Sam and Max: Freelance Power Rangers is a 60 minute TV movie based on the popular Power Rangers franchise and the underground comic series-turned cartoon-turned adventure game series Sam and Max.


Taking place after the events of "The Devil's Playhouse", Sam and Max drive through the devasted streets caused by the original Max after he was fused with Junior, Yog-Soggoth/Dr. Norrington's grandson. While eating lunch at their favorite pizza joint Meetsa Pizza, Max finds a peculiar coin with the picture of a T-Rex on it and a weird belt buckle. Instantly touching the coin, he became fused with it donning a red spandex with white patterns and a helmet. Sam instantly recognized it as a "Zord", a colassal robot resembling prehistoric creatures. Racing over to Stinky's, they find a giant floating head at the counter instead of Grandpa Stinky. He calls himself Zordon and wants Sam and Max to stop a villain named Rita Repulsa from taking over the Earth.


  • John Goodman as Sam
  • Jaleel White as Max
  • Phil LaMarr as Zordon
  • Billy West as Alpha
  • Kristen Wiig as Rita Repulsa

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