Blu and Jewel's three children Carla, Bia and Tiago move from Rio de Janiero to the Amazon, where they meet up with Eduardo.


April 11, 2014


  • Jasmine (Amandla Stenberg) - Blu and Jewel's daughter, who is afraid to fly, in the end, learns to Fly, and allows her self to take more risks!
  • Savannah (Rachel Crow) - Jasmine's sister and Blu and Jewel's daughter, in the end, starts being more responisble!
  • Bobby (Pierce Gagnon) - Jasmine's brother and Jewel's other son, in the end, thanks Pablo for freeing him!
  • Blu (Jesse Eisenberg)
  • Jewel (Anne Hathaway)
  • Rafael (George Lopez)
  • Nico (Jamie Foxx) - helps Blu and Jewel raise Jasmine, Savannah and Bobby sometimes, in the end, meets a female Canary!
  • Pedro ( - helps Blu and Jewel raise Jasmine, Savannah and Bobby, in the end, farts in Morgon's face!
  • Morgan Troy (J.K. Simmons) - the main antagonist and Marcel's client, he wants him to capture all the birds so he can add them all to his private collection, in the end, was publicly humiliated, and was sent to prison for illegal capture of birds!
  • Marcel (Carlos Ponce) - once again the secondary antagonist, in the end, gets electrocuted by Blu accidently!
  • Armando (Davi Vieira) - Marcel's bumbling henchman, in the end, runs and states "We're idiots and we quit!"
  • Tipa (Jeffrey Garcia) - Marcel's other bumbling henchman, in the end, runs with Armando!