A 16-year old girl must find out who her grandfather is, and her father is struggling to find out.




Main CharactersEdit

  • Ingrid France (Emma Stone) - the daughter of Abraham, whom is trying to find out about his past, near the end, she is disapointed to realize Tyson already was engaged to Diana. In the end, Appologizes to Tyson about her seducing him, and for letting Lust get in the way.
  • Tyson Lee (Nicholas Hoult) - Ingrid's love interest, near the end, is revealed to be Diana's fiance, but realized Ingrid was captured by Al, and comes to Abraham about it, as they rush to save her, on one condition, Tyson apologizes to Ingrid. In the end, joins Diana and both are on the Ferris Wheel.
  • Jahmal Decu (Russell Crowe) - Ingrid's birth-grandfather and Abraham's birth-father, and a resident of Arabia, who made a mistake in trading him for the money, and he felt remorseful and regret, in the end, reunites with his son, and granddaughter.
  • Al Emmerson/Jorgon Bruce (Jim Carrey) - the main antagonist, who bought Abraham  from "Joultenheim Orphanage", but suddenly lost him in the ocean, when a stampede almost ran over, he became angry and vengeful and decided to retaliate, his goal is to claim the family fortune, in the end, is seen falling into the ocean by a stampede of Oxes.
  • Diana Hussad (Vanessa Hudgens) - Ingrid's friend from Arabia who helps her find clues about her grandfather, near the end, reveals to be her cousin. In the end, comes to visit her during the Winter.
  • Walt Ferdinand (Sam Rockwell) - the secondary antagonist, and Jorgon's rival who used to steal his cookies in Kindergarden, in the end, was caught sneaking out of the camp grounds with loot.

Supporting CharactersEdit

  • Abraham France (Ben Stiller) - Ingrid's father, who is struggling to find out the truth about his father, in the end, was happy that his father rekindled the bond.
  • Paulina France (Molly Parker) - Abraham's wife and Ingrid's mother, who is worried about her daughter, near the end, comforts her daughter dissapointment. In the end, Is seen cleaning the Deck.
  • Devon France (John Goodman) - Abraham's stepdad, in the end, meets Jahmal.