Ace Venture is a professional driver, who is caught up by the Police looking for him in Las Vegas.




  • Ace Venture (Josh Duhamel) - a professional Racecar driver being chased by the Police, in the end, wins the racer, and name has been cleared. Since Paul Walker died, the end credits dediceted the beginning part  of the movie.
  • Olivia Chance (Kirsten Dunst) - Ace's love interest and Bianca's love rival, who starts having a liking of him riding in the car, in the end, is revealed to be a spy for Gaylord, and was arrested.
  • Janus Roy (Patrick Dempsey) - the man who gives Ace his own car, in the end, exposes Gaylord.
  • Quinton Chase (Greg Baker) - the Racecar announcer who announced Ace the winner, in the end, exposes Gaylord as a crimelord.
  • Sgt. Gaylord Tutoplolis (William Sadler) - the main antagonist and the corrupted chief of police, his goal is to arrest Ace for humiliating him and getting him fired, he has the same tone as Vilos Cohaagen from Total Recall, in the end, crashes into a train and blows up.
  • Fergus Good (Jamie Foxx) - Ace's childhood friend who gives him a truck, in the end, was killed by Gaylord.
  • Bianca Matthew (Natalie Portman) - Ace's love interest, in the end,is seen dating Ace.



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