12-Year Old Kyle Marcus is bullied by his 16-year old sister, Bianca, who tortures to wear every dress she forces him to wear, so he gains assistance from 2 guys, Troy  and Billy to help stand up to the bullies who mess with him.


October 12, 2014


  • Kyle Marcus (Cameron Boyce) - 12-years old, in the end, is free to be himself!
  • Troy Kimm and Billy Portor (Don Cheadle and Tom Hardy) - the 2 guys who help Kyle stand up to the ones who bullied him, by saying, they are too selfish, and unrespective, and so stubborn, so they will walk away and leave him alone, in the end, are thanked by Kyle's Parents!
  • Bianca Marcus (Alex Breckenridge) - Kyle's 16-year old sister, who is selfish and calls him Jermaine in a teasing way, she is always scolded by their mother, Melody , not to call him names, she always drives a car, and she has a background saying, "princess", and she is snobbish and spoiled, she forces Kyle to wear dresses everytime, in the end, was forced by her mother to wear Clown Clothing in the summer to understand how Kyle felt and gets a wedgie from Malcolm!
  • Melody Marcus (Nicole Kidman) - Kyle  and Bianca's mother, in the end, apologizes for falling for Bianca's lies, and forces her to dress like a clown!
  • Roderick Clint (Alec Baldwin) - the principle of a Middle School, whom Kyle thinks is very selfish and stubborn, one time when he brings Kyle to his office, he forces him to hit him, but he realizes that he is just a gutless rodent, in the end, Gayden makes Roderick look like a fool by punching him in the face, and ramming his weak spot at a pole and was fired!
  • Malcolm Green (Jonah Hill) - the Middle School bully, who often wedgies Kyle, in the end, realizes that Bianca called him an "Ignoramic Ogre", and give her wedgies in stead!
  • Gayden Marcus (Dennis Quaid) - Kyle's father, who hasn't been seen until the end, he confronts Roderick, and humiliates, him and cuts Bianca's allowence!