ThanksThis is a list of characters of Rio 3


  • Blu ((Jesse Eisenberg))
  • Jewel ((Anne Hathaway))
  • Clara ((Rachel Crow))
  • Bia ((Amandla Stenberg))
  • Tiago ((Perice Gagnon))
  • Linda Gunderson ((Leslie Mann))
  • Tulio Monteiro ((Rodrigo Santoro))
  • Fernando ((Jake T Austin))
  • Nico ((Jamie Foxx))
  • Pedro ((Will I am))
  • Luiz ((Tracy Morgan))
  • Rafael ((George Lopez))
  • Eva ((Bebel Gilberto))

New CharactersEdit

Lulu and RaquelEdit

Blu's long-lost parents is reunited their son once again Lulu is dark blue and Raquel is Blue-Green-Red macaw who switches colour throughout the film. Lulu and Raquel is voiced By Liam Neeson and Emma Thompson.


Nico's girlfriend is seen using her Elizabethan hat and Seventeen hairs. but she is very Yellow-Gold canary who doesn't want to dance he could fly higher.


A red Macaw is Tiagos ex-girlfriend who is first met him and Clara is shocked that the red macaw is trying to marry his son. He is voiced by Willow Smith







He is the wedding announcer who announced Linda and Tulio's wedding.



Linda's ParentsEdit

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