Scary Movie 6 (Designed as Scary MoVIe), is a 2017 comedy parody film, sequel to the 2013 film Scary MoVie.

Cindy Campbell returns in this more-hilarious punched sequel, along with a couple of previous characters.

"it too many parody. But It's is funny as hells " - Tagline
Scary movie 6 logo by kam c-d5vpvho


Two years after the events of the previous film, Jody Sanders (Ashley Tisdale) is now married to rapper SixSlam (Young Maylay), after her husband died prior to the film.

One day, a young man (Drew Misuska) comes to their house, apparently begging for help. He introduces himself as Cody Campbell, Cindy's nephew. Cody still has interest in the paranormal, and his powers have been expanded: He can see the dead around him. Cody manages to see Jody's mother, which he fights after she accidentally punches his nose.




  • Ashley Tisdale as Jody Sanders
  • Simon Rex as Dan Sanders
  • Erica Ash as Kendra Brooks
  • Katrina Bowden as Natalie
  •  Terry Crews as Martin
  •  Duane Cothren as
  • Robin Lee Canode as 
  • Tom Atkins as
  • Alex Ladove as 
  • Philippe Radelet as 
  • Corrina Roshea as 
  •  Luisa D'Oliveira as
  • zack ryder as 
  • Alex Pettyfer as 
  • Stacie Starr as 
  •  Rebecca Lee Fox as
  • henrik lundqvist as 
  • J. Mallory McCree as 
  • Alexander Eldimiati as 
  • Alaine Huntington as 
  •  nicolette noble as 
  • Brittany Elizabeth Williams as 
  • regan burns as


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