From the producer of Penelope,Marina is a family woman who loves her kids and husband, but when she realizes her 3-year old daughter told her she's a mermaid, she was wondering if she was a mermaid.


October 31, 2014


  • Marina Thomas (Jennifer Garner) - realizes that she was born a mermaid, in the end, kisses her husband at the beach
  • Ferris Thomas (Ben Affleck) - Marina's husband, in the end, kisses his wife at the beach
  • Green Thomas (Violet Affleck) - Marina's first daughter, in the end, apologizes for being selfish and ashamed of her family!
  • Theresa Thomas (Seraphina Rose Elizabeth Affleck) - Marina's second daughter, who inherited her mermaid powers, in the end, goes with her Grandfather for the Spring Break!
  • Hubie Thomas (Samuel Garner Affleck) - Marina's newborn son, in the end, gets helded by Oscar!
  • Oscar Walters (Jeffrey Tambor) - Marina's foster father, who takes her in to keep her mermaid powers a secret, in the end, holds Hubie in his arms and rocks him to sleep!
  • Dr. Judas Branch (Jude Law) -Marina's doctor, who told her her birthplace, and that she was adopted and raised alone
  • Zulton (Leonard Nimoy) - Marina's birth-father, in the end, takes Theresa to the sea!
  • Virsce (Isabel Lucas) - Marina's birth sister, in the end, teachs Theresa the meaning of the sea life!
  • Thraxes  (Ray Winestone) - the main antagonist and the man responsible for Marina's mother's death, as he was trying to kill Marina, his goal is to take over the Sea, and destory the legacy of Zulton, in the end, He was sentanced into the Underworld for life.



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