Shrek Almost Forever After is the sequel to Shrek Forever After, produced by DreamWorks Animation SKG.


2 months after Shrek Forever After, Rumpelstiltskin kidnaps The Ogre Triplets to get revenge on Shrek, and now the Ogre must save their children.



  • Mike Myers as Shrek
  • Eddie Murphy as Donkey
  • Cameron Diaz as Princess Fiona
  • Antonio Banderas as Puss in Boots
  • Walt Dohrn as Rumpelstiltskin
  • Julie Andrews as Queen Lillian
  • Conrad Vernon as Gingy (Gingerbread Man)
  • Aron Warner as Big Bad Wolf
  • Christopher Knights as Three Blind Mice
  • Cody Cameron as Pinocchio, Three Little Pigs
  • Jon Hamm as Brogan the Ogre
  • Craig Robinson as Cookie the Ogre
  • Jane Lynch as Gretched the Ogre
  • Chris Miller as Magic Mirror
  • Amanda Bynes as Green Hiding Hood
  • Justin Long as Peter Pan
  • Emma Bell as Tinker Bell 

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