A boy wakes up to see wacky things happening, and sees he has become a Racoon , and tags Scrat from Ice Age along to help him.


February 17, 2014


  • Jim Brent(Joel Courtney) - a boy who wakes up to see he is in the form of a Racoon , in the end, changes back and learns alot of Ice Age!
  • Scrat (Chris Wedge) - the character from Ice Age, who is dragged along with Jim to help him, in the end, places his Acorn in a Sewer line, and causes the pipes to go wrong, and falls into the river of sewage!
  • Brady Brent (Amy Adams) - Jim's sister, in the end, meets Scrat, and laughs at his sillyness!
  • Burgess Brent (Christopher Meloni) - Jim's father, in the end, apologizes for his abrasiveness!
  • Kirk Lloyd (Eric Roberts) - the mob who witnessed Scrat in his limo scene, and will do anything to kill him, and to have 2 hired guys torture him, in the end, becomes a prehistoric Snake, and is trapped on the Island!
  • Vincent Vega and Jules Winnfield (John Travolta and Samuel L. Jackson) - the 2 secondary antagonists who assist Lloyd into going after Jim and Scrat, in the end, they fall into a pit of Lava!
  • Juliana (Judi Dench) - a witch who tells Jim and Scrat about the things she made, in the end, returns Scrat to the Ice Age!