Ferris Jordon is a framed man, who ends up imprisoned in a circus, to learn his punishment, he teams up with Circus folks to escape the circus by the corrupted ringmaster, K.T. Rubble.


March 8, 2013


  • Ferris Jordon (Hugh Jackman) - a framed man for an unknown cause, and put into a circus, near the end, it is revealed that it was Velma Collins who framed him, in the end, returned to his job and settles into Alaska!
  • Velma Collins (Linda Cardellini) - an FBI agent, in the end, was the one who framed him for taking notes from the Government to go into the circus to uncover the real plot, but gets punched by Ferris, and was fired by the FBI!
  • Binky, Stinky, Ricochete, Honky, Pinky and Moose (Martin Short, Robin Williams, Jeff Dunham, John Goodman, Bill Murray and Eddie Murphy) - the 6 circus clowns, in the end, gets the money and respect they deserve!
  • Joslin Morse (Amanda Bynes) - an acrobat and Ferris' love interest, in the end, also punches Velma and leaves with Ferris!
  • Von Kliech, Gordon Kliech, Bruce Kliech and Lyle Kliech (Crispin Glover, Andy Serkis, Arnold Vosloo and Joseph Gordon Levitt) - the 4 acrobats that aid Ferris, in the end, takes over the circus
  • Scorpio - a tiger who is imprisoned, in the end, gets taken care of by Ferris!
  • Hans Dimitris, Val Corbon, Horus Jasper, Cain Abelson, Juliana Hatchet and Orson Broth (Chris Hemsworth, Brendon Freiser, Stephen Lang, Chris Pine, Moon Bloodgood and Tyrese Gibson) - the 6 trapeze actors, in the end, they help stop the ringmaster, and grabs the evidence!
  • Peter Porch (Andrew Garfield) - a musician and a love interest of Melody Joyce, in the end, leave with Melody to the Rocky Mountains!
  • Melody Joyce (Emma Stone) - a hooper and a love interest of Peter, in the end, leaves with Peter to the Rocky Mountains
  • Ian Muldoon, Paulina Muldoon and Frank Muldoon (Peter MacNicol, Tress McNellie and Logan Grove) - the family, Muldoon, Ian is the father, Paulina is the mother and Frank is the loving son, in the end, they get free backstage passes by Ferris
  • Hugh Ryce (Tom Hanks) - a juggler, in the end, revealed to be an undercover agent!
  • Madison Greece (Brooklyn Decker) - a unicyclist wearing a dress, in the end, also an Undercover agent!
  • K. T. Rubble (Rob Riggle) - the main antagonist and ringmaster of the Royal Grand Circus, his goal is to take over the people, and use them as his circus freaks, his name K.T. is short for Kent Treat in the end, he is tied up by Peter for Melody, and launched into a cannon, and blasted away with the tent and crashed into lights to his death
  • Leslie Perkins (Tommy Lee Jones) - the director of the FBI, he sends Ryce and Greece undercover in the Royal Grand Circus to investigate Rubble's plans and the corrupt mole working with him, in the end, opens an uncovered document.



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