New Spider-Man suit

Spider-Man: Legacy is an upcoming animated series featuring the death of Peter Parker and featuring 14 year old Scott Simmons taking the mantle of Spider-Man.


Peter ParkerEdit

Peter Parker is the original Spider-Man who is murdered by his arch nemesis, the Green Goblin. Although he never makes a proper appearance throughout the series, he is frequently mentioned and seen in flashbacks.

May ParkerEdit

May Parker, also known as "Mrs. Parker" and "Aunt May" was Peter's elderly, loving Aunt and guardian after Peter's parents died. She never knew Peter was Spider-Man until his death. May mourns over Peter and convinces Scott to take over his mantle, She was later murdered by Jason Cranston.

Mary Jane Watson-ParkerEdit

Peter's widow who helps Aunt May convince Scott to take over the mantle of Spdier-Man.

Scott SimmonsEdit

Scott Simmons is the main character throughout the series. He lives an average day to day life as a 14 year old Catholic with ADHD up until his field to OSCORP. OSCORP keeps the spider with Peter's DNA to try and create a new army of Spider-people who work under Norman Osborn's control. However, the spider escapes and bits Scott.

Dr. Abraham YocaraEdit

Dr. Abraham Yocara is the scientist who has been studying the Spider, and is the main Antagonist, and even manipulating other villains into trying to catch Scott, and obtain his secret. Dr. Yocara then wears a purple helmet that conceals his scars that was inflicted by Squid Prince.

Jason CranstonEdit

Jason Cranston is the second Main Antagonist, who takes up the identity Skull Prince, He uses the same OSCORP technology to create Bone themed weapons, and a Skull Face Plate, he is also the one responsible for the murder of May Parker in later episodes, and he is the worst of Scott Simmon's arch-foe, and his first.

Sonya ReedsEdit

Sonya reeds is the love interest of Scott, She is also one of the few girls to see the return of Spider-Man, she is seen as a kind person, and a lovable girl to May's eyes. She also has secrets, and was once one of Dr. Yocara's experiments.


Season 1Edit

Episode Number Title for the Episode Teaser Main Story
1 Pilot Peter Parker is seen killed in a flashback by Green Goblin. Scott Simons, a 14 year old Catholic, is poisoned with Radioactive oil on a field trip to Boston. He realizes after a number of strange events, he has the same powers as Spider-Man. May Parker, Peter Parker's aunt and Mary Jane Parker, Peter's wife confront Simmons and after long thinking, convince him to be come the new Spider-Man. He relies on his friend Corinne Carlock, a master at technology in his school to help. She creates a new costume for him and web shooters.