The Super Robot Monkey Team gains new allies and enemies as their war against the Skeleton King & his army reaches its final stages.


Main CharactersEdit

  • The Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce:
    • Chiro/Skeleton Prince (voiced by Greg Cipes & Scott Innes): A boy initially hesitant in accepting his role as leader of the Hyperforce, but gradually comes to accept his destiny of becoming a defender of Shuggazoom and later the universe. He falls in love with a robot called Jinmay. He pilots the Torso Tank Driver 1, the torso of the Super Robot. Chiro's powers come from the Power Primate, an entity inside of him.
    • Antauri (voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson): NTAR-11 (or Antauri, pronounced "Antary") is the black (silver in Seasons 3-4) monkey and the team's second-in-command. Wise, serious, calm, collected, and deeply caring for his friends, he teaches Chiro how to control the Power Primate and gives spiritual advice to the rest of the Hyperforce. He spends most of his time either meditating or patrolling Shuggazoom City. Antauri pilots the Brain Scrambler 2, the head of the Super Robot. His main weapons are his Ghost Claws and Monkey Mind Scream. As the Silver Monkey, he can pass through walls, throw boomerangs, and use hidden spider legs.
    • SPRX-77 (voiced by Corey Feldman): SPRX-77 (or Sparx, pronounced "Sparks") is the red monkey, and the team's best pilot. He is very much the comedian of the group. But, he is still very brave and willing to protect his comrades at any cost. Though he is annoying to Nova, he still harbors feelings for her. This doesn't keep him from hitting on other females at times, even right in front of Nova. He never calls Chiro anything but "Kid," except in select episodes. Sparx pilots the Fist Rocket 3, the right hand of the Super Robot. His main weapon are his Magnet Fists. He turned evil in the second-to-last episode Object of Hate, but with the help of his friends, and a love confession from Nova, he turns good again in the last episode Soul of Evil
    • Gibson (voiced by Tom Kenny): GBSN-23 (or Mr. Hal Gibson) is the blue monkey, and the team's science and medical officer. He prefers "just 'Gibson'". When answering scientific-related questions, he answers them with long, even confusing and boring, speeches, which are always interrupted by someone or something. He has trouble deciding if Otto, the team's mechanic, is a genius or an idiot. He despises bugs and someone who is smarter than him. Gibson pilots the Fist Rocket 4, the left hand of the Super Robot. His main weapon are his Cybovac Drill Fists, which contain a variety of different charges within them, giving him the widest choices of attacks.
    • Otto (voiced by Clancy Brown): OTTO-34 (or Otto) is the green monkey, and the team's mechanic. Although his talent with machines is unmatched, he is quite oblivious to everything else around him, but has an obsession with naming the monsters the team encounters. As the monkeys are robotic themselves, it is usually up to him repair any damages. He has a dream of being in the circus, more specifically becoming a trapeze artist. He also has a soft spot for anything young or smaller than him, as seen in The Stranded Seven when he gives the seemingly useless piece of metal on the end of his tail to a young cat-like character, whom he called "Lil' guy." Otto pilots the Foot Crusher Cruiser 5, the left foot of the Super Robot. His main weapons are his Energy Saw Fists.
    • Nova (voiced by Kari Wahlgren): NOVA-52 (or Nova) is the yellow monkey, the team's main fighter, and third in command. She was the only female on the team, until Jinmay became an honorary member, and has been known for her fiery attitude. She has a love-hate relationship with Sparx and eventually admits her feelings, claiming she loves him and saying that it's "too much to lose him", in the last episode. She also cares for Chiro as if he were a brother. Nova pilots the Foot Crusher Cruiser 6, the right foot of the Super Robot. Her main weapons are her Robotic Fists.
    • Jinmay (voiced by Ashley Johnson): A robot girl who Chiro falls in love with. She becomes an official Hyperforce member and becomes the protector of Shuggazoom when the Hyperforce left to destroy the Dark Worm. She has pink hair and green eyes. She usually wears her green dress with a heart in the front and the back when she was an honorary member. Now she wears the same style as Chiro's but in dress form.
    • Peter "Patch" Krinkle (voiced by Jason Alexander): The 13-year-old nephew of former Hyperforce adversary Gyrus Krinkle; he thinks very little of his uncle, and having grown up as an orphan has made him grumpy and jaded, though Chiro makes constant attempts to befriend him, culminating in him meeting the Robot Monkeys and becoming infused with a lesser-version of the Power Primate, the "Sub-Simian", which allows him to communicate with the Monkeys. At first, the team saw him as a liability, but once he managed to prove his worth, he gained a spot on the team as the "Purple Monkey", and now pilots a new section of the Super Robot—the Rocket-Ears (a nod to his uncle's debut episode). He briefly had a crush on Nova, but since he secretly idolizes Sparx, he didn't have the heart to get in the way of their relationship. He now has a crush on local goth girl Emelia, or "Emmy" for short. He sees Chiro as the closest thing to a brother, and the Hyperforce as a surrogate family; while he enjoys messing with them sometimes, he does truly love & care about them. He primarily claims that the reason he joined the team is because he has very little to live for & wouldn't mind ending his meaningless existence going out in a blaze of glory, but it's actually so that he could make amends for his uncle's shortsighted actions. His catchphrase is "I'm just BANANAS about those monkeys!!"

Other charactersEdit

  • Othos Plasmius (Jess Harnell): the teacher of the alchemist/skeleton king. and friend to the team
  • XIB-7: a super computer that's a parody of v'ger from star trek the motion picture.
  • Lya (Lucy Lawless) the leader and teacher of the combat women on Cox 4. She can be pretty ruthless and harsh with her teaching methods, but she deeps down knows that with patience and discipline, they can overcome any obstacle in the universe. She teaches Jinmay with Nova's help, and she sees something that Jinmay has that no other warrior has, true determination.
  • The Prospector (Kevin Sorbo): A hired humanoid alien mercenary who is paid by Chiro to help find Jinmay and the Monkey Team in the Monster of the Darkness Mines. He comes off pretty brash and sarcastic, and was only really in it for the money and the gold that was in the mind, but he learns that there is more to life than just money. Has a bit of a dark past.
  • Emelia Omitsu (voiced by Nika Futterman [regular], Monica Rial [alternate]): A soft-spoken, poetic Goth girl, and the object of Patch's affections. She sometimes aids the SRMTHFG non-physically, and sometimes talks with Patch, giving him helpful advice. By the finale, they are now officially a couple.
  • Astrobelts: a group of space-travelling teenage crime fighter's that are parodies of the Teen Titans,there also in fact a rock band.
    • Feral Boy (Alexander Polinsky): A Tarzan-like superhero who can change into various were-animal forms
    • Cosmos (Dante Basco): A parody of Nova from the Marvel comics
    • Joltz (Bumper Robinson):
    • Gigglee (Lauren Tom): An eccentric and agile female hero who dresses like a court jester and vaguely resembles Jinx from Teen Titans. She is prone to fits of uncontrollable giggling and laughter and is very ticklish.
    • Slammer (S.Scott Bullock):
  • The Guardians of the Galaxy in the Special 3 Part Event (Based on the movie canon since I know that one the most... team consist of Star-Lord, Gamora, Drax, Groot, Rocket, Mantis, Kraglin, and later at one point Nebula.


  • Skeleton King (voiced by Mark Hamill) -
  • Mandarin (voiced by James Hong): Apparently, Mandarin has survived Skeleton King's past attempt to dispose of him—and let's just say he's NOT happy!!
  • Kronos the Conqueror (Michael Ironside): A warlord who conquers worlds. Also Leumya's superior
  • Scrapperton (Jeff Bennett)
  • Leumya (Lara Jill Miller) a Cyborg like being female warlord who is Kronos's right hand lady with a mysterious agenda, and has allied with Skeleton King once.
  • Ayseha and the Soveriegn Race for the Special 3 Part Guardians crossover Event. They conspired with the Rogue Monkey Team to get the Guardians of the Galaxy framed for a crime that they didn't commit, and that sends the Hyper Force into a chase for them, leaving Shuggazoom undefended.
  • An Unknown Ravager leader and his group of Ravagers during the Guardians event
  • Gyrus Krinkle (Scott Innes): Patch's paternal uncle and a former adversary of the Hyperforce. After being trapped in his own mind, he somehow met the recently-executed Valina and they collaborated to return to the world of the living together. They're now partners-in-crime, though Valina is now devoted to getting even with the Skeleton King.
  • Teal (Grey Griffin)- Jinmay's dark harvester of the Dark Power Primate that survived the Dark One, the leader of the Rogue Monkey Team, and Skeleton King's apprentice
  • Rogue Monkey Team
    • Man-Tai (Tara Strong) - Orange Monkey


Episode Number Title for the Episode Plot Ending for the Episode
53 Tales of the Past! The team encounters Orthos Plasmius, the one who trained the alchemist years ago, and tells him how it began! Antari, realizes that Kragoyoth was the creature that grabbed the Alchemist ,at the beginning and coruppted Proteus!
54 Rock of Ages Chiro notices a Rockband known as the "Astrobelts", and gets curious! The Astrobelts makes a concert at the Super Robot!
55 Zoo Effect Skeleton King creates a device to turn humans into Zoo animals, and control them, Gibson who doubts the ways of Evolution must find away to change them all back! the Anthro Horse and Python girls winks at Sprx when he saved them!
56 Attack of the Rogue Monkey's The ManTai creates rogue version of the Monkey Team, and Chiro seeks help from Master Offay to clear their names. ManTai was captured by Skeleton King, and was asked to create a Robo Ape Army.
57 Crator World Chiro, makes a deal with a Prospector to help rescue the Monkey Team, from the Monster of the Darkness Mines. The Prospector thanks the Monkey Team for helping him realize life is more important than gold.
58 Demotion Antauri makes a fatal error and was demoted as second in Command causing the Monkey's to fight over the role. Antauri becomes Second in Command again, and thanks Gibson for his advice.
59 Skeletal Advanced Chiro realizes that he must go discover the remains of the Skeleton of The Alchemist, to reawakent the Alchemist. The team finds the Skeleton of the Alchemist, and it shows Chiro a future vision, one that is destined to the the grimest of all. Chiro realizes that he must uncover his family's past to find out the truth of his origins. However, unknown to him, Skeleton King unveils to the Rogue team their new leader, Teal, who has the corrupted Power Primate In her.
60 The Past is Reveled Chiro uncovers his familes past, and an old friend of his mother's past arrives and tells him about The Alchemist. Chiro is revealed that he is next to become the next Skeleton Prince. He also finds out that the Alchemist once loved his mother and gave birth to an amazing son. Chiro then finds to be the son of Skeleton King.
61 Jinmay's Brother While the Hyper Force were freeing a planet, a strange boy that almost look like Jinmay was helping them with supplies that until they find out that boy was Jinmay's brother. Chiro tells Jinmay that what she saw was all an illusion that was created by Scrapperton, who tried to take control of her. Jinmay apologizes for what she did, and now realizes that she won't be fooled again. But little do they know, an unknown figure watches them from a distance.
62 rising shadow the hyper force crash land on a dark cave planet where the monkey team have been captured,all but otto and sprx now the two must find there teammates or worst getting attacked by the native spider people or something even worse than them It turns out that the spider people was being peaceful and thought the Hyper Force was invading, but they were proven wrong. A cyborg like woman warlord named Leumya was invading them with her army, and the heroes work together to put a stop to her invasion and leave the planet. At the end of the day, Sprx and Otto starts valuing their friendship to one another. However, it turns out Leumya is just an apprentice to something much more darker.
63 new heros when a new superhero group comes in shuggazom the hyper force have a strong suspition there something off about them. The heroes were able to reveal the Rogue Monkey Team's deception, but they were in for a real shock when the figure revealed herself to be Jinmay's dark robotic sister Teal. Even more shocking is that she uses the Dark Power Primate, and she easily takes down the Hyper Force in combat, and tells Chiro that "he must embrace the darkness to see true salvation." Chiro is then curious to find out what it all means and how there is a Dark Power Primate.
64 crashed When the team chases the Rogue team after they stole some very dangerous weapons, they were shot down by an unknown source and crash land on a planet where they encounter a Predator like species who purpose is to hunt, and the team turns out that they are their big game. The team managed to defeat the Predator like species, repair the robot, and escape the planet. The team soon realizes that they are more than just allies, they are also family to one another.
65 undergrowth Valena was revived by an unknown dark force that wants to give her the chance of revenge. Valena accepts this offer, and she conspires to overthrow the Skeleton King with her own dark army and take over Shuggazoom as well. She plans to use her seeds to plant a new rose army under Shuggazoom and the heroes have to stop it from happening. Valena plan was stopped in the nick of time, but before the Hyper Force can finish off Valena, Teal and the Rogue Monkey Team comes and eliminates Valena viciously, much to the horror of the Hyper Force. Teal then steals her powers and tells Chiro that they will meet again very soon. Just as everyone escapes, it turns out that an unknown figure along with Leumya was watching this from afar, and the unknown figure said "They have no idea what I am capable of."
66 The Guardians of the Universe Part 1 The Guardians of the Galaxy were being chased by Ayesha and her Soveriegn people and after escaping them once more again, they turn for the Hyper Force for help since the Guardians did a crime and must pay for it, and therefore are not heroes and are extremely dangerous. The team realized that they have been duped by Ayesha and that the Guardians were not the real criminals, but before they can react, they are all captured by a new evil leader of the Ravagers, and are now taken on a ship to be sold to the Kree.
67 The Guardians of the Universe Part 2 The heroes are now trapped in the Ravager ship, powerless and without their weapons, and they realized that they must put their differences aside and work together in order to escape the Ravager ship. They are soon meet by Nebula, who has some very bad news for them. It turns out that Teal and her team conspired with Ayesha and her race in order to frame the Guardians of the Galaxy in order to get the Hyper Force to leave Shuggazoom undefended so that they can invade the planet with Ayesha's forces on her side.
68 The Guardians of the Universe Part 3 Teal (in her giant robot form) the Rogue monkey team, and Ayesha's forces have begun their invasion on Shuggazoom city. The Hyper Force and the Guardians of the Galaxy races to stop the invasion and Chiro, Jinmay, and Star-Lord fights Teal again. Will they succeed in stopping the invasion in time. The heroes were able to stop the invasion and sends Teal and her group, along with Ayesha packing. The Hyper Force and Guardians thanks one another for their support and they are now allies. Also, Star-Lord gives Chiro a good advice. Chiro reveals his feelings for Jinmay and they become a couple.
69 Training Day Jinmay proves to be a great asset for the Hyper Force, but maybe she can learn a few more tricks up her sleeves and what not in combat. Anturai and Chiro sends both her and Nova to Cox 4 (a race of warrior combat women of all species) to meet up with Lya, and she teaches Jinmay in the hardest most ruthless ways imaginable in the combat. Little did they know that someone has been keeping an eye on the robot girl while she is there, and is getting ready to strike. Jinmay not only completes her training, but also manages to give Scrapperton a piece of her mind and sends him packing into the cosmos.
70 Revelations Part 1 Chiro is haunted by visions of the future of him ruling Shuggazoom and the universe by his father's side, and is determined to find some answers. He heads alone to the Underworld of Shuggazoom and he finds Valena there. It is sure that Chiro is going to demand some answers, but someone else is following him as well. Chiro is horrified to learn that Teal is also going to rule by his side as the Skeleton Princess, and that she isn't just Jinmay's robotic sister, she is also the Alchemist's long lost daughter that he tried to save, and that he worked with the same folks who made Jinmay to create a body to her, and that is why Jinmay remembers her so much.
71 Revelations Part 2 Chiro is now more angry and distraught than ever before, and he now goes after Skeleton King for answers about everything, and he goes to fight him. The team goes and tries to stop Chiro from making a mistake that could cost everything, as Chiro's inner darkness begins to awaken. Skeleton King's ultimate plan has came to fruition, to get Chiro to embrace his own darkness and be consumed by the rage. Chiro has now been corrupted and is now the Skeleton Prince, and Teal is now right by his side. The heroes' greatest leader, has now turned against them.
72 End Game Part 1, The Invasion The invasion of Shuggazoom has begun with Skeleton King's massive army, that even consist of the Rogue Monkey Team, Teal, Chiro now as the Skeleton Prince, and all of the villains that Skeleton King has hired. The Hyper Force with their allies mount a defense against the huge army. Although the people were evacuated from the city, and the army was taken down, all of Shuggazoom City has fallen. The entire group realize that this is now war, and they must take the fight to them.
73 End Game Part 2, Losses The heroes launch a full scale invasion on the Skeleton King fortress to avenge their fallen city and for all of the universe, which leads to an epic showdown between Jinmay and the Skeleton Prince and Teal. Jinmay and the Hyper Force, with the remaining allies, although with heavy struggles, breaks though to Chiro and Teal, and release themselves from the Skeleton King's influence. Even Mandiran finally realized all the pain that he has caused to his own team when he also gets cured, and decides to make amends and help defeat Skeleton King.
74 End Game Part 3, The Final Battle Skeleton King has begun his master plan, to absorb the planet's life force into his own energy and become a cosmic being. The Hyper Force, and Rogue Monkey Team, and their remaining allies take on a powerful Skeleton King in their most fearsome battle yet. Chiro realizes that he isn't going to defeat Skeleton King, so he decides to attempt to bring back the good person that he was once, although with great struggle that this will bring him, as the planet and its life begins to die.
75 End Game Part 4, Redemption Chiro attempts to break though the Skeleton King to free the Alchemist from his dark energies that had corrupted him, but with time running out for his planet, and his allies fading away, can he succeed? Chiro was able to get the Alchemist to overcome his dark energies and it reveals to be one of the ancient Dark Ones, which Chiro manages to defeat to bring the Alchemist back. The Alchemist thanks Chiro for never giving up on him, along with the rest of the team, however, there is still a little bit of dark energy left, and in order to prevent the Skeleton King from ever coming back, the Alchemist must be destroyed, and ask Chiro to deliver the final blow, before he becomes corrupted again. With great sorrow and regret, Chiro did just that, saving Shuggazoom city, and his teammates, but at the greatest cost, his father.
76 Aftermath All of Shuggazoom and the universe is recovering from the epic Skeleton King war, and everyone is reflecting on everything, and their journey on how they came to be the person that destiny wants them to be. Mandarin, while reformed, decides to leave the team permanently, to try to make amends for the universe for what he has done. All of the allies return to their own worlds. Teal and the Rogue Monkey team are now part of the Hyper Force officially, and Chiro thanks everyone for their support, and how they call came together as a family. However, Chiro has another vision, and he sees that a much worse threat to the universe than the Skeleton King is coming, and it will be more powerful than any other threat that they have face Yet. He then said... "Looks like my job isn't done yet..."

Trivia Edit

Culturual References Edit

  • Kronos is based on Ronan the Accuser and the Mandarin from Marvel Comics, Ra's Al Ghul from DC Comics, and Count Dooku from Star Wars
  • Lya is based on Xena from Xena Warrior Princess.

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