Young Kyle Leo is recruited into the army, and he must prove himself worthy to face Herr Bernard Kleitz and his group of Nazis.




  • Kyle Leon (Jake Cherry) - in the end, becomes worthy of his whole country!
  • Lieutenant Jason Kirk (Brendan Fraser) - in the end, promoted General, and lives in Nebraska!
  • Ian Olson (Robert Pattinson) - the one Lieutenant Kirk told to make sure no one steals the ice cream sandwiches, in the end, gets killed by Kleitz, for trying to save a child!
  • Mike Schultz (Rupert Grint) - the one who accompanies Kyle, in the end, gets awarded the Nobel Piece Prize!
  • Major Jules Brand (Chris Rock) - the lazy one who listens to a song that Eddie Murphy's character listens to in 48 Hrs. and Another 48 Hrs., in the end, gets promoted as Lieutenant!
  • General Ferdenand Baron (Tommy Lee Jones) - in the end, gets killed by Kleitz!
  • Herr Bernard Kleitz (Gary Oldman) - the main antagonist, and confronts General Baron!, in the end, falls into the Holocaust!


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