Directed by Tim Burton, Atticus Storm must face monsters in the world and tries to intercept them from attacking, with his old acquaintance Sergei Hotch helping him into saving the world by the one creator who freed the monsters.




  • Atticus Storm (Daniel Radcliffe) - the main protagonist, in the end, relaxes at Palm Springs, and takes Monica to the Beach!
  • Sergei Hotch (Jude Law) - Atticus's old acquaintance, in the end, takes a vacation at Borneo!
  • Monica Jackson (Amanda Bynes) - Atticus's love interest, in the end, Goes to the Beach with Atticus!
  • Vince Cranston (Michael Leon Wooley) - the mayor, in the end, Gets Elected Governor, and awards Atticus!
  • James Van Graspe (Bruce Campbell) - the one behind the monsters being released, in the end, imprisoned in Pandora's box!