S. Inc Comics is a new comic book publishing company created by TheCannon. The company was scheduled to start releasing it's comics from late-March and early-April 2012, but has since moved the release date to late-September.


First WaveEdit

S. Inc Comics launched the first year with only one title, called "S. Inc Comics featuring..." Each issue contained a different character making their debut. This was done to determine the most popular titles to determine who would get full time series.

  • Issue 1: The Blizzard
  • Issue 2: The Ringed Skull
  • Issue 3: Tom Blanchard
  • Issue 4: Super Agents
  • Issue 5: Hercules
  • Issue 6: The Human Fly
  • Issue 7: Fish-Man
  • Issue 8: The Golden Guardian
  • Issue 9: Velocity
  • Issue 10: The Super Service (crossover between issue 6-9) (Continued in The Super Service, launched September 2013)
  • Issue 11: The Cannon (Part 1)
  • Issue 12: The Cannon (Part 2)

Second WaveEdit

Most titles proved to be successful enough to get an ongoing series. The Human Fly, Fish-Man, Golden Guardian, and Velocity were very popular, but did not get ongoing titles, as they were all featured in the Super Service series. S. Inc Comics featuring was used to continue to introduce new characters, giving certain characters a solo adventure, and continue the Tom Blanchard and Hercules series.

  • The Super Service
  • Ringed Skull
  • The Blizzard
  • The Super Agents
  • The Cannon

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