She's a Mary Poppins, a great school teacher, based on the Magic School Bus.


July 18, 2017


  • Fergie Hunt (Susan Sarandon) - a school teacher. in the end, made teacher of the month!
  • Hans (Joel Courtney) - based on Arnold Perlstein. in the end, finally feels accepted!
  • Jose (Carlos Pena, Jr.) - based on Carlos Ramon. in the end, writes his punnishment on the wall!
  • Ingrid  (Dakota Fanning) - based on Dorothy Ann. in the end, starts going out with Hans!
  • Dola (Keke Palmer) - based on Keesha Franklin. in the end, gets an autograph from Keisha!
  • Pete (Jonah Hill) - based on Ralphie Tennelli. in the end, enjoys sleeping in!
  • Jerome (Tyler James Williams) - based on Tim. in the end, admits his feelings for Dola!
  • Ching Ghi (Brenda Song) - based on Wanda Li. in the end, writes the history of her family to class!
  • Fat Lola (Rebel Wilson)- Ingrid's best friend who's real name is Fat Ava and wears braces and pink eyeglasses.
  • Fearful Fiona (Cameron Diaz)- Ingrid and Lola's best friend.
  • Jessa (Mindy Kailing)- a mean girl who wears pink cat-eyeglasses.
  • Mary (Victoria Justice)- Jessa's best friend who is also a mean girl.
  • Vivienne (Maddie Ziegler)- Jessa and Mary's best friend who was a mean girl, but then Pete saved her from Jessa and Mary's cruel, dark hands.
  • Sophie (Hana Mae Lee)- Jessa and Mary's new henchman.



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