From the producer of Savages, boy betrays his group of mobs for trying to throw away the dead girl's body, under the orders of their disfigured boss, who wants revenge on the mob of Russians for his disfigurement, he must find out why their doing it.


???, 2014


  • Neil Brom  (Tom Felton) - betrays his group of comrades, in the end, gives up his own life to save her!
  • Jean Manx (Sara Paxton) - Neil's love interest, in the end, gives Neil's grave flowers!
  • Jonson Rough (Jonah Hill) - Neil's best friend who finally reveals his true personality of overthrowing him, he was betrayed by him for trying to burn a dead female body, in the end, gets killed by the Russians!
  • Micks House (Aaron Standford) - one of the group of boys betrayed by Brom, in the end, comforts Jean as a sign of forgivenss and repent!
  • Tom Morgon (Johnny Whitworth) - has a deep rivalry with Neil as they are in the same group, when they were betrayed, he wanted revenge on him, in the end, was shot to death by the Russians!
  • Vince O'Brien (John Travolta) - Brom's disfigured boss, he has the same tone as Howard Saint, at the beginning, his face was not shown, but near the end, it was now revealed, his disfigured face consisted of burns, cracks, and scratchs, when he was in a Factory, his goal is to get revenge on the Russians, in the end, Blows himself up with Ivan!
  • Ivan Volschiff (Ritchie Coster) - he is the Russian mob in a gangwar with O'Brien, he had Vince get his face disfigured, in the end, gets blown up with Vince!
  • Boris and Vlad (Michael Berry, Jr. and Andrew Howard) - Ivan's Russian minions, who were attacked by Jonson, Micks, Tom and Neil at the beginning, in the end, were blowned up with Ivan!



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