The games take place in a fictional universe in which a range of characters compete in fighting tournaments for prizes and bragging rights.


Ming Na - Chun Li

Bruce Greenwood - Captain Guile

Wade Williams - Sagat

B.D. Wong - Ryu

Troy Baker - Ken Masters

Richard White - M. Bison

Whilmer Vladarama - Vega

Andrew Kishno - Fei Long

Gary Anthony Williams - Balrog

Jennifer Hale - Cammy White

Mary Elizabeth McGlynn - Eliza Masters, Crimson Viper

Kevin Michael Richardson - E. Honda, Dee Jay, Birdie

Dee Bradley Baker - Blanka, Zangrief

Jonathan Adams - Akuma, Dhalsim

Lauren Tom -  Sukara, Rose

Grey DeLisle - Sharon

Kari Wuhurr - Poison


Nome - Alaska

Moscow - Russia

Hawaiii - US

Sydney - Austrailia

Miami - Florida

Paris - France

Venice - Italy

Kenya - Africa

Madagascar - Africa

Hong Kong - China

Tokyo - Japan

M. Bison's base/ Berlin - Germany


Ryu vs. Ken (training) in Tokyo Japan

Chun Li vs. Cammy (Training) in Tokyo Japan

E. Honda vs. Birdie in Madagascar Africa

Balrog vs. Birdie in Kenya Africa


M. Bison: "At Last, I have found the secrets of Hong Gong, and will learn it's moves and become one of the most invincible of all Shadaloo, and the world!"

Ken and Ryu: "You know before Sensei passed, we defined our skills, and defined ourselves! Couldn't agree more!"

Chun Li: "Fighting does'nt make the warrior, it's the wisdom that makes the warrior!"

Crimson Viper: "Sheesh Cammy aren't you embarrassed having that oversized butt sticking out, aren't you at leased concerned it being compared to a Horse's Rear answer me, or are you blushing now!"

Akuma: "Bison, you arrogant coward, you think being Germany's former Nazi was lame, Shadaloo is alot lamer, the Power of Hong Gong, can only work for the bloodline of the Dyamyo!"

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