Rio 4 is a 2018 upcoming 3D adventure Kids and Family short movie featuring Blu,his family,with an exception of Eduardo,Roberto,the spix macaw tribe and Mimi,and his friends.Blu's best friend Eva will be in the whole entire short movie along with the gang.Nigel and the bird smugglers will not be in this short movie nor the deleted scenes.

Plot:After getting tried and hot while living in the amazon jungle,Blu,his family and his friends gave up their lives in the amazon and go back to Rio de jareino.When Blu and the gang got back to Rio,Blu suggested that him and the gang should have a walk through the Rio streets and see if they want to stay in Rio or go back to the really hot amazon jungle.While walking the Rio streets,Blu and the gang met their friends from the farm,who now moved to Rio,for the second time.While walking in the fruit stands,Eva hid away from the gang and Blu goes out in the fruit stands to find Eva.Once Blu found Eva,Eva threw a piece of fruit in Blu's face and Blu threw a watermelon slice in Eva's face to get her back.Blu and the gang then had a food fight but Bia sitted out on the fun so she won't get herself covered in fruit juice.Tiago accidentally threw a mango at Bia rather than Nico because he missed his target after Nico moved out of the way,Bia then gets angry at Tiago and joins the food fight so she can get revenge on Tiago.After the amazing food fight,Blu and the gang went to swimming pool to wash the fruit juice off their bodies.Carla puts her I-pod on the pool bench so it won't get wet from the pool water.While in the pool,Eva did a splash tornado on her friends to help them clean off the fruit juice more easily and accidentally splashes Carla's I-pod.Carla was shocked that her I-pod got wet by Eva's splash tornado and gets angry,Carla then splashes her family and friends and the gang had a splash fight.After the splash fight,Blu and the gang had a four team chicken fight before it was time to get out of the pool.Blu,Carla,Nico and Eva then happily slap each other and see who will win the chicken fight.Rafeal and Eva won the chicken fight and Blu and the gang then got out of the pool.Blu and the gang then went to a food truck so they can have some lunch.After lunch,Blu and the gang played a game of tag and Blu was the tagger.Blu counted to ten with his eyes closed while his friends and family flew away from him and tried to hide.After Blu finished counting to 10,he flew after his friends and family and tries to tag them.Once Blu tagged everyone,the gang took a rest near the wall of a bathroom.While napping,Bia,Carla and Tiago needed to use the bathroom so they went to the bathroom while the others were asleep.While in the bathroom,Carla listened to music on her I-pod while she was in her stall,Bia looked at her science book while she was in her stall,and Tiago danced his happy dance while he was in his stall.After using the bathroom,Blu and the gang went to Corcovado for a music performance made by Blu and his friends.Blu,Pedro,Nico,Rafeal,Jewel and Eva played music for Bia,Carla and Tiago and they loved Blu's band's music.After the preformence,Bia,Carla and Tiago clapped their wings as Blu and his friends bowed and high-fived each other.When Blu and the gang got back to Rio,Blu,his family and his friends had dinner at a restaurant for the night.After dinner,Blu and the gang played I spy before going to sleep.Blu said he spys with his bird eye,something that is bright and small in the sky.Bia said to Blu that it was they stars,Blu said to Bia that her answer was correct.After a few games of I spy,Blu and the gang fell asleep.The next day,Blu and the gang made a decision on either they can stay in Rio or go back to the amazon rainforest.All of Blu's family and friends said that they miss living in Rio and decided to stay in Rio,Blu agreed with everyone else and decided that him and the gang should stay in Rio forever since it's their real home.The movie ends with Blu,his family and his pals going back to the blue bird sanctuary.


Blu:A cowardly but confident blue spix macaw who is Jewel's husband,Bia,Carla and Tiago's father,Nico,Pedro and Rafael's friend and Eva's best friend.

Jewel:A beautiful,sensitive and fun-loving light blue female spix macaw who is Blu's wife,Bia,Carla and Tiago's mother,Eva's BFF and sometimes Pedro and Nico's love interest.

Pedro:A rapping Red crested cardinal who is Nico's best friend,Carla's second highest regard,a friend to Rafael and is a friendly rival to Eva on her singing along with Nico but he is one of Eva's good friends.

Nico:A singing canary who is Pedro's best friend,Carla's highest regard,a friend to Rafael and a good friend to Eva but a friendly rival on her singing.

Rafael,a samba loving toco toucan who is Eva's husband and he is a good friend to Nico,Pedro,Blu,Jewel,Bia,Carla and Tiago.

Eva:An energetic,cheerful,playful and fun-loving kneel billed toucan who is Rafael's wife,a good friend but friendly rival to Nico and Pedro,Jewel's BFF and Blu's best friend.Eva is also a hide and seek champion and she is a great friend to Bia,Carla and Tiago.

Bia:A intelligent young cyan spix macaw who is Carla and Tiago's sibling,Blu and Jewel's second daughter,a good friend to Nico,Pedro and Rafael and she is a great friend to Eva.

Carla:A young light blue spix macaw who's belly is similar to Pedro's,Bia and Tiago's older sibling,Blu and Jewel's first daughter,a great friend to Pedro,Nico and Rafael and she is Eva's music loving friend.Carla loves listening to music on her I-pod very much and will always bring her I-pod with her on trips with her family.

Tiago:A young,mischievous and energetic blue spix macaw who is Bia and Carla's youngest sibling,Blu and Jewel's son,a good friend to Nico,Pedro and Rafael and he is an awesome friend to Eva.Tiago sometimes likes to play rough but mostly plays nice with his friends and siblings.