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Sly Cooper: Path of the Fucking Cooper is the sequel to Sly Bitch: Dicks in Time and the fifth game in the Sly Cooper series. It will be developed by WAKE ME UP for the PS9. This will be the First Chapter in the ClockTwerk Saga, but will be the final game in the series.


After the explosion of Le Paradox's Toilet the gang members believe that Sly Killed Himself. After that it shows a teaser image in which Sly was time traveled to Ratchet And Clank's World. The Cooper Gang must save Sly from DreadZone


bitch gang membersEdit

  1. Ratchet (Your Mom), The Master Thief: Leader of the Lombax Gang.
  2. Clank (Your Daddy), The Robot Brains/Demolition Expert:
  3. Derk (The Guy you hate at school), The Brawn/Getaway Driver:
  4. Captain Quark (Your Best Friend), Marksman: no one and former Interpol Inspector she live in her apartment were Sly see her again she give him a cell phone to call her. In the end she stays with the cooper gang and got married to no one
  5. Plumber Dude From Ratchet & Clank (Your Crush), Mystic: Murray's teacher from the events of Sly 3: Honor Among Theives.
  6. Dreadzone (Mother Fucking no one): A former ally of Clockwork who joins Sly's team as thanks for saving his daughter and for helping on his redemption quest. Talented with flame-fu. Uses firework-launches and a jian sword.
  7. Look at Plumper's Crack(David Scully): A eccentric and slick marine iguana who was formerly part of the Klaww Gang but has become a valuable ally to the Cooper Gang because they helped him recover his grandfather's diving gear.
  8. Star Fox(Tom Kenny) He is the newest member of the cooper gang, a squirrel, who can weild a similar weapon to Sly's cane(its like a sword) and have different and similar game mechanics to Sly as well. He is an archeologist in Paris who was taking his friend Hanna out for dinner, but was attacked by ninjas and kidnapped his girlfriend. he believes that a cooper necalce he has is the reason for their attack, and wants to help Sly but also get his friend back. Looks up to Sly as a mentor.
  9. Peppy (John DiMaggio), 2nd Brawn: An American alligator who's an old friend from Murray's childhood during elementary school. He goes by his ring name, "The Vincigator", as he works in a professional wrestling league since college. He joined the Cooper Gang as the 2nd muscle for the job and wears a similar outfit as Murray's. In the end he & Mz. Ruby got married in her Haitian family renuinion with her sister. He also holds a grudge against Carmelita for getting his father arrested when they were in middle school and frequently butts heads with Sly over wether or not she is a friend or a foe to the gang.
  10. Jak (voiced by Leo Howard): Drug Dealer. He is Sly's long-lost brother, who is currently working with the CIA until he joins the Cooper Gang to save Sly and to help defeat Ironsides and the Syndicate. He has the same colored fur as Sly, but wears a tuxedo shirt, black boots, and a belt with the letters SC in the middle of it.
  11. Daxter (Nolan North) : 3rd Brawn A Walrus and member of the original Cooper Gang who retired and turned himself to the cops .The Gang frees him and ask him to join the team.

The SyndicateEdit

  1. William Veil/Ironsides (Eric Roberts (first form)/James Spader (final form): The true antagonist of the game, and Clockwerk's biological AI (Artificial Intelligence) son. He is a last resort in case Clockwerk had died, and knows a lot more than his old man. He is the true antagonist of the fifth game, and a new primary antagonist of the series. He is currently working on ending the world, but has different intentions than his fellow co-workers.
  2. Vegeta (Peter Stormare): A shadowy Romanian vampire bat. Hex is a powerful sorcerer; who is a lot older than he looks. Being more than 500 years old, Hex has been using a special body transference ritual for over 5 centuries to keep himself alive. He originated in 15th century Transylvania; once a holy priest, he accidentally caught The Plague from a group of children. Hex knew he would soon die within an hour when his secret admirer decided he was too handsome for her to lose, and transformed him into a vampire. Cursed to forever live on as a blood sucking creature of the night, Hex as lived for 500 years and has let the darkness completely take him over. He turns innocent victims into his loyal minions. He was awakend in the present day by William and joined the Syndicate. Like the Contessa, Hex has the power of hypnosis. He is William's right-hand man.
  3. The PS2 (Lewis Black): A wrestling manager and a scorpion, Estaban created a poison to help his wrestlers cheat in the ring, but was arrested for it, and is now an manager of an illegal underground wrestling court known as "The Sting Ring". Secretly, he and Hex are helping William with something, but it is unknown at this time.
  4. PS0 (Dee Bradley Baker): As a young street urchin, he lived in a bad neighborhood with no family to help him not even the sheriff. as he grew he couldn't take this life anymore so he wanted revenge on the whole Town by being elected as Chairman. He's a cruel, aggressive, short-tempered western Diamondback Rattlesnake who runs a western town. He is William's VP of Technical Productions, but in secret, he is part of William's Resurrection project.
  5. Mz. Turd(Cree Summer): Mz. Ruby's jealous and psychotic twin sister. Unlike her sister, Trudy is thinner and more attractive. Her sister was always their mother's favorite because Trudy was spending more time on music voodoo instead of doing real voodoo as a child. She was beaten by Murray in the episode "Rivalry Vodooo". She is William's chemistry specialist, and what she is making for William is secret.
  6. Rainbow Dash(David Kaye): A notorious crime boss and pro-racer on the Monte Carlo racing circuit. He’s a fierce Jaguar who owns his own crime ring in Monte Carlo and all of Monaco but is mainly stationed in Monte Carlo. In his old days, he was just a rookie street racer, challenging anyone and everyone he could find on the late night racing strips of Rio. Pretty soon he made a name for himself in racing and made it in a few pro matches. However, due to his over confidence and lack of mercy, he was targeted by the mob who control the more "seedier sections" of the racing world and was lead to a tragic accident, leaving him scarred for life as well as having his title stolen from him. Soon after, he lead his own virtually unchallenged racers. However, his league was under the constant interference of a rival female racer, Felicia Sparks. Although he’s incredibly smart and a genius mechanic, he's no honorable racer and always looks for opportunities to cheat on the track. He owns a fancy Hotel/Resort and Casino called "Racing Aces". He is William's transportation specialist, and is helping him build futuristic machinery and vehicles.
  7. Into the Nexus (Pat Fraley): A highly intelligent and crafty genetic scientist and a master of quantum and temporal physics. This insidious Nile crocodile was taught by Dr.M as a young croc and knows all about genetic mutation and gene splicing. He’s a well-respected genius in the average community, but behind closed doors, he’s a maniacal mad scientist who conducts immoral and insane experiments on whomever he can get as a test subject. He is William's chief scientist, and is developing a new Hate Chip.
  8. El no one (Nolan North): He returns for revenge on Sly Cooper for locking him up in prison as he was recruited by William to be his weapons dealer.
  9. Masterbateing (Annette Toutonghi): Bentley's ex-girlfriend. Later in the game, she admitted her reasons behind her actions in Thieves in Time was because of her anger towards Sly for "abandoning" the gang in Honor Among Thieves to be with Carmelita and leaving her and Bentley to continue his work. She is William's head scientist, and is helping Cornelious with William's scientific work.
  • Additionally, Clockwerk (Ross Douglas) will make a physical appearance in the game's final part of the final chapter.


  • Jonathan "John" Sheppard (Troy Baker): Interpol's new Inspector and Carmelita Fox's replacement. He's a German Sheppard
  • Commissioner Jones Monitor (Jim Meskimen): Johnny's partner. He is a Moniter Lizard.
  • Roger (Patrick Warburton): a bumbling Rhino who always seen doing wrestling with Murray.
  • Lt. Gronk (Richard McGonagle): a former Mercenary Gorilla who was hired by Carmelita in the 3rd game but has since became a Interpol Soldier.
  • PMC Groups they hired by Jonathan John Sheppard to capture or kill Sly Cooper and his gang for been criminals. Plus the Mercenaries has very advanced equipment and weaponry to hunt and deal with crooks and criminals anywhere in the world.

Other charactersEdit

  • The Donkey Kong (S. Scott Bullock): A gorilla wrestler who used to work with Vincent, before being defeated by Murray in the wresting ring.
  • Big Bitch (J.B Blanc): Weaver's right-hand man, who is a brutish Gila monster who carries two revolvers and a gattling gun.
  • Sheriff Red (Eric Roberts): The Sheriff of the small town Cole lives. He's a red-tailed hawk.
  • Don Octavio (David Scully): Freed from jail to do community service and still likes to do opera. Seen during the Monte Carlo Grand Prix and looks a little younger from his last encounter with the Cooper gang. Thought to be in prison until he was freed for community service by helping the elderly and entertaining them with his opera singing. He's now a traveling aristocrat.
  • Ms. Me (Eliza Jane Schnieder): Now a traveling aristocrat.
  • The Mario Bros: Three different Booby brothers similar to Ed, Oly and Waddle from Sitting Ducks. They were Axel's lazy henchmen and were later fired from the job. They chose to be aristocrats and later became allies of the Cooper Gang since the 4th episode.
    • Dan (Louis Chirillo): The 1st brother who wears a blue tropical shirt, and speaks with a New York accent. He's a Blue-footed Booby. During parties, he wears a blue suit jacket, and a blue top hat.
    • Hector (Phil Hayes): The 2nd brother who wears a red waistcoat, a lavender beret, spits on his feet and speaks in a Beatnik accent. He's a Red-footed Booby. During parties, he wears a red suit jacket and a red fedora with a feather.
    • Fred (Rob Paulson): The 3rd brother with a little overweight appearence. He wears a green bowtie, and a shirt with glasses. He's a Green-footed Booby. During parties, he wears a green suit jacket and a green bowler hat.


  • Speed Racer (George Takei): A Japanese racer that participated in this year's Brazilian Grand Prix and is Japan's representative. He's a japanese Maqacue.
  • Duke Nukem (Carlos Alazraqui): A Mexican racer that participated in this year's Brazilian Grand Prix and is Mexico's representative. He's a Mexican bear.
  • Caleb (Daran Norris): An Italian racer that participated in this year's Brazilian Carlo Grand Prix and is Italy's representative. He is an Italian Wall Lizard.
  • Lo Wang (Christain Lanz): A Brazilian racer that participated in this year's Brazilian Grand Prix and is Brazil's representative. He is a blue and yellow Macaw.
  • Trump (Phil LaMarr): A Jamaican racer that participated in this year's Brazilian Grand Prix and is Jamaica's representative. He is a Jamaican Boa.
  • Your Best Friend(Simon Baker): An Australian racer that participated in this year's Brazilian Grand Prix and is Australia's representative. He is a Red Kangaroo.
  • Bitch (Brian George): An Indian racer that participated in this year's Brazilian Grand Prix and is India's representative. He is a Clouded Leopard.
  • Drugs (Jeffrey Garcia): A Spanish racer that participated in this year's Brazilian Grand Prix and is Spain's representative. He is a Spanish Salamander.
  • WII UUUUUU (Danny Jacobs): A Chameleon and vigilante.


Each member of the Syndicate has guards to suit the environment.

Esteban's GuardsEdit

  • Echidnas:
  • Jackals:
  • Water Buffalos: Flashlight guards
  • Experiments: The Experiments are mutated super-soldiers that were worked on by William, and have different abilities.

Weaver's GuardsEdit

His henchmen are desert type reptiles. Some of them are gunslingers.

  • Frilled Lizards:
  • Leopard Lizards:
  • Bearded Dragons: flashlight guards

Axel's GuardsEdit

Mostly hired thugs as guards

  • Emperor Tamarins: Carry clubs, broken bottles and megaphones.
  • Nazca Boobies:
  • Giant Anteaters: Flashlight Guards.

Trudy's guardsEdit

  • Blue Spotted Newts:
  • Poison Dart Frogs:
  • Cuban and Mugger Crocodiles: flashlight guards

Hex's GuardsEdit

  • Ravens:
  • Badgers:
  • Vultures: Flashlight guards

Nexus's Guar

  • Cranes
  • Wolverines
  • Grizzly Bears: Flashlight guards

William's GuardsEdit

  • ClockTwerks: The Clockwerk Sentries are mechanical clones of Cloc

Episodes Edit

  1. Dick: The Cooper Gang go to save Sly from Egypt, and with the help of Slytunkhamen Cooper, they have to take down the Egyptian dictator Sanchez. (Ancient Egypt)
  2. Bitch
  3. Venom in the Ol' West: The Cooper Gang are going to Texas to a small town home state to face a rattlesnake known as Weaver. (San Antonio, Texas)
  4. The Fast and the Ferocious: Sly and his gang are going enter the race to face a jaguar named Axel, who owns the racing circuit. (Monte Carlo, Monaco)
  5. Rivalry Voodoo: Vincent tells the gang about his girlfriend Mz. Ruby, which comes as a shock to Sly. They are to face Mz. Ruby's sister. (Moscow, Russia)
  6. Romania of Blood (Final Chapter, Part 1): The Cooper Gang are going to Romania to stop William's remaining henchmen and to stop Penelope and El Jefe from finishing William's work and also to stop Hex from finishing the final touches on Project Resurrection. (Transylvania, Romania)
  7. United Designation (Final Chapter, Part 2): The Cooper Gang go to the United States to warn the President of William's plans, but are interrupted by something devastating. (United States of America)
  8. Tick Tock…BOOM (Final Chapter, Part 3): Bentley gets a weird mail, which tells the gang to go to Clockwork's old hideout. After he showed the gang the mail, his computer explodes. So the gang leave for Russia, only to see that the place is back online. (Krack-Karov Volcano, Russia)
  9. A Darkened Past (Final Chapter, Part 4/Final Part): The Cooper Gang have defeated every one of William's henchmen, but they must depart to William's underground city. Sly must defend his family honor once more to defeat both William and an enemy from his past. (City of the Damned, Paris, France)

Episode LocationsEdit

  • Prelude : Sly is stuck in Dreadzone, with Slytunkhamen Cooper I ready to create the Theivious Racoonus. Sly has an idea to contact his friends. The Cooper Gang are off to find him. When they do find him, they will help Slytunkhamen Cooper to defeat Sanchez.
  1. Dreadzone
  2. lombax
  3. Haven City
  4. Russia my ass
  5. Castle Vania
  6. United Trump
  7. Auschwitz
  8. City of the Bitch,




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