10 years after Shrek the Final Chapter life is going good for Shrek and his family. One day Shrek and his family is invited by King Arthur to come to his wedding. However his old sister Morgana wants to be queen of Far Far Away so she plans to overthrow Artie. Shrek now needs to stop Morgana from being Queen of Far Far Away.


May 27, 2016


  • Shrek (Mike ) - is tricked by Morgaine (in the guise of Fiona) that he is a big fat ogre head but wasn't decieved, in the end, reunites with Fiona, and makes sure Morgaine never lies ever again!
  • Fiona (Cameron Diaz l) - is tricked by Morgaine (in the guise of Shrek) that she is better off withPrince Charming but knew better, and that he is a big fat ogre, in the end, She states to Morgaine "if you pull a stunt like this on us Ogres ever again, it's to the tower with you!"
  • Donkey (Chris Rock) - near the end, he and Puss realized what Morgaine had done, they tried to tell Shrek and Fiona, but were knocked out by Mordred, awakens to see everything is a OK!
  • Fergus (Donald Trump) - Shrek's son, in the end is Prince Humperdink's friend.
  • Farkle (That one dude from SHerk) - Shrek's son, in the end, Dances to the Bagpipes!
  • Felicia (Emma Stone) - Shrek's daughter, falls in love with a human named Humperdink, near the end, she asks Merlin to turn her human, so she can live happily ever after with Humperdink, she was crying because Shrek angrily scared off Humperdink to leave his daughter alone, she talked with him, and showed him a poem, with Fiona's curse, in the end, understands why Shrek is so defensive, and reunites with Humperdink!
  • Prince Humperdink (Andrew Garfield) - human and Felicia's love interest, he is Artie's younger brother and agresses with Artie to be the future king of Far Far Away.
  • Dragon (Nick Offerman) - in the end, eats Mordred!
  • Debbie (Kyla Pratt) - Donkey's daughter, in the end, sleeps under the trees while Shrek and Fiona return home!
  • Parfiet (Orlando Brown) - Donkey's son, in the end, is seen jazzing with the Three Little Pigs!
  • Peanut (Tyler James Williams) - Donkey's son, in the end,  leaves for schooling in Puff's academy!    
  • Bananas (Corbin Bleu) - Donkey's son, in the end, goes go find a job in Far Far Away!
  • Coco (Marlon Wayans) - Donkey's son, in the end, goes to find a new friend in In Particular!
  • Eclair (Raven Symone) - Donkey's daughter, in the end, gets a job at the Poison Apple!
  • Puss in Boots (Antonio Banderas) - near the end, he and Donkey discover what Morgana did, they would tell Shrek and Fiona, but are knocked out by Mordred, in the end, wake up and see everything OK. 
  • Pinocchio (Cody Cameron) - in the end, makes a club called "Monstro"!
  • Gingy (Conrad Vernon) - in the end, becomes Pinocchio's co-worker!
  • The Muffin Man (Conrad Vernon) - he works as a new cook at the castle.
  • The Big Bad Wolf (Aron Warner) - in the end, finally gets some sleep!
  • The Three Little Pigs (Cody Cameron) - in the end, enter Show buis!
  • The Three Blind Mice (Christopher Knights and Simon J. Smith) - in the end, also enters Show Business!
  • King Arthur (Justin Timberlake) - the king of Far Far Away, in the end, informs that Ogres are now part of the kingdom!
  • Guinevere (Miranda Cosgrove) - the queen of Far Far Away, in the end, agrees with Arthur!
  • Merlin (Eric idle) Morgana's old sidekick
  • Ariana Grande as Morgana, Arthur's older sister. The witch that started Fiona's curse..

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