Super Iron

Super Iron (Tony Kent) is a character in TheCannon's Amalgam Universe. He first appeared in Tales of Action #1. He is an Amalgamation of DC's Superman and Marvel's Iron Man.


Tony Kent was the owner of Planet Industries. One night, an armor fell from the sky. It had a message from it's creator Yinsen-El. Yinsen-El was saying that the armor was from the destroyed planet krypton and was powered by solar radiation. It was meant to be used for good. However, Tony used the armor to get fame and fortune, redesinging the armor and calling himself "Super Iron." When a jelous business man named Lex Hammer wanted to destroy Super Iron, he got the Iron General to attack Super Iron. Tony stopped him, and realized he needed to take things more responsibly. Ever since, he has become one of Earth's greatest heroes and stopped various villains.