Supergirl: The Maid of Might is an American animated television series based on the DC Comics superheroine, Supergirl and a spin-off series of Superman: The Man of Steel. The Series focus on a Supergirl who recently moved from Metropolis to the west coastal Californian city, National City to live with her adoptive sister Alex and foster parents who are agents/scientists working for the DEO and more .


The series centers around Supergirl, the 17 yr old cousin of Superman who sets sights on her own the adventures as she settles in National City to be it's hometown hero, making new friends, facing new/old enemies.

Series HistoryEdit

After the events of the battle between Superman and General Zod, Kara needed to peruse her own goals as she has found a place in National City to be with her sister Alex and to be a reporter at Sullivan Communications. Unaware that Kara's old nemesis Rafe and his pet lizard Ignatius are build their own supervillain crew along with two former herald of Imperiex, Emerald Empress and Warblade.


Main CharactersEdit

  • Supergirl/Kara Zor-El (voiced by Laura Vandervoort): The series' main protagonist and the protector of National City after moving from Metropolis to continue fighting crime, though this time she intended to go solo. Kara is now 17 years old has now enrolled at technical school, Star Labs University and gotten an a reporter internship by Chloe Sullivan at Sullivan Communications. Before she left, Kelex has given her a new uniform to replace her old costume. Kara has became more matured, proactive, responsible, optimistic, confident, independent and sensible to live up to her morals like her cousin, Superman. Supergirl has a voluptuous yet athletic body yet her muscles and curves at more prominent, long blonde hair which reaches down to her shoulders, blue eyes, toned broad shoulders, buxom breasts, long legs, and wears peach lipstick. When she's in her human persona Karen Danvers, Kara is more awkward, nerdy and mild mannered to conceal her identity and wears baggy cloths to hide her physique, she even uses a Kryptonian comb that altered her hair color from blond to brunette and when she changes to Supergirl, her hair reverts back to blonde. She is also smitten by a charming classmate, Ethan Beckett whom has a great affection for her alter ego, Supergirl.
  • Alex Danvers (voiced by Mae Whitman): Kara's adoptive sister and a rookie DEO agent. An exceptionally skilled combatant, marksman, tactician, and investigator. In the past she had promised to keep Kara out of trouble and now she's got her back in field defending National City from any threat. . Alex as brown eyes, short slicked-backed dark auburn hair. She wears a protective bodysuit with reinforced padding mainly on her legs, chest, shoulders and arms which provides an extra level of durability like body armor, which enabled her to go toe-to-toe with any villain, she also wears fingerless gloves, pair of combat boots and holsters around her legs. She's equipped with a specialized blaster that fires. Her character is loosely based on Chyler Leigh's portrayal.
  • Ethan Beckett/Power Boy (voiced by Christopher D. Barnes): He's an athletic student who attends Star Labs University in National City and Supergirl's love interest. Ethan is shown to be kind, selfless, polite, heroic, mature, sophisticated, generous, daring and gentlemanly, especially when it comes to women as shown with Supergirl. Supergirl would often visit him at his penthouse frequently. Jason also knew Rafe Luthor awhile back. He was soon revealed to be a Metahuman after having his dormant meta-genes awoken by NOWHERE, he given with herculean strength equal to Supergirl's, super speed, nigh invulnerability, flight and the unique ability to change his muscle growth at will. Ethan is a tall athletic young man with a muscular physical build who has medium black hair and hazel eyes. He wore black short sleeve shirt, jeans and sneakers. As Power Boy, his physique has become more muscular wearing a tight white/grey pants and white boots with and orange belt around his waist with the Power symbol on it while his torso, pecs and abs are exposed as he wears black and white handless gauntlets on his wrists.
  • Chloe Sullivan (Erica Lindbeck): Lois's cousin whos the CEO of Sullivan Communications in National City and Supergirl's new boss/mentor. She treats her employees well and is excellent judge of character. She's aware of Kara's secret and trusts her enough to keep. Chloe has short blonde hair with bangs, green eyes. She wears various business-casual fashion and wears white heels. She is very intelligent, independent, supportive, .
  • Rafe Luthor/Omni-Rafe (David Faustino): One of main series' antagonists and Supergirl's archnemesis who's the founder/leader of the Renegades. Using the resources from his uncle, Lex Luthor (which he barrowed from his own bank account), Rafe and his faithful pet Ignatius are now pursuing their own goals for world domination and build his a team to destroy Supergirl . His most important objective is to collect Dark Kryptonite fragment that where scattered after battle between Superman and General Zod. He later dyed his hair dark purple and wears a short-sleeved body armor that takes form of close-fitting black-silver-purple suit and in the center is the Dark Kryptonite Matrix on his torso which he created. With the matrix, he can channel it's energy from his body granting him devastating powers, weapons and transformations. In his powerful and favorite form Rafezilla, he has a Kaiju-like appearance with a large and muscular build. Most of his body is metallic silver and he possesses purple on his claws and feet. He has three rows of dark kryptonite dorsal spines that go from his neck back and his prehensile tail. His eyes have violet sclera, yellow iris w/h black slit pupils and his large hands have four claws while he has three clawed toes. He shoots a powerful beam of Dark Kryptonite energy from his mouth and when he does it, the spines on his back began to glow similar to Godzilla.
    • Ignatius (Dee Bradley Baker): Rafe's loyal pet rare monitor lizard and best friend. It is revealed that Ignatius is actually a genetic enhanced specimen.
  • Reactron/Benjamin Krullen (Mark Oliver): One of the lead antagonists of the series. A former nuclear physicist who's body seethes with radioactive energy after he survived a nuclear meltdown at the Metropolis Nuclear Plant from an untested nuclear reactor he built from his specifications and on design. Despite the warnings from his employees, Ben was too arrogant and obsessed to understand the risks and decided to activate the reactor. He constructed a specialized containment battle suit to channel the nuclear energy
  • Reign/Reyna Manson (Erica Luttrell): The main villainess of the series, leader of the Worldkillers and Supergirl's secondary archenemy. She is a powerful Kryptonian augmented by her mother after her birth, for the sole purpose of dispensing justice and subjugation of worlds. She was sent to Earth as a baby prior to Krypton's destruction. However She arrived later than Clark as her pod was off course and placed in suspended animation and few years later, the pod crashed landed near an orphanage where she was raised and given the name Reyna Manson. Reign is a young attractive teenage Kryptonian who is the exact same age as Kara with a tan skin, long dark brunette hair. She has brown eyes and wears dark magenta lipstick and eye shadow. She wears a black/silver tight fitting bodysuit that bears the symbol of the Worldkillers on the front below her cleavage and gauntlets a series of separate bands circling her sleeves, black boots and cape that reaches her mid calves. As in her new persona, Reign is a merciless, devious, sadistic, self-confident and arrogant woman incapable of feeling empathy toward her enemies and inflicting pain for her own amusement. She has the same powers as any Kryptonian that are exposed to the Yellow Sun but as a Worldkiller, she is much stronger and faster than Supergirl.

Supporting/Recurring CharactersEdit

  • Sullivan Communications Staff
    • Benjamin Rubel:
    • Erika Storn:
    • Ewan McBane (Jeremy Shada): The Photographer of Sullivan Communications.
    • Lenda Troupe (Anika Noni Rose): The younger sister of Ron Troupe and Chloe's personal assistant
    • Randall Bradly ():
    • Samuel Foswell (Jeff Bennett): The Business Editor
    • Joyce Slavkin:
  • DEO: the Department of Extranormal Operations is a government agency that monitors all meta human activities and to prevent any threat to the general public.
    • Chase Cameron (Grey DeLisle): Director of the DEO in National City. This incarnation of Chase Cameron has silver blue hair with gold streaks.
    • Eliza Danvers (Stacy Darrow): Supergirl's adoptive mother and scientist at the DEO alongside her husband, Jeramiah. She also works at S.L.U. as a teacher
    • Jeramiah Danvers (Rob Lowe): The adoptive father of Supergirl and a scientist at the DEO along with his beloved wife, Eliza
    • Mister Bones/Robert Todd (): Former Director of the D.E.O. and Chase' predecessor/mentor and a father figure. He was also a for low lever supervillain back in the day until he was reformed and became Director.
  • Zor-El (John DiMaggio): Kara's birth father and the younger brother of Jor-El.
  • Alura In-Ze (Sirena Irwin): Kara's birth mother.
  • Wendy Harris (Fryda Wolff): A fellow student and a new devoted friend of Kara. She's very outgoing, positive and cheerful
  • Marvin White (A.J. LoCascio): A college student at S.L.U. who's a classmate and a new friend of Kara's and Wendy's laid-back friend.
  • Wonder Dog: Marvin's beloved Labrador.
  • Belinda Zee (Katherine McNamara): A student at STAR Labs university whos a rival and bully to Karen Danvers.
  • Toy Master/Hiro Okamura (Erica Young): A 12 yr old Japanese prodigy and a close friend to Supergirl as he also found a place. He has improved his Exo Skeleton mech.
  • Batgirl/Barbara Gordon (Ashley Johnson): Supergirl's closest and best friend, the daughter of Commissioner James Gordon from Gotham City and one of Batman's sidekicks. She always Kara's back no matter what after their first meeting and team-up against Livewire and Poison Ivy. Her new batsuit is a skin-tight purple bodysuit and wore yellow high heels boots, gauntlets and gloves. The Bat insignia was also yellow and her dark purple cape has a yellow interior.
  • Wonder Girl/Donna Troy (Sofia Carson): Donna troy is the Amazonian younger sister of Wonder Woman and best friend of Supergirl and Batgirl. Donna Troy wears a black unitard with the pattern of a star field on it. She also wears silver boots, belt and bracelets identical to her older sister and has the silver lasso of Persuasion, like Diana's Lasso of Truth, this lasso is both unbreakable and indestructible but it has the ability to compel. She developed a semi-crush on Rafe Luthor as she thinks he's cute in a weird way.
  • Kyle Rayner/Green Lantern (Max Mittelman): A young Green Lantern who's under tutelage of Hal Jordan. . This version of Kyle Rayner is re-imagined as a teenage Green Lantern.
  • Ray/Raymond Terrill (Lucien Dodge): A young super teen who has light-based super powers and inherits the mantle of The Ray to honor his father's legacy as "America's foremost bad guy defeating beam of light". Raymond is also one of Kara's classmate at STAR Labs University.
  • Ridgeosaur/Edgar "Ed" Ridgley (John DiMaggio): A large monstrous dinosaur-like creature who used to be a lonely misunderstood delinquent until he was abducted by NOWHERE and was experimented on within their facility that caused his transformation as the pressures were painful. He was going to potential candidate to join the Ravagers. His appearance is very similar to Humongousaur from Ben 10 having a thick invulnerable hide, super-strength, a prehensile tale.
  • ???: An exclusive character to the series who is known as a Worldkiller hunter from another planet. When he was young, his
  • Teen Titans: A team of teenage superheroes and vigilantes.
    • Robin/Tim Drake (Yuri Lowenthal): Leader and 3rd Protege of Batman, as well as the third person to take the Robin mantle after Jason Todd.
    • Cyborg/Victor Stone (Khary Payton)
    • Beast Boy/Garfield Logan (Greg Cipes)
    • Starfire/Koriand'r/Kory Anders ()
    • Raven/Rachel Roth (Tara Strong)

Other CharactersEdit

  • Reginald Disbrow III: The strict Headmaster of Midvale Orphanage who treated Reyna poorly after He, Rowan and Lenora found her in the pod years ago when she was a baby
  • Lenora Potts: ???. Unlike Headmaster Dibrow, She and rowan showed kindness to Reyna as she was their own child like the other children.
  • Rowan Chaffin:


The RenegadesEdit

A team of teenage supervillains that Rafe Luthor, Emerald Empress, Warblade and Blackrock put together and under his leadership after months of finding suitable recruits. Emerald Empress, Warblade, King Butcher and Blackrock are Rafe's Four Heavenly Kings that command the lower members

  • Rafe Luthor: The Leader and founder of the Team.
    • Ignatius: Mascot
  • Emerald Empress/Sierra Kesh (Cote DePablo): Co-founder de-facto leader of the gang and a former herald of Imperiex. Empress was skeptical to Rafe's ambitions at first when meeting him and had doubts, but over time when he told her that she'll be his number 2 in command of his dream team she started warming up to him as she's a member of Rafe's inner circle, his Four Heavenly kings. Her mystical Eye of Ekron has given her more strength.
  • Warblade/Reno Bryce (Robbie Daymond): Co-founder and former herald of Imperiex who quickly became the first to join Rafe's cause due to their previous encounter. His powers have been enhanced and he's the third commanding member of his Four Kings.
  • Blackrock/Lucia Valera (Tia Texada):
  • Kingbutcher/Cole Parker (Aaron LaPlanfe): A small time street thug who imprisoned for armed robbery. During a prison open house, he saw a small window of opportunity to escape. As he wandered through the woods a meteorite fell from the sky and crashed in front of him and in the crater was a cosmic axe which can only be wield by one who is worthy for great destruction. He wears a black leotard covered in an indestructible golden battle armor with a maroon tattered cape and metallic gold crowned helmet covering his face, only leaving visible red eyes. His cosmic battle axe resembles a Bardiche axe which can cut through almost everything. The axe grants him super stength. He was recruited by Rafe to join his Renegades after freeing him from Iron Heights and helping retrieve his ax.
  • Giz/Brenden Li (Eric Bauza): A computer hacker who's an old friend of Rafe from his juvie days. He was sent to .juvenile hall for hacking into restricted Government files in the NSA. On his release, Li ten went live in a run-down apartment to hidden himself from authority and continued to give information to any villain. Rafe came to him in need his hacking skills to find suitable candidates for his dream team, the Renegades and to help him work on a special project which involves with Dark Kryptonite.
    • Goober: Brenden's pet Chipmunk. He's easily terrified of Ignatius.
  • Sungirl/Deborah Morgna (Tiya Sircar): A powerful pyrokinetic Metahuman who harnesses the power from the fires of the sun. She was inspired by the pyrokinetic supervillainess, Volcana.
  • Slipstream/Xane Swift (James Arnold Taylor): A slacker college student from Gotham University and a member of a fraternity who. He received a package from a mysterious client and within it was an advanced suit that enhances young Swift's superhuman speed, agility and reflexes that can reach speeds up to 500 mph, even fast enough to run on water. Slipstream can deliver speed-enhanced attacks with rapid succession, such as excessively kicking or punching enemies with great speed and strength. Xane wears a full black power suit with glowing neon white circuitry and a helmet with a glowing white face shield visor.
  • Validus (Fred Tatasciore): A white/purple 15m-ft gigantic hulking alien and the brute force of the Renegades. Validus' hands have two fingers and a thumb, and his feet have two toes apiece. Validus has no visible eyes, and a large transparent dome surrounds his brain. He can still see even without having visible eyes. Validus has vast super human strength, durability and endurance, greater than even a Kryptonian, Supergirl estimated that Validus possessed twelve times his strength. He can even fire mental energy bolts from his brain. He was found inside a large space pod in stasis within a government facility until Rafe and his team found him and released recruited to be on his Renegades.
  • Killer Wasp/Geoff Goyer (): The son of the infamous deceased villain, Yellow Wasp. Geoff was mutated into a humanoid/insectoid Wasp based on his namesake. He has enhanced mutant strength, agility and endurance, flight, venomous/acidic saliva and stinger, and is capable of generating electrical currents through his large wings. He was then later given a calling card by Rafe as an invitation to join his Renegades.
  • Negative G/Coby MacGrath (Ben Schwartz): A street Metahuman with the ability to control gravitational fields. By controlling gravitons and anti-gravitons he can surround objects or persons and increase or decrease the pull of gravity. Coby has a great habit of rapping and rhyming when he speaks and sings.
  • Rene-Droids: The Renegades personal army of advanced robots that massed produced within the now-functional robot factory on Renegade island. The used to Lex Luthor's outdated Lexbots until Rafe has made major modifications and improved their design.


A mysterious international organization with a dark interest in young metahumans for unknown goal. They capture them and force them to do their bidding. It was found by Harvest before his timely passing. They even choose ordinary people of interest and conduct series of tests/experiments only to awaken their Metahuman abilities and powers.

  • Zaniel Templar (Andrew Scott): Director of N.O.W.H.E.R.E.
  • Jocelyn Kilroy
  • Scarlet Scythe/Kaiden Uchiha (): A cruel taskmaster
  • Snare/Carla Draper (Olivia Olson): The daughter of the Master Jailor hired by NOWHERE to hunt and capture metahumans. She is proud to follow in her father's footsteps and has grudge against Supergirl for what her cousin did to him few years ago. She wears a suit of power armor beneath form-fitting dark blue/grey jump suit. The suit outfitted with many forms of traps and weaponry, most of them are kryptonite based such as gas pellets. She also wields two different sets of unbreakable chains: normal and kryptonite. Her suit gives her enhanced strength, speed, agility and durability and she a skilled combatant with many hand-to-hand combat techniques, making a formidable opponent to Supergirl.
  • Shadow Walker
  • Leash:
  • Doctor Death: Chief scientist of NOWHERE
  • Ravagers: A Team of Metahumans who are NOWHERE's elite soldiers
    • Cyblade/Dominique Thibaut (Chloé Hollings): Leader of the Ravagers and a high ranking member of N.O.W.H.E.R.E.. A European Metahuman with the ability to create/manipulate electromagnetic energy which manifests through her fingertips. Cyblade also is a highly skilled hand-to-hand combatant, having been trained in martial arts and gymnastics by NOWHERE. Born into a royal family who ruled a small European kingdom, Chalenne Dominique was spoiled and pampered as a child. One day at school Dominique showed first signs of her powers when the school was attacked by armed gunmen. After the death of her family, Dominique blamed herself as she left her ruined kingdom and traveled the world alone. She soon attracted the attention of NOWHERE after they where intrigued with her abilities and brought her through the years, Cyblade ad been trained in all forms of hand-to-hand combat and by her
    • Tezcatlipoca/Chama Sierra: A former street rat who was brought in by N.O.W.H.E.R.E and transformed him into a human/jaguar hybrid.
    • Fistpoint/Kevin: A cycloptic metahuman with cyborg enhancements
    • Loose Cannon/Edward Walker:
    • Bright Eyes/Sienna Lopez
    • Thunder and Lightning: Twin siblings that
      • Alexi Rahnikov: The Brother of Alya
      • Alya Rahnikov: The Sister of Alexi who
  • N.O.W.H.E.R.E. Agents: The foot soldiers and scientists.

the WorldkillersEdit

The main antagonists of the Worldkiller Saga on season 4. They are a group of living biological weapons that were created by rogue Kryptonian scientists and priests who formed them by genetically altering the embryos of various alien species they collected, creating being capable of single- handedly destroying anything that stands in their way, inspired by the ancient Worldkillers of Kryptonian myth. Multiple Worldkillers were created each with his/her own unique power and ability. The Kryptonian Council soon discovered its activates and outlawed the project out of fear of weapons of such power. Prior to Krypton's destruction, the priests sent the 15 infant Worldkillers were placed into pods and sent them across the galaxy to numerous inhabitant worlds, only knowing their names and they yearned for a purpose in life until the reach maturity to know the truth of their origins.

  • Reigh: See Above.
    • Helkon (Alistair Duncan): A evil Kryptonian robot that was created by Reign's mother as her assistant robot for the Worldkiller project. When Krypton was destroyed, Helkon's crash landed few miles away from Reigh's pod and slowing repaired itself via nanotech. As the years go by, he has kept a close supervision over Reyna from the shadows and the background on her mother's instructions and not to appear itself to her daughter until she's ready to know of her origins once Reign becomes aware of her abilities. He is very similar to Kelix with a slender build but with a more menacing appearance and he wore a disguise consists a hat, a black long trench coat, a pair of shoes, a dark grey scarf and gloves.
  • Rendll (Kimiko Glenn): A female Tamaranean Worldkiller whos physiology had been genetically altered for absorb more ultraviolet energy than a normal Tamaranean for that her star bolts are bright red. Rendll has a very upbeat, talkative, eccentric and playful personality with a dangerous sense of humor. Out of all the other WKs, she engages her enemies with playful antics. Her uniform is a black/pink jumpsuit, black thigh-high boots, silver gauntlets w/h black crystals.
  • Roho: A Ngoan Worldkiller who's DNA was taken by the Kryptonians when he was an infant for the Worldkiller Project. He exiled from his planet for disobeying orders was disowned by the royal family whom raised him. After drifting through space, Roho eventually had learned the truth of his purpose: to be a Worldkiller. He is a tall feline-humanoid alien with light blue fur and indigo stripes and a long tail. He has yellow eyes an black hair.
  • Tha'Zari (Tom Kenny): A powerful telekinetic Worldkiller who has a fondness of knowledge and literature. Aside from his telekinesis, Tha'Zari as a unique ability to sense the presence of other Worldkillers, even a long distance. His uniform is a long black priest robe with dark violet accents and has the WK sigil on his chest.
  • Enkar: A reptilian Worldkiller who is from a race of snake/scorpion-like humanoids known as Ophidians.
  • Scylla: A vamperic Worldkiller who enjoys feasting upon those that oppose her. She has four leech-like tendrillson her back
  • Malice: A hulking bestial Worldkiller with a savage thirst for destruction and serves as the brawn. He is large monstrous Worldkiller w/h a muscular frame and walks on his hind legs. Malice has a large jaw with two teeth sticking out, four muscular arms, two on each side w/h three claws. His uniform is a sleeveless black jumpsuit with few spike sticking out on both shouldees
  • Tetra & Delta (Sam Witwer/Nolan North): Twin Worldkiller Brothers are skilled at close quarter combat. Tetre is the eldest and mature sibling and is known to be cruel, arrogant and sadistic. While is youngest brother, Delta is brash, prideful and always eager for a fight but is sadist as his brother.
  • Zarlak (Patrick Seitz): A large overweight Worldkiller with an insatiable unlimited appetite.
  • Blight: A most deadly Worldkiller who was slain by the Hunter
  • ??:
  • ??

Recurring VillainsEdit

  • Dark Supergirl: Supergirl's evil doppelgänger who'd she and her Cousin, Superman trapped her in the Phantom Zone long ago until she escaped to seek revenge on her weak heroic side. Dark Supergirl has gotten stronger then her last encounter and has developed an immunity to Kryptonite.
  • Arclight/Noah Pastenetti (Nolan North): One of Reactron's employees and henchmen. He became an energy being after getting caught by the meltdown of the unfinished and unstable nuclear reactor that turned his boss into Reactron.
  • Radion/Earl Griggs: Another of Reactron's fellow employees who wore power-suited hazmat sui of handling radioactive materials. During the meltdown, he fell from the catwalk dunked in a reactor, mutated him into a glowing monster, enlarging his size and mass.
  • Livewire/Leslie Willis (Noël Wells): After escaping from Stryker's Island prison for what could only be described as the tenth time, she now resides in National City to make a fresh start, however as they say "bad habits die hard". Livewire had also changed her outfit
  • Kryptonite Girl/Eva Shafer:
  • Prankster/Oswald "Ozzy" Loomis (Jason Marsden): A mysterious masked cyber criminal who is tall, thin, and has short brown hair, and he wears a tailored jacket and custom-designed mask.
  • Silver Banshee/:
  • Lar-On (David Kaye): A former Kryptonian scientist who was an old friend of Zor-El during their childhood on Krypton. Lar-On was infected with red kryptonite poisoning, causing him to transform into his werewolf form uncontrollably. Therefore he was banished to the phantom by Zor-El to quarantined him as a last resort to protect him from himself and the people of krypton until he can find a cure. He has red hair, brown eyes and a beard. While in his werewolf form, Lar-On is twice as big than in his Kryptonian form. He has dark red fur, a long flowing mane, and a large bushy tail, with five sharp claws on each hand and 3 on each foot. His lower hind legs and arms are covered in red fur. He has glowing orange eyes and orange/purple markings on his shoulders/biceps.
  • Malware (John Gonzalez): A functioning A.I. created by STARLabs turned living data-binary behemoth merged to biological tissue with unstable nanobots.
  • Snakebite/Spaulding Pruitt (Steven Blum):
  • Pix/Ariadne Pinxit (): An Avant-garde tattoo artist who used "nanite-ink," a nanobot-filled color matrix that she could program to form itself into different designs, in her work as an artist. She can create creatures and weapons from her tattoos at will
  • Zoo Keeper/Anton Marue (Jim Cummings): A former Zoologist who has cybernetics enhancements surrounding his limbs and known to create a small army of anthropomorphic animals known as Beast Force.
  • Death Masque/Paxton Faro (Mark C. Hanson): A masked supervillain who is the long-time archenemy of Lanford Terrill, the previous Ray. Death Masque was also an entrepreneur . Many years ago, Paxton had a heated conflict with The Ray.
  • The Buzzard/Steven Frank (Danny Jacobs): A small-time criminal with a suit with advanced robotic wings that grants him the ability of flight and is able to discharge electrical bursts from it's robotic wings. He always gets apprehended by Supergirl on many occasions.
  • The Tangler/Hale Pasteinski: A minor villain who uses specially-designed modified solvent to commit crimes. He wears a metallic helmet to conceal his identity and a teal jumpsuit with white accents made of synthetic stretch fabric equipped with a storage container on his back for paste and lubricant and his boots and gloves have also been outfitted with adhesive systems. His primary weapons are arm mounted cannons on each arm that are connected to the container. He's based off of Marvel's Trapster
  • Selena: A devious Kryptonian scientist/priestess and the biological mother of Reign who was in charge of the Worldkiller project back on Krypton and who sent her daughter to earth later after Kal-El and Kara left earlier before the planet's destruction. Like Jor-El, she appears again as an artificial intelligence entity that serves as a guide and mentor to her daughter. She contains most of Krypton's knowledge and informs Reign of her purpose as a Worldkiller to subjugate justice and destroy all worlds


  • National City: A coastal city based in the western coast California and the new home of Supergirl.
    • S.T.A.R. Labs University: A
    • Alex's Apartment:
    • Sullivan Communications: A multinational newspaper media corporation owned by Chloe Sullivan.
    • National City Zoo
    • Jason's Penthouse
    • History Museum
  • D.E.O. headquarters:
  • Renegade Island: The HQ of the Renegades which is a small island 20 miles of the coast of National City. It used to be one of Lex's Summer getaways Mansion with a fully advanced research and robotics factory until he closed down the property years ago after a devastating hurricane impact the island. It was later discovered by Rafe and Ignatius as they claimed it's inheritance for his own gain. After recruiting the Renegades, they
  • Fortress of Sanctuary: The secret headquarters of the Worldkiller Reign hidden in the Andes mountains.


Season 1: New BeginningsEdit

  1. Pilot part 1:
  2. Pilot part 2:
  3. Pilot part 3
  4. ??
  5. ??
  6. ??
  7. ??
  8. ??

Season 2: ???Edit

Season 3: NOWHERE ArcEdit

Season 4: Rise of the WorldkillersEdit

Season 5: ???Edit


  • Supergirl's new costume is a hybrid of the movie/Matrix version of the costume: a new blue form-fitting long-sleeve tunic w/h pointed ends on the back of her hands, a red pleated cheerleader miniskirt with a hem that came to a downward point in the front/back, a yellow V belt that's point in the center, red boots with a gold trim notch at the top and a longer cape that falls down to the mid-knee of her legs with a yellow “S” shield on the back. Her curves, muscles and physique are more prominent as she took a few "workouts". Her long medium-length wavy hair style is more shoulder length, and a small strand curled in the shape of an "S" hanging on her forehead much like her cousins'.
  • The Worldkiller symbol is different than the one from the arrowverse version.
  • Rafe's Dark Kryptonite modes are similar to Max Steel's Turbo modes.