A man's father tells him to go to Italy to vacation there.




  • Mordaicai (Guy Pierce) - a man who decides to take a break from work to vacation in Italy, in the end, Finds a place in Oaklaholma!
  • Chere (Rachel McAdams) - Mordaicai's love interest, and a vacationer in Italy, in the end, reveals she's already married, and uses him to get around Rome!
  • Ferdinand (Donald Sutherland) - Mordaicai's father, who once vacationed in Italy, in the end, passes from Cancer!
  • Leo Graceland (Bendidict Cummberbach) - Mordaicai's old friend.
  • Ariel Jonas (Tracey Spiridakos) - a friend of Mordaicai, in th end becomes his new love interest.



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