Pokkén Tournament 2 I Choose You Edit

Pokemon Tournament 2 I Choose You is a Pokemon Fighting Game Based On Tekken and vs Capcom Series, it's was Development By Bandai Namco Enterainment and Publish by The Pokemon Company, It Will be Released in September 29 2020 to Nintendo Switch.

Gameplay: Edit

Like The First Game it will have Combination of Tekken and Vs Capcom Serie, It will take place in Ferrum.

Modes: Edit

  • Arcade Mode
  • Single Mode
  • Double Battle
  • Triple Battle
  • Local Battle
  • Online Battle
  • Ferrum League
  • My Town

Battles: Edit

Battles have 2 different Ehases in battle, Field Phase and and Duel Phases.

Ferrum League: Edit

  • League Match
  • Tournament
  • Promotion Test
  • Free Battle

Plot: Edit

Playable Pokemon: Edit

New Characters are Listed in Bold:


Kanto Johto Hoenn Sinnoh Unova Kalos Alola
Charizard Sudowoodo Sceptile Empoleon Krookodile Greninja Decidueye
Pikachu Quagsire Blaziken Lucario Excadrill Braxien Incineroar
Gengar Scizor Ludicolo Weavile Scrafty Lurantis
Hitmonlee Houndoom Sableye Croagrunk
Kabutops Heracross Breloom Lopunny
Machamp Umbreon Metagross
Meowth Raikou* Gardevoir
Mewtwo/shadow Mewtwo Suicune

*As Preorder DLC

DLC Pokemon Edit

Pokemon Region Price
Alakazam Kanto 2.99
Heatran Sinnoh 2.99
Manetric Hoenn 2.99
Tyranitar Johto 2.99
Jigglypuff Kanto 2.99
Luxray Sinnoh 2.99
Kangaskhan Kanto 2.99
Entei Johto 2.99

Pokemon Support Edit

Pokemon Region
Bulbasaur/Totodile Kanto/Johto
Whiscash/Skarmory Hoenn/Johto
Aipom/Marill Johto
Togepi/Pichu Jotho
Hypno/Snorlax Kanto
Joltik/Sandile Unova
Aggron/Golem Hoenn/Kanto
Slowbro/Medicham Kanto/Hoenn
Granbull/Minccino Johto/Unova
Florges/Bellossom Kalos/Jotho
Spinda/Wooper Hoenn/Johto
Helioptile/Linoone Kalos/Hoenn
Bayleef/Charmeleon Johto/Kanto
Salamence/Sylveon Hoenn/Kalos

Trailes: Edit

Trivia: Edit

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