Angus Hurt is on a mission by Gerard Wolf to keep guard of Lilly Walters from a squad that admire a Vulture, in Europe.




  • Angus Hurt (Tom Cruise) - sent to watch Lilly Walters from a group of Vulture, in the end, is reunited with his daughter!
  • Lilly Walters (Amanda Bynes) - in the end, is sent to Austrailia for refuge!
  • Gerard Wolf (Bruce Willis) - the one who sent Angus to watch Lilly, in the end, awards Angus with a Gold Medal!
  • Johan Von Glooton (Cirian Hinds) - the main antagonist and the leader of the Scavengers, a group that inspired the vulture, and plans to kidnap Lilly, he is responsible for the injury of Angus's daughter, in the end, was killed by Wolves in Hungary!
  • Orson Pottors (Powers Boothe) - the secondary antagonist and Johan's second-in-command, in the end, was arrested by Wolf!
  • Agent Ameila Berkley (Minnie Driver) - from London, aids Angus, in the end, congradulates Angus!
  • Lumiere Le'Bousie (Johnny Depp) - from Paris, aids Angus, in the end, also congradulates Hurt!
  • Hans Vulgood (Alfred Molina) - from Germany, aids Angus, in the end, gets killed by Orson!
  • Giovanni Cavanni (John Tuturro) - from Italy, aids Angus, in the end, goes with Lilly to Austrailia!
  • Viki Hurt (Katie Holmes) - Angus's ex-wife, who has the same tone as Rachel Dawes from The Dark Knight Trilogy, in the end, revealed to be the one who injured Penelope, and wanted control of the child, and was killed by her betrayed daughter!
  • Penelope Hurt (Suri Cruise) - Angus's daughter, who was injured, in the end, leaves with Her Father!
  • Jullian Walters (Gary Oldman) - Lilly's father, in the end, leaves to Austrailia for Refuge!
  • Katrina Walters (Mia Farrow) - Lilly's mother, in the end, Leaves for Austrailia!



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