From the producers of Snow White and the Huntsman, comes the exact same fairytale, only different.


May 3, 2015, at smites cinema.


  • Princess Oriana (Amanda Seyfried) - the princess who was cursed and put to sleep by a spindle caused by Serpina!
  • Prince Alphonso (Daniel Radcliffe) - the prince who is Princess Oriana's true love, only he can break the spell to free her from the curse
  • Serpina (Angelina Jolie) - the main villainess and the one who cursed Princess Oriana, that before the sunsets on her 15th birthday, she shall prick her finger on a spindle of a spinning wheel and die, she leads an army of witches to help her
  • King Mathias (Liam Neeson) - Princess Oriana's father, he has a rare dislike towards Serpina, who was vile towards them for not inviting her to the birth of their daughter, Oriana
  • Queen Hazell (Naomi Watts) - Princess Oriana's mother, she loves her daughter very much, and was devastated by Serpina's curse!
  • King Azaza (Jonathan Pryce) - Prince Alphonso's father, he is King Mathias's best friend, and desires his son to be married to Princess Oriana
  • Crimson, Azure, Lime, Violet, Orange, Indigo and Lemon (Jesse McCarthney, Justin Timberlake, Miley Cyrus, Jay Sean, Sean Kingston, Will.I.Am and Flo Rida) - the seven fairies who gifted Princess Oriana with beauty, wit, grace, dance, song and ability of musical instruments, the last fairy, after Serpina cursed her, gave out one gift that true love's kiss the spell shall break
  • Queen Nubella (Emma Stone), King Mathias's sister, and Princess Oriana's aunt
  • Princess Serena ( Gabrielle Union), Princess Oriana's BFF, and mentor.
  • Princess Alberta (Victoria Justice), Princess Oriana's second BFF. she's good friends with Princess Serena.
  • Princess Irene (Beyonce), Princess Oriana's third BFF. she's good friends with Princess Alberta and Princess Serena.
  • Princess Alexia (Selena Gomez), Princess Oriana's fourth BFF. She loves chocolate!
  • Zoella (Julianne Moore), Serpina's older sister.
  • King Hubert (Mark Wahlberg), King Mathias's second best friend.
  • Cameron (Mila Kunis), Violet's older sister.
  • Queen Louise (Betty White), Princess Oriana's grandmother and King Mathia's mother. She does not like King Hubert very much, but loves King Azaza.
  • Queen Isobelle (Maya Rudolph), King Hubert's wife.
  • Queen Sophie (Brandy Norwood), King Azaza's wife.
  • Joey (Hugh Jackman), Shira's stage manager.
  • Shira (Nicki Minaj), the famous popstar and actress of Sugartown.
  • Rosie "Rosalinda" (Missi Pyle), Princess Oriana's long-lost twin sister, who is also discovered to be a princess, just like her twin sister, and who's name is changed to Rosalinda, upon becoming a princess.
  • Ladybug (Demi Lovato), Princess Oriana's pet horse who was given to Princess Oriana and was named by her as a child.
  • Angus (Jason Alexander), Princess Rosalinda's pet horse who was given to her on the day she became a princess and was named by her.

Movie plotEdit

Queen Hazell (Naomi Watts), is expecting her first child,  but chaos   causes  the queen's husband to think

twice  about his daughter's birth.