Ever since his mother passed away, Sonny has had a worst life, being bested by his rival, Norman, but when a man comes to him, his life changes in a way to impress his father.




  • Sonny Frakes (Stephen Full) - as a boy, his mother passed away, leaving his father to raise him, he grows up with a lonely life and was always bested by his childhood rival, Norman, but his life changed when he became a billionaire, in the end, raises a family, and makes the city bright.
  • Yevette Cinclair (Scarlett Johansson) - Sonny's love interest, she was upest when he witnessed Monna kissing Sonny, but in the end, apologizes and begs for forgiveness.
  • Julian Frakes (Ronny Cox for old, Josh Brolin for young) - Sonny's father, who wasn't always impressed with his son, ever since his wife died, in the end, apologizes to Sonny for not being supportive and was happy being a grandfather
  • Churchill Jackson (Chris O'Donnell) - Sonny's best friend and devoted friend, he is the head of his company, in the end, becomes the best man.
  • Monna Innes (Eva Mendes) - Yevette's love rival who steals Sonny from her to become his fiance, and to get him to love her and the money, in the end, Sonny realizes it, and throws her on the wedding cake to be humiliated.
  • Genie Gordon (Robin Williams) - the main antagonist and a selfish mean billionaire, who decides to get Sonny to get him more power and fortune, and to use him as his pawn forever, in the end, was transformed into a Genie, and became a better person.
  • Normon Quint (Zachary Quinto) - Sonny's childhood rival and always bests him, but just got humiliated when he was bested by his rival causing his fame and fortune, in the end, becomes friends with Sonny, and marries Monna.
  • Penelope Frakes(Elizabeth Mitchell) - Sonny's mother, who passed away since Sonny was a child, she died from Pnemonia.
  • Ferris Lloyd (Morgan Freeman) - Sonny's boss, who always pays less attention to him and listens to Ray Charles songs, in the end, was fired and replaced by Sonny.