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Rated G - General Audiences

This article is rated G, meaning it is appropriate for all ages.

Rudolph Meets Frosty is an upcoming 2020 american animated family christmas adventure film produced by Illumination Entertainment and Rankin Bass Productions and distributed by Universal Pictures.

It stars John Goodman as Frosty and Kathleen Barr as Rudolph

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  1. Opening Credits
  2. Meets Holly
  3. Rudolph Meets Children's
  4. "Nobody Misfit"
  5. Stage
  6. Frosty Comes to Life
  7. Were Here to Help!
  8. Reindeer March
  9. Middle Night
  10. Rudolph's Nightmare
  11. Finding Rudolph
  12. The Hair Extractor
  13. Find the Key
  14. Reindeer Comes True
  15. Transformation
  16. Reindeer Sleigh Chase
  17. School Day
  18. Outtakes/End Credits

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Universal Pictures Logo (2016) Cinemascope
Illumination logo

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The Animation for the film is made at Universal Studios and Illumination Entertainment.

From the creators of Despicable MeThe Secret Life of Pets and The Grinch.