Sega VS Capcom Unite it's a Fighting game in Development by Capcom and Sega and Published by Capcom release on June 29 2020 To Nintendo Switch, Ps4, Xbox1 and PC, This Game Feature Sega and Capcom Characters, This game Be also based on VS Capcom Mechanics.

Modes: Edit

  • Story
  • Arcade
  • Co-op Arcade
  • Versus
  • Training
  • Options
  • Bonus

Gameplay: Edit

Playable: Edit

Sega Franchise
Sonic The HedgeHog Sonic The HedgeHog
Bayonetta Bayonetta
Nights NIghts Into Dreams
Ryo Hazuki Shenmue
Knuckles Sonic The Hedgehog
Akira Yuki Virtua Fighter
Capcom Franchise
Ryu Street Fighter
Megaman Megaman
Morrigan Darkstalkers
Chun-Li Street Fighter
Arthur Ghost and Goblins
Ken Street Fighters

DLC: Edit

Sega Franchise
Capcom Franchise

Development: Edit

Trivia: Edit

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