Taking place after Seven Suitors, the Pokemon World was destroyed, Ash, Misty, Brock, James, May, Cilan, Tracey, Iris, and Dawn were chosen by the Great Rift, a living portal that sent them to a whole new world of New Avalon. Ash is mutated into a Pokeman similar to Mewtwo called Ashemis Prime, Misty is mutated into Statrfire- later Star Prime and becomes Ash's wife, Brock mutates into the Second Mr. Fantastic, James into the new Joker, May becomes Raven, Cilan into the massive Chimera, Tracey into the quick Streak, Iris into Color Girl, Dawn becomes the half human, half Dragon, Jinx, and Max becomes Mr. Sinister's Son Power Bend. They vow to protect their new home Pokopulis, from the forces of Man-Dragon. Title Card: They lost the world they once, they are protecting it.



Ash Ketchum/ Ashemis Prime - Leader of the Pokesquad!

Misty Ketchum/ Star-Prime/ Star-Dragon - Second in Command and wife of Ash!

Brock Richards/ Mr. Fantastic - Medical Officer

James Naiper/ Joker - Inventor

May & Max Roth / Raven & Powerbend - Siblings and the Mindbender & Guide

Tracey Sketchit/ Streak - Daredevil

Cilan Morse/ Chimera - Enforcer

Dawn Simmons/ Jinx - Tracker and heart of the team, and Man-Dragon's sister

Iris Jane/ Color-Girl - Watcher

Monty Potter/ Wolverine - Investigater

Tim Jones/ Fireheart - pilot

Odette Swan/ The Swan - Negotiater

Rocky Sullivan/ Anti-Matter-Boy - Chemist


Gary Oak/ Gelvarod - Leader of the Percepticons

Daisy Kom'Andar Oak/ Blackfire Maximus - Second in command, sister of Star-Prime, and wife of Gelvarod

Jeff "Elm" Hubinder/ Cyber - Hacker

Robert E. Conrad/ Dr. Unkown - Scientist

Harley Squidarius/ Dr. Crayfish - Mystic

Dario Manx/ Regidon - Enforcer

Rafe Jones/ Aratron - Bountyhunter

Cynatron - Decoder

Von Phrokon - Warrior

Cyberdon - Weaponsman

Thurg - Infiltrater

Quake - Brawler

Alter - Spy

General Sokah/ Spider - Mercenary

Other heroes and villainsEdit

D.W.A.R.F. - One of the first Pokesquad allies!

Project Unicorn

Project Harpy

Russia's Finest


Davey Jones Crew







Great Beasts



Beldum Carrier

Braviary Jets






Dragon Mountain

Water Workers Factory


Crystal Blade

Draconis Amulet

Pendent of Time


Series overviewEdit

Season Episodes First airdate Last airdate Main villains
1 18 1-25-14 6-4-14 Man-Dragon
2 29 6-25-14 1-5-15 Emperor Clarwal
3 16 2-12-15 5-10-15 Destroyer
4 25 9-18-15 2-26-16 Dark Master
5 13 3-2-16 5-11-16 Brainiac Coyote
6 14 11-11-16 1-28-17 Kyreum
7 25 2-4-17 7-10-17 Queen Skellina
8 54 8-24-17 Ongoing King Walron

Season 1: 2014  (Pokesquad's beginning)Edit

Name Plot # Villain (or Villains)
"Law of Nature" Ash and Misty are just married, and Drake the Man-Dragon was furious and creates the Percepticons, while Ash makes the Pokesqaud! 1-25-14 Man-Dragon (Travis J. Gould), Gelvarod and the Percepticons, Lord Quartzon (Mark Hamill)!
"New Beginning"

Mr. Moral has been chosen for Beta along with his group, but the Dark Orca plans on taking control of Pokopulis!

2-6-14 Dark Orca (Jeff Bennett), Hexxus and his Percepticons, Lord Virus (Richard Doyle)!
"Stand Off" Alchon is the Delta Leader, and is sent to find a team in a Juvenile Hall compound to give the ones who served a new job! 2-12-14 Meta-Arm (Ricky DeShon Collins), Shadow Emperor and his Percepticons, General Scar (Kurtwood smith)!

"Eye of the Beholder"

Venger is the Gamma Leader, and after years of training, picks his team, and is ready to face Percepticon Commander Himself! 2-17-14 Sight-King (Tony Scholoub), Percepticon Commander and his Percepticons, Brabocon (Corey Burton)!
"In the Spider's Web" Mr. Moral and Masquarade Girl must survie the strike of Spidergaris 2-23-14 Spidergaris, Spider Master (Dee Bradley Baker)!
"Sins of the Fathers" Ash and the gang must deal with the true ones that caused the Great Rift to Open! This features similaritys to "Lion King", "Aladdin", and "the Little Mermaid"! 3-4-14 Sladhis Cachan (Jeremy Irons), Granny Goodness (Pat Carroll), Kang (Jonathan Freeman), Skelletor (Malcolm McDowell)
"Crypt Island" Mr. Moral, Sky-Hawke, Masquerade Girl and Wild Wolf must save Ash's brother from Dr. Patrick Zoaid! 3-9-14 Saga Master (Xander Berkley), Dr. Patrick Zoaid (Robin Atkin Downes)
"Host" Emperor Kronos Akbar is using a host, and Mr. Moral is immune! 3-16-14 Emperor Kronos Akbar (Peter Renaday) and the Kronos Knights!
"Secrets" Ash tells Mr. Moral and Blue Pokesquad about his secret! 3-23-14 Lord Maximus (George Clooney), Shadow King (David Kaye) and his Percepticons, Emperor Clarwal (Clancy Brown)
"Crisis" Dr. Doom, and Dr. Anubis creates a being called Crisis, to help them conquer the world and Doom to regain his diplomatic immunity, but failed! 4-5-14 Crisis (Kirk Thornton) , Dr. Anubis (Arnold Vosloo) , Dr. Doom (Mark Hamill)
"Dawn and Dusk" The Legion of Mordor arrives to Pokopulis, and the Volts Clan causes down town mayham! 4-16-14 The Volts Clan, Legion of Mordor
"When There's Ben, There's 10" Ash re-unites with old friend, Ben Tennyson, when he tells them that Kevin is working with Kang". In this Episode, Misty, and Dawn were transformed into the Lioness Humanoid and Cat Humanoid! 4- 23- 14 Kevin Simmons, Kang the Conqueror, Mummerah
"Knight's Day" The Kronos Knights are invading earth, and the Pokesquad and Percepticons stand in their way! 4- 30 -14 Kronos Knights
"Legend of Swan Lake" Ash and the Group meets, Corneilius Chantacleer, and find Prof. Oak's notes, but that's not the only secret they found out! 5-7-14 Rothbart, General Ronclar, Forever Man
"Project Harpy" Ash and the Gang must help Cilan free his brother's and others from Orochi and Mantiore! 5-15-14 Orochi, Hydra, Cocatrice, Manticore
"Make Way for the Gold" Ash and the Gang gets a visit from Johto's Alpha group who comes to arrest Emperor Croud for crimes against Johto, but their Alpha group aren't the only group! 5-23-14 Emperor Croud, Grathith and his Percepticons, King Gear
"The Pride" Ash's past as the Leader of the Pride, and revealed that Gary was Ash's second in Command as Tiger. Both Ash,and Gary must clear their friend's name before it's too late! 5-30-14 Brainiac Coyote
"Wrath of the Man-Dragon, Part 1" Man-Dragon frees his Grandfather Dagirth from his Dragonlord Prison, and Dragorn , Man-Dragon's ultimate Warrior is now attacking both Ashemis and Gelvarod's group! 6-4-14 Man-Dragon, Dagirth, Dragorn, Gelvarod, and his Percepticons!
"Wrath of the Man-Dragon, Part 2" Dagirth now wants to return the Dragonlords to be the Supreme masters of New Avalon, and now all the Leaders of the Percepticon's are now involved! 6-4-14 Man-Dragon, Gelvarod, Hexes, Percepticon Commander, Shadow Emperor, Shadow King, Dagirth, Lord Quartzon!
"Wrath of the Man-Dragon, Part 3" After Dagirth was slained, The Dark Four, revealed used this tactic to open the Great Rift and become superbeings, and Ash, Misty, and Brock were transformed into their ultimate forms to stop them, in the end, Misty reveals she's pregnant and is going to have a baby, and Man-Dragon finds a mate, and makes a truce witht he Pokesquad, and Percepticon! 6-4-14 Man-Dragon, Gelvarod, Hexes, Percepticon Commander, Shadow Emperor, Shadow King, Sladhis Cachan, Granny Goodness, Kang, Skelletor!

Season 2 (Age of the Empire)Edit

Episode Plot # Villain or Villains
Birth of a Hero Ash and Misty's two sons, are in the new beta group, and are helping to save the group! 6-25-14 Captain Beast, Count Ronar and his Percepticons, Gelvarod and his Percepticons!
Light and Dark Shimmer Mermaid asks the Pokesquad's help dealing with Ash's old foe, and a dark version of the Pokesquad! 6- 21 - 14 Dr. Catalyst, Dark Pokesqaud, Dr. Zoaid and his Percepticons!
Apocalyptic Showdown Mr. Moral and his Pokesquad have to save Ash from the clutches of Grathith and his percepticons. 7-3- 14 Grathith and his Percepticons, Percepticon Omega, Tola Narnia and the Elementals!
Ways of Life Emperor Clinx wants Masquerade Girl to be his bride, much to the dismay of Mr. Moral. 7-10 - 14 Emperor Clinx, Numborg
The Wrath of Emperor Clarwal Emperor Clarwal plans to destroy the Earth. 7-18-14 Emperor Clarwal
Ways of the Eind Ben asks for Ash, Mr. Moral and the Pokesquad's help against Zephyr, an organization serving under Inorcat. 7 - 25 - 14


Reversal of the Heart Kyreum the knight steals a dragon amulet and causes Misty to become a dragon. Kyreum was hired by Loki to stop Misty from helping Ash from preserving peace with the Frost Giants! 8 - 3- 14 Kyreum, Dr. Yocara, Slade, Loki
Return ot Man-Dragon Man-Dragon has been framed by Archemedes Tin! 8 - 10 - 14 Man-Dragon (Drake Roark Simmons), Man-Dragon (Dr. Archemedes Tin)
Z.I.N.C. Ash and the gang, must Team up with Pokesquad Silver to foil Z.I.N.C.! 8 -17- 14 Z.I.N.C
Enter Mordor Ash and the Omega Group, must stop the Legion of Mordor from destroying the Earth's Core! 8 - 24 - 14 Legion of Mordor
Take on the Nest Crystal Group, must take on Dr. Patrick Zoaid, and foil his attempts of making Pokeman Clones, and make sure their madness stops once and for all! 8 - 29 - 14 Dr. Patrick Zoaid and his Percepticons!
Day of Wreckoning! The Elite Guard, and the Gold Percepticon Group, battle in the Collisium of Norgon to Battle to the Death! 9 - 7 - 14 The Grathith and his Percepticons, Norgon, Forever Man
Pokemon! This is a tribute to your favorite series Pokemon, and honors it's 16th aniversary! 9 - 14 - 14 Gelvarod and his Percepticons, Team Rocket
XD Pokesquad makes the XD Team, and has them go on a mission against Clarwal's Millitary Base! 9 - 21 - 14 Percepticon XD, General Creevous, Mongar, Lord Vlagmor!
Time of the Night Ash and the Gang must solve the Mystery of Black Gaze, and why everything has become an eternal night! 9 - 28 - 14 Black Gaze
Gelvarod's wreckoning Gelvarod is reckoning over the Death of Prof. Oak, and feels that he has failed him, Ash and Gary remembers their childhood! 10 - 7 - 14 Ross Robinson, Dr. Beast, Venom
Reverse of Time Ash and Misty's Memories are shown in a movie, and they see that their truly meant for each other, But a Villain wants to ruin their relationship, and it's not Man-Dragon! 10 - 14 - 14 Prince Lorzza, Kevin Levin, Dr. Doom
Welcome to the Empire Pt. 1 Emperor Kronos Akbar invades Sarcania, which is in rule of Clarwal, and Clarwal wants Ashemis and the Pokesquad to defeat them once and for all! 11 - 13 - 14 Emperor Clarwal, Kronos Knights, Dr. Anubis!
Welcome to the Empire Pt. 2 Dr. Anubis was defeated and sent to the dungeon, but the Kronos Knights still try to control the kingdom, and try to rule it under Kronos Laws! 11-13-14 Kronos Empire
Welcome to the Empire Pt. 3 Ash gets suspicions and defeats Emperor Kronos Akbar, and Clarwal, realizing Clarwal is behind the Kronos Empire! 11-13-14 Clarwal, and Emperor Kronos Akbar!
Rocket Blast off! Team Rocket is back and this time trying to help the Pokesquad defeat the Team Rocket Abomination, and Ash and James see Jessie and Meowth again! 11-20-14 Draca, Lord Quartzon, Cynatron
Full Throttle The Team head up for Outer Space, to deal with Space Pirates, and lots of Space Worms! 11-27-14 Orbiss
Enter the Maze Norgon wants the Pokesquad battle in a Labyrinth, and face five of his champions! 12-1-14 Norgon
World War III Clarwal plans to start World War III. He also inlists The Pirates and Z.I.N.C. into helping him! 12-8-14 Clarwal, Z.I.N.C., Davey Jones Crew
Phase Clarwal makes a deal with the Percepticons! 12-15-14 Gelvarod and his Percepticons, Grathtith and his Percepticons, Clarwal!
Night and Day Mr. Moral and the Pokesquad fight the Shadow Emperor 12-22-14 Shadow Emperor and his Percepticons, Hexes and his Percepticons!
V. Ash, Ralph, and Leon, have a father and son trip with Raider Prime, but are attacked by monsters! 12-29-14 Saga Master
Clarwal's Rage Pt. 1 Emperor Clarwal makes the ultimate attempt to rule Sarcania forever, and the the Pokesquad must stop him! 1-5-15 Emperor Clarwal, General Creevous, Mongar, Vlagmur!
Clarwal's Rage Pt. 2 Ashemis must defeat Clarwal before he dominates the entire world, and all of Sarcania! 1-5-15 Emperor Clarwal, Lord Maximus!

Season 3 (Secrets about the Squad)Edit

Episodes Plot # Villain or Villains
Destruction Local terrorist Vlad Valmont heard that Ashemis had left his father for dead, and vow vengeances with a suit of armor, dubbing himself, "Destroyer" 2-12-15 Vlad Valmont/Destroyer
Blast from the Past Ash, Mr. Moral, and Dragon must face Red Baron, and Firegon before they release Gelvarod's melvolent Father Megatron! 2-19-15 Red Baron and his Percepticons, Firegon, Megatron
Attack on Atlantis! Sharmill calls The Pokesquad to help them fend off the Aquanauts!, and must find Neptunes Trident! 2-26-15 Leopard Queen and Her Percepticons, Dark Orca, Squid Prince!
Enter Innerspace Senator Galactic is revealed to be Misty's long lost brother, and asks the Pokesquad to save the new settlement from invading Mogulites! 3-2-15 Gilglax and his Percepticons, Orbiss, King Walron
Ways of the Ninja Ash must use his aura teachings with T-Wrecks, and must teach the Pokesquad Indigo the meaning of Importance! 3-9-15 Weapon Master and his Percepticons, Brainiac Coyote, Val Khan
Unicorn Vs. Harpy Project Harpy declares war on Project Unicorn!, and Pokopulis is in the middle! 3-16-15 Project Harpy!
Prehistoric Phenomenon Prehistoron is a madman, who alied himself with Tyranno-Man, and Deinonychus Claw to cause panic in the city 3-23-15 Prehistoron, Tyranno-Man, Deinonychus Claw!
Knights of the Old code The Kronos Knights want revenge for their humiliating defeat! 3-30-15 Kronos Knights
Frozen Alters of Wizard Peak some strange occurances had the weather forecasters drinking! 4-7-15 I.C.E., Frozen Man, Kyreum
Enter the World of The Wardon Ash and the group must stop Wardon from draining the Earth's core, and from destroying the city with them! 4-14-15 Wardon
Catastrophic Castle Ash and the gang head for a Castle that causes Catastrophy to those who enter, and Ash is aware that they see events fromt the past as well! 4-21-15 Black Blade
Destroyer's Undoing Destroyer is revealed to be the one responsible, for the occurances that the groups had dealt with! 4-28-15 Destroyer
This Means War Lord Skull has declared war on Sarcania, as Destroyer planned, and now all the Pokesquad must give it all they've got! 5-4-15 Lord Skull!
Armageddon Pt. 1 Destroyer defeats the Elite Guard, Gold Group, Ruby Group, and Green Group! The other teams are the only ones who can help! 5-10-15 Destroyer
Armageddon Pt. 2 Destroyer conquered the bases of all the Pokesquads, and now wants to destroy the others! 5-10-15 Destroyer
Armageddon Pt. 3 Man-Dragon aids the Pokesquad along with Clarwal to save Sarcania from Destroyer, and the Pokesquad allied with the Percepticons! 5-10-15 Destroyer

Season 4 (Dark Master's Return)Edit

Episodes Plot # Villain or Villains
13 This is showing Ash's Father's past with Commander 13, before he became the Dark Master! 9-18-15 Brabocon
Days Past The Dark Master, an old member of the Pokesquad haunts Ash. And it's up to Mr. Moral and his Pokesquad to stop him. 9-26-15 Dark Master
Family Matters Maximus has a feud with his brothers, and Ash's Father is now under siege! 10-1-15 Lord Maximus, Slade
Enter the Maze Ash and the Gang enter the Minotaurs maze! and Brock Makes enemies with Mon*Star, Mumm-Ra, and Ty-Ray! note: this is a Rankin/Bass tribute! 10 -8-15 Mon*Star, Mumm-Ra, Ty-Ray
Electronics The Volts Clan are the new heroes team, Then they realize that the Volts Clan are the ones behind the crime, can the Pokesquad find away to stop them! 10-15-15 Volts Clan
Killer Instincts Dr. Beast and Dr. Rampage rages against one another, and Ash must save his brother before he gets killed! 10-22-15 Dr. Beast
Animal within Cilan is losing control of an animal inside him. 10-29-15 Hydra
Heart of the Prophecy Ash has been involved with an ancient prophecy which involves Gelvarod, Man-Dragon, and Kyreum! 11-7-15 Man-Dragon, Gelvarod, Kyreum
Seekers of Legend Ash and the gang find the legendary Seekers from the Pokemon World! 11-14-15 Slayers
Whale Tale Misty tells the girls of Pokesquad Blue Junior about the tale of how she saved a whale by helping it swim again. 11-21-15 Poachers
Rise of the Dunes Whent the Blue Team Crash lands in a desert, they encounter some stranded warriors who would help them deal with powerful creatures! 11-28-15 Togthan
World of Chaos The Pokesquad encounter a race of beings that depends on chaos, and destruction, can Ash and the gang find out who! 12-4-15 Crisis
Major Problems

Ash and Misty have got in a fight, and are about to get a divorce, and Misty might keep the kids with her. but then it was revealed to be Man-Dragon and Nightwing's plan, and they stook together no matter what!

Trivia: Ash crossdresses as Misty to get info about Nightwing or Sorron, though he hired Masquerade Girl to pose as him on a company, though she tried hard on how Ash does it, but messes it up, causing his bosses to fire "him", though if he hasn't been there, and not Masquerade Girl to be Misty, none of this would ever happen.

12-11-15 Man-Dragon, Nightwing/Venom
Brand New Start In an Alternate universe, Ash has married a new wife, Deborah Kex , who was the descendent of Nala. 12-18-15 Alternate Jessie and James!
Darkness of the Gale of Darkness Dark Master plunges a dark gale in the world. 12-25-15 Dark Master
Lions of the Savannah Ash, Deborah Kex and Slade have been recognized as descendents of Simba, Nala and Scar. 1-1-16 Dalcaris, Captain Beast
Ways of a Princess Shimmer Mermaid reflects on the day she was born, and how she became a leader of the Pokesquad. and in the end marries Mecha-Mew! 1-8-16 Lord Ricoronis
Dancing in the Dark At Dawn's going away party old faces of the past comes to haunt her! 1-15-16 H.I.V.E.
Kings Harem King Nero wants Diaboron to capture seven females, and in the Spectrum Order! 1-22-16 King Nero, Diaboron
Undercover Operation Masquerade Girl poses as a agent known as Fox Lynx to infiltrate Dark Master's hideout to find out what he's planning. 1-29-16 Dark Master
Dark Master's of the Past Dark Master goes back in time to prevent Ash from planning to become Poke-Man. but accidently frees an evil entity! 2-5-16 Shadow
Dark Ways Pt.1 The Ultimate Battle between The Dark Master, and must defeat him once and for all! 2-12-16 The Dark Master, Jeca
Dark Ways Pt .2 When they realize that the Dark Master was behind all of the troubles (Ash and Misty's close divorce, Mon*Star, H.I.V.E.) they imprison Dark Master where he belongs, which is the Dark Ball! 2-12-16 The Dark Master!
Ole Black Magic Rothbart returns with Omadon, and hunts down the Pokesquad, and their families! 2-19-16 Rothbart, Omadon
Dawn of a new Era

Dawn becomes a full Dragon Lord, and Tracey is chosen to be her mate, and Ash and Misty must handle Nightwing/ Venom for trying to tear them apart from "Major Problems"!

2-26-16 Nightiwing/Venom, Sight-King

Season 5 (Stories of The Past)Edit

Episodes Plot # Villain or Villains
Return of Coyote Ash's old enemy, Brainac Coyote has struck when he wants revenge on Ash for leaving him trapped in space for 50 years. 3-2-16 Brainiac Coyote
Set a Blaze Coyote frees Firegon, and partners up with him to get revenge on the Pokesquad! 3-9-16 Brainiac Coyote, Firegon
Cold as Stone Prince Lorrza plans to freeze time, and wants to rule the world in a way his ancestors did long before him, and the Pokesquad must stop! 3-16-16 Prince Lorrza
World of Beasts Dr. and Captain Beast teams up, to release the Titan Beasts, and has started the greatest extinction events since the Eocene! 3-23-16 Dr. Beast, Captain Beast
Enter the Pack Coyote recreates the Pack, and this time, they want to hunt down the Pride, and take their vengeance, also Coyote is not the only personality in Brainiac Coyote! 3-30-16 The Pack
Memory Lane

The Nightwing (from Batman: The Brave and the Bold) and the Nightwing (from Young Justice) scold Nightwing/Venom for following Kevin Levin's orders, and trying to go deep into Star Prime, by trying to divorce her and Poke-Man, and for not thinking much about Batgirl.

NOTE: This is first episode where Nightwing/Venom is the protagonist.

4-7-16 Scarecrow
Curse of the Gargoyle Coyote goes to Castle Wyvern and challenges the Gargoyles again, and uses Puck to make the soldiers that he rounded up into Gargoyles, and Goliath must Ask Ash for help! 4-14-16 Brainiac Coyote, Pack, Macbeth
Gamers Go! Max, Iris, and May are trapped in a video game along with Warpmind, Mindset, and J.A.D.E. and must face bosses in the game! Rock and Rule! 4-21-16 Ogre-Master, Lion-Master, Dragon-Master
Full Moon Justice FullMoonMaster turns a popstar, two college students, a Daycare owner, and and a festival employee into werewolves, and one a stallion, to satisfy his madness! 4-28-16 FullMoonMaster
Hungry Like the Wolf

Brainiac Coyote, brings two of the most wanted of the Lycan Warriors (Bio-wulf, and Yenodushi) to be his loyal bodyguards, and the pokesquad asks the Lychan, to aid them!

Note: Lychan is based off Inkheart7's Creator, only with Balto's design!

5-4-16 Bio-Wulf, Yenodushi, Brainiac Coyote
I-Coyote Pt. 1 Brainiac Coyote, is revealed to have Coyote, Brainiac, and the Robot Gwen as the personality, and they are working together to make a new body! 5-11-16 Coyote, Brainiac, Robot Gwen
I-Coyote Pt. 2 They selected Ash, Misty, and Brock to become their new bodies, but Gelvarod, Blackfire, and Cyber intervenes! 5-11-16 Coyote, Brainiac, Robot Gwen
I-Coyote Pt. 3 Coyote, Brainiac, Robot Gwen gain new bodies from the Waters of the Oasis, and caused them to be human, but aren't happy from their past images! 5-11-16 Coyote, Brainiac, Robot Gwen

Season 6 (Kyreum Rises)Edit

Episodes Plot # Villain or Villains
Secrets of Kyreum Kyreum is a mysterious outlaw, who is a descendent of Soron 11-11-16 Kyreum
Hunter, Becomes the Hunted Kyreum becomes a hunter into hunting a baby dragon. 11-18-16 Kyreum
Lab of Dr. Anubis Dr. Anubis captures Beta, Gamma, and Delta Pokesquads to test them against his latest machine! 11-26-16 Dr. Anubis, Unitron!
Age of Villainy Ash and the gang go undercover as Cobra to infiltrate where the Darklights are meeting, and who are the Darklights! 12-2-16 Darklights
The Cure Ash and Raider Prime are sent into a deep Slumber, Misty is left incharge, and they must find the cause of this Sarcanian slumber! 12-9-16 Hakar
Star-Dragon returns Misty becomes Star-Dragon again, only this time, Kyreum wants a rematch, and Ash must protect her! 12-16-16 Kyreum
Golden Age Breakout Ash and the gang must stop the breakout of DC and Marvel's greatest villains! 12-23-16 Kyreum, Legion of Doom, Masters of Evil
Rise of the Black Dragons Serrifas, Man-Dragon, and Val Khan convince Dawn into aiding them to stop Kyreum from slaying their kind! 12-30-16 Kyreum, Val Khan
Enemy With In! Cilan suspects an enemy within the walls of Sarcania! 1-7-17 Clarwal
Royalty Course Ash and Misty must pass the Royalty course to become the next King and Queen, and they must also prove their parents, and children that they have what it takes! 1-14-17 Prince Orthos Plasmus!
Dragon Rage Dawn and the Dragons want revenge on Kyreum by slaying him. 1-21-17 Kyreum, and Dr. Yocara
Dragon World Pt. 1 Now that Kyreum is dead, Dawn is halfly transformed into Woman-Dragon by turning the world her own image. 1-28-17 Dawn
Dragon World Pt. 2 Mr. Moral and the Pokesquad have to save Dawn from the Darkness. 1-28-17 Dawn
Dragon World Pt. 3 Dawn is free from the Dragon side. They had faced the real cause of the trouble, Sorron! 1-28-17 Sorron

Season 7 (Queen Skellina's reign in the Percepticons)Edit

Episodes Plot # Villain or Villains
It doesn't get any better than this Ash and Misty celebrate the past victories of the years, along with their family! but Clarwal returns to spoil the fun! 2-4-17 Clarwal
She's Gone Mr. Moral is shocked that Masquerade Girl had left due to the fact that Misty and Ash are dead. 2-11-17 Hexes
Bad Days Ahead Queen Skellina is happy because she sees destruction, total destruction. 2-18-17 Queen Skellina and the Percepticons
The Right Side Ash and Misty were revealed to be alive, and based on Pokesquad Galactic wars revealed to have amnesia, and Crimson Cat, and Kyreum take advantage but have regrets! 2-25-17 King Nero
Because I Love Her Mr. Moral thinks of what he sees in Masquerade Girl. 3-1-17 Queen Skellina
No Fear The Pokesquad team's up with the Green Lanterns and try to ignite peace, but the Brown decietful Lanterns try to stop them! 3-8-17 Brown Lantern Corp.
Eternity Ash and Misty after the events of Major Problems, the Pokesquad Galactic Wars, and The Right Side, reignite their bonds, and head to the walls of Eternity 3-15-17 Man-Dragon, Clarwal, Destroyer, Dark Master, Briainiac Coyote, Kyreum, Queen Skellina!
No More Mr. Nice Guy Ronclar, J.A.D.E., and Mindest wants revenge on the Pokesquad for their humiliation! 3-22-17 Ronclar, J.A.D.E., Mindset
Practice, Practice, Practice Ash and the Pokesquad Black and White Practice! 3-29-17 Percepticon Commander, and Skelecron!
This is My Idea Dawn and Iris argue of who's idea for Ash and Misty's 9th anneversary, and Dr. Anubis tries to catch them! 4-5-17 Dr. Anubis
Far Longer Than Forever Ash and Misty sees Time in the Future, and it is ruled by Queen Skellina, and King Red! 4-12-17 King Red, Queen Skellina!
This Power of Mine Ash and the gang must stop The ones they call "Elementals"! 4-19-17 Elementals
The Magic of Love A potion causes Kyreum and Crimson Cat to fall in love, and get married, and Omadon was hoping it be himself and Ash's mom! 4-26-17 Omadon
That's What you do for a friend Ash and Misty, and the whole gang help a young boy understand loyalty, true friendship, and even responsiblity! 5-2-17 Cheap-Skate, Red Imp
Let me Be Your Wings Dawn becomes a mother and teaches her daughter, life lessons! 5-9-17 Queen Skellina
Soon Ash and Misty have their vacation in Altamare, and leaves the Pokesquad incharge of the operation, but Ash and Misty are hunted down by old enemies 5-16-17 Gelvarod, and Blackfire!
If ...........

Misty gets zapped and every color of the Pokesquad team transforms into a different personality!

Red:is Her original Design from the Pokemon!

Blue:is the form of Her Ancestor Ariel!

Green: is Starfire, and is immune!

Yellow: is Gwen Tennyson from Ben 10'000!

Orange: is Vixen, which Misty was shocked of!

Purple: is Star-Dragon, Because of the Necklace, and the character!

Pink: is is Jean Grey since She reprisents pride!

White: is Kazemon, which represents Misty's fantasy!

Black: is Vampire, and the main antagonist of the Episode

5-23-17 Black Star-Prime
Magic Dance A magicall house causes everyone to dance, and sing and even try to make them kept inside for eternity! 5-30-17 Crisis
Part of Your World Misty feels that the Sea is calling, and Ash fallows along, Ash also sees that Kyreum is back from the Dead and wants vengeance on them both! 6-6-17

Granny Goodness, Kyreum

Can You Feel the Love Tonight Ash hears the Call of Africa, and the Pokesquad aids him, soon they reunite with old enemies including Slade! 6-13-17 Slade, Bane, Mon*Star
A Whole New World Brock hears his Family calling from Arabia, and goes with the Pokesquad, they must find out about these thieves! 6-20-17 Kang
In Harmony Ash and the Gang head to Asgard to stop Loki from causing Chaos, and from causing a war! 6-27-17 Loki
They Live in You Pt. 1 Queen Skellina wants to destroy the peace once and for all, and releases the Kragler! 7-3-17 Queen Skellina
They Live in You Pt. 2 After the Kragler was defeated, the Pokesquad must stop Skellina once and for all! 7-3-17 Queen Skellina
Love Will Find A Way Ash, and Misty, gain and fourth Child Daniel, and he is a target for Hagardhis, and Dagirth! 7-10-17 Dagirth, Haggardhis


Episode Plot # Villain or Villains
Mirrors Ash and the Gang find Magic Mirrors, and aid D.W.A.R.F. into stopping The Ogres from rampaging the Dwarf Kingdom 8-24-17 Plimdax
P.I.N.O.C.C.H.I.O. James invents a device that can detect lies, and decption, and can even make things look as the story of Pinocchio, which causes major problems at base! 8-31-17 P.I.N.O.C.C.H.I.O.
Wind and the Willows Brock and James get into trouble dealing with Mr. Toads Wild ride, and now must serve as his babysitter! 9-7-17 Crisis
Legend of Sleepy Hollow Raven and Jinx goes to an amish festival of Sleepy Hallow, and gets in trouble by the mysterious Headless Horseman! 9-14-17 Headless Horseman, Monster
Legend of Arthur Dr. Unkown wants to use Excalibur to gain the kingdom of Camelot, and Avalon, and with the help of Morgaine LeFey, Mordred, and Puck! 9-21-17 Dr. Unkown, Mordred, Morgaine LeFey, and Puck
Host A host taker takes control of the Pokesquad, and Joker, must join forces with Dr. Unkown to stop the Host Taker. Night-Stalker


Main CastEdit

Matthew Broderick - Ash Ketchum/ Ashemis Prime

Jodi Benson - Misty Ketchum/ Star-Prime/Star-Dragon

David Kaye - Brock Richards/ Mr. Fantastic,The Sorceror, Triceron, Draco Prime, Shadow King, Shoncer, Alan Ketchum (teen), Galactus, Agent Cameron Bow

Martin Short - James Naiper/ Joker

Tara Strong - May Roth/ Raven, Abigail Stone, Mandarain, Zoey, Princess Shonicah, Dr. Briana X-Star

Fred Tatasciore - Cilan Morse/Chimera, Manticore, Chameleon Monster, S.T. Pegasus, Scorp, Cutter, Lord Zooa, Mogulites, Anomon (Fire Head)

Steven Blum - Tracey Sketchit/ Streak, Hydra, Mumerah, D.I.N.X., Barracuda, Cheif Roy Manthis

Chiara Zanni - Dawn Simmons/ Jinx

Will Friedle - Max Roth/ Powerbend, Sonic Ping

Tim Curry - Gary Oak, Gelvarod, Lord Karn

Angelina Jolie - Blackfire Maximus, Dr. Britney Zylene

David Thewlis - Cyber

Gary Oldman - Dr. Unkown

Brian Drummond - Dr. Crayfish, Dark Rider

Kevin Michael Richardson - Regidon, Zuniceratops, Minotaur, Pyron, Blaze Hunk, The Unth, King Gear, General Creevious, Zearth, Numborg, Crothrot, Minotaur, Christopher R. Ferris/ Minotaur

Diedrich Bader - Aratron, Shadow Rider, Prof. Birch

Corey Burton - Cynatron, King My'Andar, King Typhoon, Roomy Toomy, Cyber-hook, Mysterydom, Junk-Man, Black Ton

Clancy Brown - Von Phrockon, Emperor Clarwal, Stalker, Dr. Elias Green/ Megatron, Ben Grimm/ Golem, Galactic Man, Raoul Contesta

James Remar - Cyberdon, Zephyr, Unitron, Captain Reeds

Travis J. Gould - Man-Dragon, The Volter, Dr. Beast, Julian Julin, Zalthmar, Dr. Rampage, Agent Bathan


John DiMaggio - Plimdax, Captain Snake-Eye, Jersey Devil, Don Georgie, General Rouge, Fossil Master, Skurge the Executioner, Fan Shard

Tom Kenny - Steamglove, Skinner, Iron-Enforcer, Halloween Master, Squirtle, Captain Kex

Dee Bradley Baker - Transacter, Celion, Slimu, Cerberus, El Chupacabra, The Pirate, The Gill, The Thunderbird, Spider Master, Cubetron, Zarang, Moronor, Mogulites, Anomon (Green head), Quake

Cindy Robinson - Casino, Mako Shark, Dola Darcy

Ron Perlman - Bronar, Rocket Boost, Alamis the Multiple Eyed Dragon, Sauron, Captain Opticles

Tom Kane - Anomon (Main head), Emperor Clinx, King Red,N, Pokesquad Supercomputer

Jeff Bridges - Alan Ketchum/ Raider Prime

Jeremy Irons - Slade Wilson/ Scar Prime

Kari Wahlgren - Odette Swan/ The Swan, Aurora 5, Princess Neon, Crimson Cat (teen), Agent Yuki

Troy Baker - Aquarias, Cyclops, Druk, Orc-Fish, Smaug, Mongol, Lord Kath, Balrog

Moira Kelly - Deborah Kex/ Crimson Cat

Christopher Daniel Barnes - Prince Sorron/ Adrian Cline/ Kyreum, Boron Antomity Osmium

Jonathan Freeman - Kang the Conqueror

Pat Carroll - Granny Goodness

Robin Atkin Downes - Skelesapien, Dr. Mortimer Matrix, Dr. Patrick Zoaid, Percepticon Commander

Khary Payton - Anti-Matter-Boy, Wildwolf, Magma, Dr. Mineshaft, Elamis, Inspecter Edgar Deslin, Captain Inferno

Rick D. Wasserman - Thurg, Archer, Garzilla, Light Prime, Psychonaut, Mogulites

Tricia Helfer - General Spider, Vanity

Mark Hamill - Lord Quartzon, Hexes, General Genivar, Zerdash, Chief Dark-Wolf

Dennis Quaid - Bruce Wayne/ Batman

Travis Willingham - Ramhorn Growl, General Shade, Icon, Prong Prime, Sooron

Keith Szrabajka - Trogdor, Zilla Wrestler, Prince Lorrza

David Sobolov - Pain Enforcer, Omega-Fire, Destroyer

Cree Summer - Latias, Draca, Serrifas

James Sie - Orochi, I.C.E., Prof. Kai

John DeLancie - The Great Mage

Rino Romano - Monty Potters/ Wolverine

Lex Lang - Tola Narnia, Lord Skull, Alter

Charlie Schlatter - Fireheart