio):
  • Alura (Sirena Irwin):
  • Marvin White (A.J. LoCascio): A college student at N.U. who's a classmate of Kara's and Wendy's laid-back boyfriend.
  • Wendy Harris (Fryda Wolff):
  • Toy Master/Hiro Okamura (Tara Strong): A 12 yr old Japanese prodigy and an ally to Supergirl. He has improved his Exo skeleton
  • Ray/Raymond Terrill (Lucien Dodge): A young super teen who has light-based super powers and inherits the mantle of The Ray to honor his father's legacy.
  • Ridge/Edgar Ridgley (John DiMaggio): A large monstrous dinosaur-like creature who used to be a misunderstood delinquent until he was abducted by NOWHERE and conducted experiments within their facility. His appearance is very similar to Humongousaur from Ben 10.
  • Cosmo Racer: An interstellar a
  • Benjamin Rubel:

Villains Edit

  • The Renegades: A team of teenage supervillains that Rafe Luthor put together and under his leadership.
    • Rafe Luthor: The Leader and founder of the group.
    • Emerald Empress/Sierra Kesh (Cote DePablo): The de facto leader of the gang and a former herald of Imperiex.
    • Warblade/Reno Bryce (Robbie Daymond): A former herald of Imperiex who quickly became the first to join Rafe's cause.
    • Kingbutcher/Cole Parker (Aaron LaPlanfe): A small time street thug who imprisoned for armed robbery. During a prison open house, he saw a small window of opportunity to escape. He was by a mysterious stranger gave him a golden advanced suit of armor and a cosmic axe which can only be wield by one who is worthy for great destruction. He wears a black leotard covered in golden battle armor with a red tattered cape and wields a cosmic battle axe that resembles a Bardiche battle axe which can cut through almost everything. He was recruited by Rafe to join his Renegades after freeing him from Iron Heights and helping retrieve his ax.
    • Sun Girl/Deborah Morgna (Tiya Sircar): A powerful pyrokinetic Metahuman who harnesses the power of the Sun
    • Slipstream/Xane Swift (James Arnold Taylor): A slacker college student from Gotham University and a member of a fraternity. He received a package from a mysterious client and within it was an advanced suit that provides young Swift enhanced superhuman speed, agility and reflexes that can reach speeds up to 500 mph, even fast enough to run on water. Slipstream can deliver speed-enhanced attacks with rapid succession, such as excessively kicking or punching enemies with great speed and strength. Xane wears a full black power suit with glowing neon white circuitry and a helmet with a glowing white face shield visor.
    • Validus (Fred Tatasciore): A white/purple 25-ft gigantic hulking monstrosity and the brute force of the Renegades. Validus' hands have two fingers and a thumb, and his feet have two toes apiece. Validus has no visible eyes, and a large transparent dome surrounds his brain. He can still see even without having visible eyes. Validus has vast super human strength, durability and endurance, greater than even a Kryptonian, Supergirl estimated that Validus possessed twelve times his strength. He can even fire mental energy bolts from his brain.He was encased inside a large space pod in stasis until Rafe and his team found him and released recruited to be on his Renegades
    • Killer Wasp/ Geoff Goyer: The son of the infamous deceased villain, Yellow Wasp who was mutated into a humanoid Wasp based on his namesake. He has enhanced mutant strength, agility and endurance, flight, venomous/acidic saliva and stinger, capable of generating electrical currents through his large wings.
  • Dark Supergirl: Supergirl's evil doppelgänger who'd she and her Cousin, Superman trapped her in the Phantom Zone until she escaped to seek revenge. Dark Supergirl has gotten stronger then her last encounter
  • Orca/ ():
  • Livewire/Leslie Willis (Noël Wells): After escaping prison for what could only be described as the tenth time, she now resides in National City to make a fresh start, however as they say "bad habits die hard".
  • Kryptonite Girl/Eva Shafer:
  • Marabunta Swarm: A terrorist organization named after the African ant species that is stationed on the outskirts of National City.
    • Lady Marabunta (Erica Luttrell): Leader of the Marabunta organization. She uses a giant mechanoid ant queen armed with machine guns and claws.
    • Marabunta foot soldiers
  • Lar-On (David Kaye): A Kryptonian scientist who was an old friend of Zor-El during their childhood on /krypton. Lar-On was infected with red kryptonite poisoning, causing him to transform into a werewolf. He has red hair, brown eyes. In his werewolf form, he has dark red fur, a long flowing mane, and a large bushy tail, with five sharp claws on each hand and foot. He has glowing orange eyes and
  • Malware: A living data-binary creature to biological tissue
  • Snakebite/Spaulding Pruitt (Steven Blum):
  • Pix/Ariadne Pinxit ():
  • Giz/Brenden Li (Eric Bauza): A computer hacker who's an old friend of Rafe from his juvie days. He was sent to juvenile hall for hacking into restricted Government files in the NSA. On his release, Li ten went live in a run-down apartment to hidden himself fro authority and continued to give information to any villain. Rafe came to him in need his hacking skills to find suitable candidates for his dream team and to help him work on a special project which involves with Dark Kryptonite.
    • Goober: Brenden's pet squirrel. He's easily terrified of Ignatius.
  • Hackrat/Reginald Hackman (Kel Mitchel): A fellow Hacker
  • Zoo Keeper/Anton Marue (Jim Cummigns) : A former Zoologist who has cybernetics enhancements surrounding his limbs and known to create a small army of anthropomorphic animals.
  • Death Masque/Paxton Faro (): A masked supervillain who is the long-time archenemy of the previous Ray, Lanford Terrill, Death Masque was also an entrepreneur . Many years ago at a young age, Paxton had a heated conflict with The Ray
  • Grokk the Living Gargoyle: A dragon-like gargoyle statue that was brought to life by Selena's magic.
  • ???:


A mysterious international organization with a dark interest in young metahumans. It was found by Harvest before his timely passing.

  • Zaniel Templar (Robin Atkin Downes): Director of N.O.W.H.E.R.E.
  • Snare/Carla Draper: The Daughter of the Master Jailor hired to
  • Leash
  • Doctor Death
  • Ravagers:
    • Tezcatlipoca/Chama Sierra: A former street rat who was brought in by NOWHERE and transformed him into a human/jaguar hybrid.
    • Seductress
    • Loose Cannon/Edward Walker
    • Human Flea/Martin Kemp
    • Bright Eyes/Sienna Lopez
  • N.O.W.H.E.R.E. Agents: The foot soldiers


  • National City: A coastal city based in California and the new home of Supergirl.
    • City Hall
    • National University::
    • Alex's Apartment
    • Sullivan Communications
    • National City Zoo
  • Renegade Island: The HQ of the Renegades which is a small island 20 miles of the coast of National City. Ii used to be one of Lex's Summer estates with a fully advanced research and robotics factory until he closed down the property years ago after a devastating hurricane impact the island. It was later discovered by Rafe and Ignatius as they claimed it's inheritance for his own gain. After recruiting the Renegades, they


Season 1Edit

  1. Pilot part 1:
  2. Pilot part 2:
  3. Pilot

Season 2Edit

Season 3Edit

Season 4Edit


  • Supergirl's new costume is the famous matrix costume, having a new blue form-fitting long-sleeve tunic w/h pointed ends on the back of her hands, a red pleated cheerleader miniskirt with a hem that came to a downward point in the front/back, a yellow V belt that's point in the center, red boots with a notch at the top and a red cape with a yellow “S” shield on the back, and a longer cape that falls down to the mid-calf of her legs. Her curves and muscles are more prominent as she took a few workouts. Her very full, curly wavy hair style is more shoulder length, and a small bang is in the shape of an "S" curl on her forehead.
  • This series is very different from the Arrow-verse incarnation as Kara won't have emotional problems.

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