Detective James Carter teams up with FBI agent, Grant Grace, as they find out about the missing drugs.


August 16, 2013


  • Detective James Carter (Chris Tucker) - works with FBI agent, Grant Grace, in the end, gets promoted Inspector!
  • Grant Grace (Patrick Dempsey) - works with Detective Carter, in the end, becomes head of Security!
  • Melissa Miles (Jessica Chastain) - Grant's love interest, in the end, kisses Grant!
  • Conrad Grayson (Ty Olsson) - the richest guy in town, he is more of a "Harry Osborn", he seems to be in contact with a group of mexican drug dealers, in the end, gets shot in the leg by Jose!
  • Hernedo Jose (Antonio Banderas) - the drug dealer and seems to be in contact with Kirkland, in the end, gets killed by Grant!
  • Kirkland Rhodes (Rob Riggle) - who near the end, was revealed to be in league with Grant and Melissa, at first helped out James and Grant on getting in and out of Jose's club, in the end, goes to Alabama!
  • Hans Drake (Cirian Hinds) - the director of the FBI, in the end, awards Carter and promotes him Inspector!



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