This is a Spider-Man ultimate event of the Year, Spider-Man must face the imposter Spider-Man's and reveal he is the true Spider-Man.


Spider-Man must deal with Spectacular, Amazing, Ultimate, and Superior Spider-Man and face archfoes in the way. Scott Bakula acts as the Spider-Man whom was made by Stan Lee long ago in the 60's!


Spider-Man/ Peter Parker (Jason Marsden) - with a costume from the Live Action Spider-Man, that Toby McGuire wore, and actual webbing.

Spectacular Spider-Man (Josh Keaton) - wears the similar costume as the Cartoon Spectacular Spider-Man, tells Peter that he is the true Spider-Man and bids him good luck

Amazing Spider-Man (Drake Bell) - dressed like the Amazing Spider-Man movie version, breaks the 4th wall by saying, "I still a 4-film franchise left, so good luck!, Spider-Man!"

Superior Spider-Man (Christopher Daniel Barnes) - is more like the Comics, The Superior Spider-Man.

Ultimate Spider-Man (Neil Patrick Harris) - more like the Ultimate Spider-Man, already believes that he is dead and Miles Morales is his successor

60's Spider-Man (Scott Bakula) - the classic Spider-Man, and the one that helped Spider-Man find the truth about "Great Power comes Great Responsibility"!

Supporting CastEdit

Mary Jane Watson (Emmanule Chirqui) - relizes that Peter is the true Spider-Man and the tiger she knows

Gwen Stacey (Alysa Millano) - girlfriend of the Amazing Spider-Man

J. Jonah Jameson (Wade Williams) - accuses Spider-Man as a clone and believes one of the Spider-Man to be the true Spider-Man

Robbie Robertson (Dwayne Johnson)

May Parker (Tabitha St. Germain)

George Stacey (Steven Blum) - used to think the Amazing Spider-Man was a masked vigilante, but now has heart towards him

Dr. Curt Connors (Rhys Ifans)

Harry Osborn (Michael Sinterniklass)

Other HeroesEdit

Steve Rogers/ Captain America (Rino Romano)

Tony Stark/ Iron Man (Will Friedle)

Ben Grimm/ The Thing (Clancy Brown)

Julia Carpenter/ Spider-Woman (Emmanule Chirqui)


Norman Osborn/ Green Goblin (Kevin Michael Richardson)

Otto Octavius/ Dr. Octopus (Corey Burton) - has been vanished along with his Superior Spider-Man into Mephisto's realm

Flint Marko/ Sandman (Wade Williams)

The Lizard (Rhys Ifans)

Alex O'Hirn/ Rhino (Ray Winestone)

Maxwell Dillon/ Electro (Crispin Glover)

Quinton Beck/ Mysterio (Stacey Keach)

Mac Gargen/ Scorpion (Michael Emmerson)

Adrian Toomes/ Vulture (Jeff Bennett)

Kraven the Hunter (Hector Elizondo)

Chameleon (Andre Soliquizzo)

Shocker (C. Thomas Howell)

Jason Macendale/ Hobgoblin (Mandy Patinkin)

Eddie Brock/ Venom (Travis J. Gould)

Cletus Cassidy/ Carnage (Greg Cipes)

Kaine (Neil Patrick Harris) - main antagonist of the whole Movie.

Dr. Miles Warren (W. Morgan Shepard)

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