These are the protagonists.They are determined to become the seven Robobast Warriors of legend,who are prophesied to work as a team and bring peace to the ancient Cyberlands.
El Vejigante



  • Jacob-He is the fearless leader.His robobeast is Leo(A red lion and the controller of fire,he is very loyal ).Jacob is headstrong and fearless and becomes a Robobeast Warrior of Fire.
  • Danny-He is the second in command and is slightly mysterious.He is the only one of the team who does not always follow Jacob's orders unquestioningly.However there is usually a valid reason for it. His robobeast is Skyrider(A white eagle who is the king of the wind ..Becomes a Robobeast Warrior of Wind.
  • Laura-the only girl,Laura is a tomboy.She loves water-sports.Her robobeast is Delphina(She is the only female robobeast among the daring dragons.A blue dolphin and the controller of water ).The
    Caeser Maximus


    Twin Hartman


    Locust Eclipse


    Robobeast Warrior of Water.
  • Bobby-The comic relief.The first secondary member whose robobeast is Rhinox(A Yellow Rhinoceros , who has the power of the earth ).The legendary Robobeast Warrior of Earth.
  • Felix-Another secondary member,and Jacob's younger brother.The tech-genius whose robobeast is Lunarfang(A black wolf , and the spirit of the night ).He is destined to be the Robobeast Warrior of Night.
  • Omega-One of the Greek twins , she is the Robobeast Warrior of Grass. Her Robobeast is Austron(A green platypus , Austron is the Robobeast of Grass). Has a crush on Jacob.
  • Alpha- The Robobeast Warrior of Thunder , he is the other one of the greek twins. His Robobeast is Silverback(Siverback is a purple ape and the Robobeast of Thun
    Gipsy Nemesis


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