The Super Robot Monkey Team gain their old and new allies against the war of the Skeleton King after his army.


Main CharactersEdit

  • The Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce:
    • Chiro (voiced by Greg Cipes):
    • Antauri (voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson):
    • SPRX-77 (voiced by Corey Feldman)
    • Gibson (voiced by Tom Kenny)
    • Otto (voiced by Clancy Brown)
    • Nova (voiced by Kari Wahlgren)
    • Jinmay (voiced by Ashley Johnson)

Other characters:Edit

  • Othos Plasmius (Jess Harnell): the teacher of the alchemist/skeleton king. and friend to the team
  • XIB-7 a super computer that's a parody of v'ger from star trek the motion picture.
  • Astrobelts: a group of space-travelling teenage crime fighter's that are parodies of the Teen Titans,there also in fact a rock band.
    • Feral boy (Alexander Polinsky): A Tarzan-like superhero who can change into various were-animal forms
    • Cosmos (Dante Basco): A parody of Nova from the Marvel comics
    • Joltz (Bumper Robinson):
    • Gigglee (Lauren Tom): An eccentric and agile female hero who dresses like a court jester and vaguely resembles Jinx from Teen Titans. She is prone to fits of uncontrollable giggling and laughter and is very ticklish.
    • Slammer (Scott Bullock):


  • The Skeleton King (voiced by Mark Hamill) - the main antagonist
  • Mandarin (voiced by James Hong)
  • kronos the punisher (michael dean) a nordic accented humanoid alien who enslaved the spider people planet, He later became a reccuring villain in the series and is based on the mandarin and ronan the accuser from marvel comic's. in the non-canon crossover in wander over yonder he is ranked 128 on the galactic villain leader board after eating the some delicious gummy bears. he is currently allied with lord hater.
  • the wild 5 the next generation
  • valena
  • scrapperton
  • lord hater
  • Rogue Monkey Team
    • ManTai (Ashley Johnson) - Orange Monkey


Episode Number Title for the Episode Plot Ending for the Episode
53 Tales of the Past! The team encounters Orthos Plasmius, the one who trained the alchemist years ago, and tells him how it began! Antari, realizes that Kragoyoth was the creature that grabbed the Alchemist ,at the beginning and coruppted Proteus!
54 Rock of Ages Chiro notices a Rockband known as the "Astrobelts", and gets curious! The Astrobelts makes a concert at the Super Robot!
55 Zoo Effect Skeleton King creates a device to turn humans into Zoo animals, and control them, Gibson who doubts the ways of Evolution must find away to change them all back! the Anthro Horse and Python girls winks at Sprx when he saved them!
56 Attack of the Rogue Monkey's The ManTai creates rogue version of the Monkey Team, and Chiro seeks help from Master Offay to clear their names. ManTai was captured by Skeleton King, and was asked to create a Robo Ape Army.
57 Crator World Chiro, makes a deal with a Prospector to help rescue the Monkey Team, from the Monster of the Darkness Mines. The Prospector thanks the Monkey Team for helping him realize life is more important than gold.
58 Demotion Antauri makes a fatal error and was demoted as second in Command causing the Monkey's to fight over the role. Antauri becomes Second in Command again, and thanks Gibson for his advice.
59 Skeletal Advanced Chiro realizes that he must go discover the remains of the Skeleton of The Alchemist, to reawakent the Alchemist. Skeleton King sees the past of what he was, and starts thinking about it.
60 The Past is Reveled Chiro uncovers his familes past, and an old friend of his mother's past arrives and tells him about The Alchemist. Chiro realizes that he is destined to become the next, Skeleton Prince.
61 Jinmay's Brother While the Hyper Force were freeing a planet, a strange boy that almost look like Jinmay was helping them with supplies that until they find out that boy was Jinmay's brother. Chiro informs Jinmay that Her brother was an illusion from her past, and that it was a trick caused by Scrapperton, and by Mandarin to gain control of her again leaving Jinmay in tears.
62 rising shadow the hyper force crash land on a dark cave planet where the monkey team have been captured,all but otto and sprx now the two must find there teammates or worst getting attacked by the native spider people or something even worse than them as it turns out the spider people where protecting the rest of the team from the tyrant that rules the planet,kronos the punisher and later kronos was sent to ranger 7 for enslaving the planet and the spider people thanked the hyper force for freeing them from kronos's rein of tyranny and they later fixed the super robot not before otto and sprx made a new friendship with them and the rebirth of peace on the planet.
63 new heros when a new superhero group comes in shuggazom the hyper force have a strong suspition there something off about them.
64 crashed
65 undergrowth

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