Shrek is back and ready for two challenges, trust their children and defeat the evil Prince Morded of ruling Far Far Away.


  • Shrek in the end, entrusts his children and is back and needs save Far Far Away again.
  • Fiona in the end, is proud with Shrek, because he learned his lesson and now think that since their children are out, she and Shrek were to spend more time together.
  • Donkey He is back to help Shrek to defeat Alexander. In the end remains in Far Far Away and reunites with his family.
  • Puss in Boots in the end remians in Far Far Away and It goes along with Shrek and his friends to save Far Far Away from Alexander, there he finds his ex-girlfriend Shina later they get together again.
  • Fergus - in the end, did music shows in Far Far Away.
  • Farkle - in the end, wants to be of adventurous.
  • Felicia in the end, Apologizes to her father for being rude
  • Arthur Pendragon - The king of Far Far Away from he is now married to Tiana, he has no idea that her brother but this old conning him and in the end, marries Guinevere. He also appears in the third flashback along with Guinevere.
  • Tiana Artie's wife, she has no idea that the old brother but her husband that they fooling 
  • Shina Puss's ex-girlfriend, later she and Puss get together again
  • King Morded the main antagonist plans to take over Far Far Away by killing Artie, in end, he's banished from Far Far Away.
  • Guinevere - Artie's love interest, in the end, marries Artie
  • Steve Artie's pet dog, he begins to have a rivalry with Puss in Boots, in the end, he and Puss forgive each other and become friends.
  • Dragon in the end, reunites Donkey.
  • The Dronkeys in the end reunites with Donkey.
  • Gingy Shrek's friend, goes with Shrek and his friends to Far Far Away and marries with a female version of Gingy-Bread.
  • Pinocchio Shrek's friend, goes with Shrek and his friends to Far Far Away
  • Three Little Pigs Shrek's friends, goes with Shrek and his friends to Far Far Away
  • Big Bad Wolf Shrek's friend, he turns guard of Far Far Away's castle
  • Three Blind Mice Shrek's friends, turns singer
  • The Magic Mirror, in the end, remains in Far Far Away
  • Rangus, the evil hunter from Snow White, is ordered by Morded to kill Shrek
  • Queen Lilan,the former queen of Far Far Away's former ruler, she still lives in the castle.
  • Alexander the main antagonist, Artie's older brother, he is jealous of his brother, and wants to rule Far Far Away.
  • Billy the secundary antagonist, he is a helper Alexander, later, he apologizes to everyone
  • King Harold/Frog Harold the deasesed king of Far Far Away, appears in the second flashback
  • The Fairy Godmother Refuses She insisted that Prince Charming married Fiona instead of Prince Morded

From the Creators of Madagascar and The Croods: Shrek: Almost a Fairy Tale


May 26, 2015


Four years after Shrek Forever After, In the 2014 interview with Fox Business Network, Jeffrey Katzenberg hinted que the fifth film may still be made​​. 

he said of the characters. 

In November 2014, DreamWorks Animation accept the fifth film, and in August 2014, Chris Miller confirmed that the film will be released May 26, 2015 and entitled 'Shrek: Almost a Fairy Tale.