A game of dragons has begun. This is the first series of Pokesquad: Pokemons: Greatest Team!


Draco/ Draco Prime (David Kaye) - Bronze Dragon Lord/ Dragon KingEdit

Member Voice Color Rank Bio
Ash Ketchum/Ashemis Prime (Matthew Broderick) Red leader
Misty Ketchum/Star Prime (Jodi Benson) Green Second in Command/wife
Brock Richards/Mr. Fantastic II (D.B. Sweeny) Blue Medical Officer/ Third in command
Lobo Wolfsbane (Matthew Mercer) Yellow Green Captain
James Napier/Joker Jr. (Martin Short) Yellow Inventor
Jessie Naipier/ Titan (Tabitha St. Germain) Aquamarine Tactic Specialist
May Essex/Raven (Tara Strong) Black Mindbender
Cilan Morse/Chimera (Fred Tatasciore) Orange Enforcer
Tracey Sketchit/Streak (Steven Jay Blum) Indigo Daredevil
Iris Jane/Color Girl (Katie Griffin) White Watcher
Dawn Simmons/Jinx (Chiara Zanni) Violet Tracker
Max Essex/Power Bend (Will Friedle) Brown Guide
Kiawe/ Anti-Matter Boy (Khary Payton) Gray Chemist
Clement LeRoche/ Technician (Matt Olson) Cyan Mechanic
Bonnie LeRoche/ Thora  (Molly Quinn) Magenta Pilot
Serena Kex/Lioness  (Kari Wahlgren) Turqouise Investigator
Odette Swan/Swan  (Elle Deets) Pink Representative
Lana Cross/ Mako Shark (Anndi McAffe) Maroon Strategist
Mallow Ziegler/ She-Saint (Tia Carrere) Brass Aide
Sophocles Montgomery/ Green Monkey (David) DeLuise) Veridian RC Specialist
???/??? Gold
Molly Hale/Aurora 5 Colleen O'Shuganessy Red Violet
Tierno Weiss/Mystery Boy Billy West Colbolt
???/??? Silver
Bianca Scapelli/Latias Cree Summer Yellow Orange
Drew Duqusne/Coolstone Carlos Alazraqui Tropical Violet
Richie McLean/Twelfth Round Ian Ziering Obsidian
Kenny Lockwood/Sky Dive Kevin Miller Blue Green
Harrison "Rick" Runner Phil Morris Bronze
Sawyer Burgess/Cyclone Freddie Roderiguez Copper
Paul Ryker/Fernstone Neil McDonnough Scarlet
Barry Sinclair/ Throw Punch Patrick Warburton Jade
Alain/The Sentry Adam Wylie Cerulean
Tyson R. Rock/Machinesmith Roger Craig Smith Blue Violet
Zoe Cranston/Queen Saxon Tara Strong Tangerine
Todd Snapp/Warphole Eric Lopez Red Orange
Morrison Bench/Control Freak Alexander Polinsky Mohagany
Chi Sakura/Solar Maintenance Kristy Wu Teal
Nando O'Grady/Senator Galactic Sean Donellen Seafoam Green
Stephan Graceland/The Panda Chris Murphy Blue Gray
Georgia Banks/Siren Song Laura Bailey Rose

Kirby's Epic Yarn\Magic Sock\Kirby's New CrownEdit

Worlds Discussion Devices Rank Bio
Dream Land Dream Land is the latest town of Kirby's Epic Yarn 23rd Anniversary. The Magic Sock Lord
Snack Land Snack Land is a world with a giant cracker on the bottom, a chocolate cake on the middle, and a crown on top of it. It's the 2nd level of Kirby's Epic Yarn 3. The Magic Sock Second in Command/ wife
Fish Land (David Thewlis) The Magic Sock Hacker
Sand Land (Gary Oldman)

The Magic Sock

Lunch Land  (Brian Drummond) The Magic Sock Mystic
Dark Land (Kevin Michael Richardson) Magic Yarn EX Enforcer
Burger Land (Diedrich Bader) The Magic Sock Bountyhunter
Bowl Land (Rick D. Wasserman) The Magic Sock Infiltrater
Future Land (Clancy Brown) Magic Yarn EX Warrior
Secret Path Moon  (James Remar) The Magic Sock, Magic Yarn EX (2 levels) Weaponsman
General Sokah Yumi/General Spider  (Tricia Helfer) Gray Spy
Ramses Orpheus/ Senticon (Frank Welker) Aquamarine Demolition Expert
Con (Troy Baker) Cyan Wrecker
Harold Troy/Quake  (Dee Bradley Baker) Magenta Demolisher
Cynatron  (Corey Burton) Turqouise Hacker
Kathy Erskine /Berzerka (Kath Soucie) Pink Berzerker
Joshua Cain/ Altran (Lex Lang) Plum Demolition Expert
Mr. Andre Hulenburch (Phil LaMarr) Veridian Combat Specialist
Janet Vice/ Maxima (Vanessa Marshall) Brass Interrogator
Paku Koji/ Gilvax (Nolan North) Lime Ninja

The Magic Sock (World 1-6)

Magic Yarn EX (World 6-10) Red Violet
The Magic Sock (World 7-10) 
Yellow Orange
Tropical Violet
Blue Green
Blue Violet
Red Orange
Seafoam Green
Blue Gray

Vermithrax (Nika Futterman) - Brass Dragon LordEdit

Member Voice Color Appeared Bio
Magic Yarn EX Since the Magic Yarn died in the previous anniversary, Mecha Yin-Yarn returned and twirled up a devil swirl of magic, and send to make it a device. Red January 13, 2018 (Kirby's Epic Yarn 3) Formally the Indigo suitor in the 7 Suitors Challenge, but flunked the Test of Compassion because of his taste for blood and violence. He is untrustworthy and he leads a band of mercenaries and he is Slayers counterpart of General Grievous.
Thomas Keen Rogers/Swordsman (James Arnold Taylor) White Apprentice Slayer He is a swordsman and the apprentice of Rendhall. Famous in London, and in the Scottish Highlands, he is a swordsman spectacular, but has a code of honor.
Jared Oak/Berrod (Brian Bloom) Pink Geurilla Slayer Gary's younger brother who is the one who brought Slayers and Wyvercons alliance. He is destined to be the 2nd Wardreamer with Gelvarod, and both are as dangerous as Rendhall.
Ajiang/The Mage (Ogie Banks) Green Mystic Slayer Ajiang is noted for being a Oni Slayer in Japan, and in India for slaying Garudas. He is fiercley loyal to the Slayers, and has a magic staff as his weapon.
Von Clutche (LeVar Burton) Violet Pilot/ Admiral Slayer Pilot of the Slayers ship known as the "Thrush". He lost his eye in an accident, and leg during the war between Sarcania and Kirakia, He is also a war veteran.
Abigail Stone (Tara Strong) Yellow Senior Slayer Raised on the farmlands of Oaklaholma, She is a Tomboyish Slayer that doesn't kill unless there is no other way. She is also revealed to be one of the 7 lost daughters of King My'Andar.
Stalker (Clancy Brown) Black Guard Slayer A Dragonoid from the west, and a sadistic monster, he is also the bodyguard of Rendhall. He doesn't speak much but growls can be as a hint of anger or satisfaction.
Knumb Skull (Michael Donovan) Brown Berzerker Slayer Not the brightest of Slayers, but the most dangerous of Slayers. He is very loyal to Rendhall, and does as he questions, he is so Numb, he can't even be penetrated by bullets.
Mechlock (Dwight Schultz) Gray Tech Slayer A Serpentine Cyborg who plans to overthrow Rendhall, and all who stand in his way. He has technology he can use to create destruction.
Duran Vance/Questing Beast (Charlie Adler) Turqouise Deal Bargain Formally an agent of Project Harpy, untill Rendhall makes a deal with him for his deals with Clients, and which Clients he finds.
Jayden Chiles/Hammer-Master  (Wally Wingert) Orange Junior Slayer He is the muscle of the group, and rivals with Stalker. He is named for his Hammer skills and for his strength, he is also the most coldhearted of the group.
Kirk Chiles/Archer  (Rick D. Wasserman) Blue Sophmore Slayer Hammer Master's brother who specializes in arrows, and he is the most stealthiest of the group.
Hans Fester/Halloween Master (Tom Kenny) Indigo Freshman Slayer The most scariest and cowardliest of the group, he is a master of fear, and has stolen Scarcrow's formula.
Alloman  (Quinton Flynn) Magenta Rookie Slayer He is the Rookie, and the Dino man of the group. He has keen instincts and uses them to hunt down prey.
Anansi (James C. Mathiss) Cyan Experienced Slayer
Crystalyzer Tara Strong Aquamarine Aquatic Slayer

Sapphira (Susan Blakeslee)  - Blue Dragon LordEdit

Russia's Finest
Member Voice Color Rank Bio
Ivan Kex/Ocmore (David Sobolov) Violet Commander
Michal Karloff/Grand Duke (Michael Ironside) Brown Arch Duke
Henri Kragloff/Lion Master (Gary Chalk) Gray Animal Tamer
Transacter (Dee Bradley Baker) Yellow Decoder
Dimitri Rasputin/Aquarias (Troy Baker) Green Enforcer
Micha Romanoff/Cutter (Fred Tatasciore) Orange Infiltration breaker
Forrest Richards/Wren (Daryl Sabara) Blue Swordsman
Vladimer Constance/The Hippo  (Travis Willingham) Indigo Demolisher
Deborah Kex/Crimson Cat (Moira Kelly) Red Spy
Wilbur Pastovich/Gray Owl (Ted Biaseli) Black Air Enforcement
Anastasia Moskva/Silverwolf (Venessa Marshall) Violet Animal Expert
Louie Kreistoff/Mad Louie  (Bumper Robinson) Magenta Scientist
Scrap-Metal (James Arnold Taylor) Turqouise Robotic Muscle
Rhinorilla N/A Cyan Demolition Expert
Misha Stepenutova/ Star-Dragon (Liem O'Brien) Aquamarine Air Specialist
Yuri Constance/Armstar (Yuri Lowenthal) Pink Representative

Zarton (Michael T. Weiss) - Silver Dragon Lord, third antagonistEdit

Member Voice Color Rank Bio
Black Ton (Corey Burton) Black Supreme Commander The Supreme commander of the Z.I.N.C. (Zero Influential Natononal Corporation). He is in reality an alien life form that manipulated Z.I.N.C. for Power, but is loyal to Z.A.L. and Kron.
Augustine Sycamore/ Z.A.L. (Yuri Lowenthal) Red Second in Command Z.I.N.C's ultimate Super Soldier, and is Black Ton's second in command. He is ruthless as he is determined to place Z.I.N.C. on the map of the world.
Kron (Michael Kopsa) Magenta Third in Command Black Ton's Most trusted partner, and the most cunning of the bunch, fiercley loyal to Black Ton, and is willing to betray his fellow mates, in Combat.
Jonathan Pham (Daniel Riordan) Cyan Fourth in Command
Slimu (Dee Bradley Baker) Green Supreme Scientist The top scientist of Z.I.N.C. and the most suffisticated of the group, he had a lab accident that turned him into a creature similar to Clayface or Plasmus.
Ice Viper Brian Dobson Indigo Cryologist Brother of El Viper, and one of the finest in Z.I.N.C. He is also Portuguese and can freeze anything with his ice blades.
Zuniceratops (Kevin Michael Richardson) Violet Enforcer He is the Muscle of the group, created from samples of a Zuniceratops Skull, and is most loyal to Black Ton.
El Viper Maria Canals Berrera Yellow Spy Sister of Ice Viper, and the spy of the group. Born in Portuguese she has alot of background and fascination with Vipers, and had become half Viper hence her name.
Lexton (Dorian Harewood) Blue Arms Dealer A Skull Ruffian and partner of Crispton, he can be anywhere he wants to be, and be one of the best agents in Z.I.N.C. he is the brains of the Skull Ruffians.
Crispton (Dorian Harewood) Orange Infiltrator A Skull Ruffian and partner of Lexton, he has the speed of a million megabytes, and can consume enough energy to make himself a worthy opponent.
Celion  (Dee Bradley Baker) White Artificial Intellegence Slimu's most prized creation, and is the war machine of the Z.I.N.C., with artificial intelligence, to handle any situation.
Raptorn (Cameron Rhodes) Brown Infiltration Expert Based on one of most stealthiest predator in the cretaceous period, he is the smart one of the dinomen, and he also can be very tricky.
Chameleon Monster (Fred Tatasciore) Gray Infiltration Expert (Stealth) a stealth artist, that created a mechasuit that can blend in like a chameleon in its own environment. He is actually a dwarf born from france.
Dekahn  (Liem O'Brien) Turqouise Sorceror High Priest of Sarcania, and he gave Z.I.N.C. access to any of Sarcanias ritual or even sights of interest, he is also of royal blood.
Fungus (James Hong) Pink Martial Artist Betrayed The Order of the root, and sold out their secrets to Z.I.N.C., he is cowardly, and bossy, and always likes being in charge.
Jade Long Kim Mai Guest Aquamarine Spy


Project Harpy
Member Voice Color Myth/Rank Bio
Candace Powell/ Ogopogo (Perri Gilpin) Aquamarine Ogopogo-Canada/ Empress
Sohi Fuji/Orochi  (James Sie) Green Orochi- Japan/ Leader
Chili Morse/Hydra (Steven Jay Blum) Red Hydra-Greek myth/2nd
Andromeda Ferris/Unicorn (Vanessa Marshall) Blue Unicorn-Europe/ Third/ Ex Unicorn agent
Lloyd McKean/Harpy (James C. Mathis III) Violet Harpy - Hungarian/ Top Soldier
Jodi Gregg/Titan (Morena Becceren) Black Titan-Greek/ Spy
Julius Christian/Manticore (Fred Tatasciore) Brown Manticore-India/ Enforcer
Brooklyn Tate/Jersey Devil (John DiMaggio) Orange Jersey Devil - America/ Combat Specialist
Cress Morse/Cerberus (Dee Bradley Baker) Indigo Cerberus-Greek/Guard
Jose Feunte/Cockatrice (Carlos Alazraqui) Yellow Cockatrice - Rome/ Spy
Jonah Perseus/Pegasus (David Sobolov) White Pegasus-Greek/ Warrior
Abe Ferdinand/Griffin  (Kerrigan Mahan) Gray Griffin-Europe/Air Combat
Chi Wu/Jorogumo (Keone Young) Magenta Jorogumo-Japan/ Scientist
Janice Olivia/Xenobeast  (Jennifer Hale) Turqouise Xenobeast-Mongolia/ Combat Specialist
Julius Cranston/ Bunyip (Berry Humphries) Cyan Bunyip-Australia/ Muscle
Jorome Michaels/Tarasque  (Keith Szrabaijka) Pink Tarasque-Fance/ Hacker

Smaug (Bendidict Cumberbacth) - Red Dragon LordEdit

Team Victory
Member Voice Color Rank Bio
Hannibel Creed/ Smaug (Troy Baker) Red Headmaster
Col. Octavius Von Bluth  (Nolan North) Orange Vice Headmaster
Shelby McDuran/ Tempest (Coleen O'Shuganassy) Green Headmistress
General Von Bamba (Cam Clarke) Aquamarine General
Mysteridom (Corey Burton) Black Trap Master
Zactos  (David Lodge) White Camuflage Specialist
C.Y.B.O.R.G. Giancarlo Eposito Yellow Assassin
Isis (Grey DeLisle) Blue Combat Specialist
El Blancho (Danny Trejo) Violet Bodyguard
Bloom Shane (Hynden Walch) Brown Spy
Elsa Arendale/ Snowqueen Idna Menzel Indigo Destroyer
Skelosapien  (Robin Atkin Downes) Gray Hacker
The Thunderbird (Dee Bradley Baker) Magenta Predator
S.T. Pegasus   (Fred Tatasciore) Turqouise Swordsman
Hanna Stone/ Muscle  Allison Mack Pink Watcher
Anna Arendale/ Ember Pauley Perrette Cyan Rock-Star

Spyro (Elijah Wood) - Violet Dragon LordEdit

Project Unicorn
Member Voice Color Rank Bio
Light-Fire (Mary Elizabeth McGlynn) Expert Violet Admiral
Unicarn Brian Blessed Cyan Commander
Reshirem (Jenson Ackles) White Co Admiral
Cobra Commando (Bruce Greenwood) Brown Commander
Unicurn (Wally Kurth) Red Demolition
Trogdor (Keith Szarabajka) Orange Combat Specialist
Agent Jade Kelly Hu Aquamarine Spy
Zilla Wrestler (Mark Hildreth) Green Enforcer
Groveman (Bill Fagerbakke) Indigo Stealth Specialist
Druk (Troy Baker) Yellow Ex-Harpy Agent
Henry Gregg/Hyperion   (Travis Willingham) Black Muscle
Uni-Knight (Daniel Riordan) Gray Robotics
Fire-Lass  (Heather Hogan) Magenta Pyro Expert
Dr. Amanda Almalthea  (Lauren San Giamco) Turqouise Scientist
Crystal Butterfly   (Eric Bauza) Blue Drill Sergent
Vixen  (Tara Jayne) Pink Martial Artist

Falcor (David Boat) - Polar Dragon LordEdit

The Davey Jones Crew
Member Voice Color Rank Bio
Davy Jones (Frank Welker) Pink Captain Decendent of Davey Jones the 1st, and a noble Pirate against the cruelty of Z.I.N.C., he is very wise and very understanding of all noble Pirates.
Snake-Eyes (John DiMaggio) Red First Mate Called Snake-Eyes cause of his reptillian eye, and because of his Reptillian half. He is the most loyal first mate in the seven seas. He is very dependable, and loyal.
Captain Ragu (Danny Mann) Orange 2nd Mate A greedy fellow for treasure, but a freedom lover against the Z.I.N.C. He has the lost jeweled sword, and the pegleg from an island paradice, even lost an eye during the war.
Lyle Dent/The Pirate (Dee Bradley Baker) Blue 3rd Mate Lost his left eye, hand, and leg in a storm, but became a formidable pirate. He is good with his stories, and his ways of keeping the order in the crew.
Orc-Fish (Troy Baker) Violet 4th Mate A mutant trout that had gain human abilities, and pirated the polluters whom polluted his reef, and forced them to clean it up.
Siren Song (Candi Milo) Cyan Siren A beautiful Siren who's song can entrance a male, and other male sailors into the sea to gain their loot.
Cyber-Hook (Corey Burton) Green Navigator Became a Cyborg during the War, he is very much a bonified Navigator, he is comedic, and very much a laugh to be with.
Myrom (Tom Kenny) Black Crowsnest Watcher A Mutant Shrimp whom was with Orc-Fish in the past, and both plundered the polluters, he has excellent eye sight.
Skeleton (Bruce Thomas) White Undercover He made an armor based off a Skeleton to frighten superstitious folk, and loot their enemies.
Psycho Pirate (Dan Castelleneta) Brown Cook A deranged minded Pirate, and a very much good cook, and he is an expert combat veteran.
Scorp (Fred Tatasciore) Yellow Helmsman A humanoid Crab whom is fiercely loyal to Davy Jones, and is the strength of the group, he is not all bright.
Reckon-ire   (John DiMaggio) Gray Scorp's brother and Brig owner Scorps brother with a more fish like face, and is the owner of the brig, with the strength of 12 Sharks.
Ghost Crab (Dee Bradley Baker) Aquamarine Cabin Boy
Rex  (Kyle Hybert) Magenta Weaponsman An Alioramus from Mongolia, he is the one who keeps the weapons nice and safe, and he always have the keys.
The Shark Darran Norris Indigo Cannon Cleaner
Sebastian Fremar/Aquifer (Kirk Thornton) Turqouise Sub Division The Sub owner of the Aquifer, and he is a modern pirate who uses the sub as a ship, rather than a traditional one.

Serrifas (Cree Summer) - Black Dragon LordEdit

Kronos Knights
Member Voice Color Rank Bio
Emperor Kronos Akbar Richard Armitage Indigo Emperor Ruler of the Kronos Empire, and a wise leader, he is the only one who listens to reason of the group, and feels alot of empathy towards others, he bears the Owl emblem.
Empress Kronos Selina (Olivia D'abo) Orange Empress Wife of Akbar, and sister of Crawl, she is a strong warrior, and an honest woman, she bears the Owl Emblem of reason.
King Kronos Crank  (Peter MacNicol) Magenta King Brother of Akbar but reduced to a Cyborg because of the great war, he is the time keeper, and has a crush on Siren Song.
Lord Jorgon Jones of Kronos  (Jonathan Adams) Green Lord Lord of the Kronos Empire, and brother of Tempest, he is the best swordsman of the Empire, and the most loyal of the group.
Duke Kronos Nuke (David Owelwo Cyan Duke
Commander Kronos Crawl (Steven Blum) Red Commander Brother of Selina, and Supreme commander of the Kronos Armada, he is a bowman, and a good shot, and he is more impulsive than most.
General Kronos Gasket   (Fred Tatasciore) White General The General of the group, and a exemplary Pilot, and he can handle a situation more than most, even the times of being court martial.
Major Kronos Ceratopsian (Travis Willingham) Yellow Major A Dino themed warrior, who has experience in the field, and is also known to be a rider of Triceratop's.
Col. Kronos Rain (Greg Ellis) Gray Colonel A Cyborg that has higher senses than any other creature. He is also very loyal to the empire. He is also part of the R.A.I.N. division.
Captain Kronos Eclipse (Gary Anthony Williams) Turqouise Captain He is the only one on a night shift he is so skilled at night that is what earned the name, he is also one who has access to the King's treasure keys, and protects them.
Sargent Kronos Ariod Cindy Robinson Aquamarine Sergeant
 Lieutenant Kronos Raddon (Keone Young) Pink Lieutenant The Asian Knight who serves the emperor like his ancestors did before him, he is also the most dependable of the group, and earn the title of Lieutenant.
Mystic Kronos Skeksis (Robin Atkin Downes) Brown Mystic The Only Skeksis to become good, and survive the death process, he is the magic user of the group, and advises the Emperor not to tamper with things they don't know yet.
Black Kronos Lance (James Patrick Stewart) Black Knight The Aerodactyl rider of the group, and he is very much a real knight, he often reminds himself of the Old Code, and always recites them.
Scout Kronos Clay (James Remar) Violet Scout He is a scout that has always been in the area first for clearances and for dangerous areas. He is also a warrior of great promises.
Hunter Kronos Jack (John DiMaggio) Blue Hunter The Hunter of the group, and the one who provides dinner for the Knights, he is also skilled with a flail. He is also good friends with Crystal Butterfly.

Dracion (Whilmer Vladerama) - Scarlett Dragon LordEdit

Pandemonium Club
Member Voice Color Rank Bio
Lord Colgort David Sobolov Red Lord
Muriel Bryce/ El Chupacabra Maria Canals Barerra Orange Strategist
Emperor Croud Jim Piddock Yellow Emperor
Eugene Franklin/King of Games John Michael Higgens Green Trickster
Gemini Richard McGonagle Blue Sorcerer
Tar-Drake Steven Blum Indigo Enforcer
Judge Rolan Skull Neil McDonough Violet Judge
Ferris Gould/ Zekrom Robin Atkin Downes Black Warrior
Sirsci Sally Richardson Whitfield White Enchantress
Dr. Eli Pandora Ian Buchnan Brown Scientist
Xeses Jeff Bennett Gray Bounty Hunter
Mandis Brian George Magenta Decoder
Talos Gary Anthony Williams Cyan Warrior
Captain Ragon John DiMaggio Turqouise Representative
King Knucker Clancy Brown Aquamarine Executioner
Sheila French/ Sphinx Olivia d'Abo Pink Tracker

Vexus (Neil McDonough) - Orange Dragon LordEdit

  • Agent Bruce Connors (Cary Elwes)
Lion Lords
Lion Lords
Member Voice Color Rank Bio
Prince Cornog Aiden Turner Black leader
Lord Eoa Tom Cavanaugh Tuquoise Second in Command
Romulus Vanessa Marshall Green Medical Officer
Ragon Brian Bloom Violet Seeker

Britain Anvie

Greg Ellis Orange Boxer
Cyber-Rhino Kevin Michael Richardson Indigo Enforcer
Hethratep Bumper Robinson Red Daredevil
Oracle Candace Putton Yellow Enchantress
Chicana Emanuel Chirqui Blue Tracker
Sky Grey DeLisle Pink Guide
Chansier Primorn Steven Blum Cyan Swordsman
Lion Enforcer Bill Fagerbakke Gray Chemist
Ramses Liem O'Brien Magenta Pilot
Omdahi Jim Meskimen Aquamarine Weapon Expert
Arian David Scully White Investigator
Frinax James C. Mathis Brown Representative

Cletus (CCH Pounder) - Amythest Dragon LordEdit

Member Voice Color Rank Bio

Captain Janus Scathan

Darran Norris Indigo Leader
Col. Lyle Payne Alexander Polinsky Turqouise Second in Command
Vivica Katts/ Rubberchick Grey DeLisle Red Medical Officer
Sprengos Freddy Roderiquez Violet Inventor
Zak Jon Curry Magenta Swordsman
Joe Burns/ Ghost Bumper Robinson Yellow Enforcer
Hobclob Kevin Michael Richardson Aquamarine Muscle
Geminger Greg Ellis Cyan Swordsman
Vince Colts/ Quickstop David Kaye Blue Daredevil
Mei Ling/ She-Shark Lauren Tom Gray Ocean Specialist
Shaw Jones/ Magna-Man Jeff Bennett Brown Mindbender
Pyro-Zone Troy Baker Black Pyro Expert
Leviathan Dee Bradley Baker Green Watchman
Pslymouth Jonathan Adams Orange Demolisher
Lazer Steven Blum White Investigater
Kinoa Kelly Hu Pink Representative

Ladon (Robin Atkin Downes) - Iron DragonlordEdit

Member Voice Color Rank Bio
War Dreamer Dorian Harewood Indigo Leader
Robo-Emperor John DiMaggio Gray Second in Command
Lord Blood Keith David Red Vampire Lord
Lord Mator Tom Kenny Green Scientist
Lord Maliss Rodan Eric Bauza White Weaponsman
Harbinger Dee Bradley Baker Black Spy
Valg Corey Burton Orange Enforcer
Prince Lizara Keith Szrabajka Yellow Demolisher
Livewire Jennifer Hale Turqouise Hacker
Pyris Wally Wingert Violet Mystic
Huntslord Robert Englund Blue Bounty Hunter
Pythoness J.B. Blanc Magenta Decoder
Cobra David Lodge Brown Theif
Marlan Bruce Greenwood Pink High Priest
Regilava N/A Cyan Magma Man
Mr. Mist Dee Bradley Baker Aquamarine Spy

Toothless - Night Fury Lord Edit

The Faye Clan
Member Voice Color Rank Bio
Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III/ Professor Rothbart Jay Burchel Red Leader
Merida DunBroch/ Blass Grey DeLisle Cyan Machine
Rapunzel Corona/ Mamana Tara Strong Turqouis Elven Warrior
Jackson Overland Frost/ Starblade Josh Keaton White Soldier
Astrid Hofferson/ Scaterna America Ferri Pink Enchantress
Fishlegs Ingerman/ Bluma an Sphincon Richard Green Magenta Rider
Eret Kaldec Troy Baker Green Sentinel
Snotlout Jorgenson/ Grewexa John DiMaggio Orange Enforcer
Becky Tuffnut Thornton Christian Wigg Indigo Seeker
Scorch Ruffnut Thornton T J Miller Violet Destroyer
Flynn Rider/Retro Rex Neil Patrick Harris Aquamarine Fighter
Toothiana/ Moring Plain Talk Gray Decoder
Pharaoh Arkive Peter Dobson Brown Bodyguard
The Shape James Spader Black Spy
Dr. Ruin Rob Paulson Yellow Scientist
Chill Tom Kenny Blue Chill Factor

Po and Lunk (Gary Anthony Williams and Stephen Root) - Ivory Dragon Lord Edit

Member Voice Color Rank Bio
King Jaraird Roger Craig Smith Indigo King
Prince Cino Daryl Sabbara Cyan Prince
Claytor Jim Meskimen Magenta Duke
Morgana the Red Dragon Jennifer Hale Red Tracker
Clayd Phil LaMarr Turqouis Enchanter
Sentinel Dee Bradley Baker Aquamarine Sentinel
Diana Grey DeLisle Green Mechanic
Wind Master Maurice LaMarche Pink Avatar
Broodarana Andrea Baker Blue Sea Witch
Thunder Master Keone Young Yellow Electrician
Mordan Fred Tatasciore Orange Sorceror
Omar Man Jeff Bennett Violet Enforcer
Dr. Submergeance Troy Baker White Scientist
Stagomore Paul Dobson Gray Hunter
Durd Greg Ellis Black Swordsman
Mountain Master David Boat Brown Earth Elemental

Briagg (Richard Green) - Mercury Dragon Lord Edit

Knights of Dran
Member Voice Color Rank Bio
Emperor Croven Paul Giamatti White Emperor
Jin Ji Ju James Sie Blue Master
Kail Travis Willingham Red Prince
Warp Khary Payton Green Warrior
Surfer Cam Clarke Turqouis Water Elemental
Iron Claw N/A Pink Enforcer
Mr. Poison David Boat Aquamarine Assassin
Nagatas Rob Paulson Cyan Assassin
Hard Horn Dee Bradley Baker Magenta Warrior
Zilita Richard Green Black Bodyguard
Wyvern Danielle Judovitts Brown Spy
Under Dweller Dee Bradley Baker Gray digger
Vincent Von Arch Scott Menville Violet Archer
Elinthis Kevin Michael Richardson Indigo Warrior
Aura David Kaye Orange Mystic
Mite Jeff Bennett Yellow Hunter

Jawzar (Richard Newman) - Marble Dragon Lord Edit

Member Voice Color Rank Bio
Emperor Charcoal Beau Billingshea Turqouis Emperor
Vovadoc Khary Peyton Green King
Bolch Bill Fagerbakke Yellow Treasurer
Zitcha Candi Milo Blue Mistress
Ki Dee Bradley Baker Pink Spy
Primiss John DiMaggio Aquamarine Sorceror
Vlandoon Armin Shimmerman Red Master
Avox Rob Paulson Magenta Blacksmith
Orsy Corey Burton Cyan Communications Expert
Neocyonelle Jason Issacs Orange Scribe
Monster R N/A Indigo Beast
Wehill Corey Burton Violet Priest
Yalzu N/A White Beast
Yaki Fred Tatasciore Brown Scientist
Shade Michael T. Weiss Black Beast
Yurshauy Charlie Adler Gray Head of Security

Jareth (Don Leslie) - Cyan Dragon Lord Edit

Hunters Guild
Member Voice Color Rank Bio
The Majai Oded Fehrr Brown Leader
Ulyssius Dave Wittenberg Black Lieutenant
Count Draigar Jonathan Adams White Count
The Caliban Yuri Lowenthal Turqouis Warrior
Thunderball Debbie Derribery Cyan Speedster
Titan Girl Britt McKlip Pink Mindbender
Fire-Strike Charlie Adler Gray Fire Elemental
Ligon Fred Tatasciore Indgio Dragon Warrior
Bone Breaker N/A Magenta Enforcer
Talon Gina Torres Red Guardian
Nos. 3. 2 Kevin Michael Richardson Green Machine
Goodbla Dee Bradley Baker Yellow Ravenger
Thexes Tim Matheson Blue Scientist
Calg Jess Harnell Violet Enforcer
Minozoa Tom Kane Orange Bodyguard
Scorpino Charlie Adler Aquamarine Spy
The Scythe
Member Voice Color Rank Bio
Brendan "Bronar" Darcy/ Scythe Commander Ron Perlman Black Commander
King Relguir Satlo Colbey Magenta Second in Command
Elexo Clex Lee Pace Violet Defacto Leader
Dola Darcy Tasia Valenza Blue Infiltrator
Dr. Patrick Zoaid/ Skulker Robin Atkin Downes Red Scientist
Mortimer Matrix/ Cosmos Ross Douglass Turquois Assistant Scientist
Lloyd Thatcher Clifton/ The Vampire Rob Paulson Yellow Assassin
Selena Olk / Xeana Jennifer Biell Green Spy
Green Golem Kevin Blaketon White Muscle
Ishmael Price/ Iron-Eye Ross Douglass Gray Bodyguard
Debrys/ Mighty Clam David Scully Indigo Machine Master
Sethratep Arnold Vosloo Orange Enforcer
Ferdinand Claus/ Stomper Doc Hammer Pink Demolition Expert
Jag Tarsis/ The Navajo Kevin Blaketon Brown Cover Ops
Stymphaliaon Bird Rick May Cyan Messenger
Masquerade Girl Maggie Blue O'Hara Aquamarine Spy
The Wolfodd
Members Voice Color Ranks Bio
King Arian James Cromwell Turquois King
King Linchar Alfred Molina Orange Second King
Queen Largia Susan Blakeslee Violet Queen
Prince Aiden James Arnold Taylor Cyan Prince
Lord Wiren Wentworth Miller Red Lord/ Dragon Morpher
Lord Slan Kevin Michael Richardson Green Lord/ Enforcer
Prince Armond Mike Erwin Brown Prince of the Wolfodd Elves
Jeffer Hicodemus James Arnold Taylor Blue Bodyguard of Armond
Foctur Richard McGonagle Black Underwater Specialist
Gala Laura Bailey Yellow Dragon Tamer
Glorian Jim Meskimen White Captain of the Guard
Mal-Ice Richard McGonagle Indigo Imperial Guard
Occunor Issac C. Singleton Jr. Gray Lieutenant of Glorian
Vega Cindy Robinson Magenta Watcher
Lady Shun Kim Mai Guest Pink Warrior
Lady Copperhead Ashleigh Ball Aquamarine Sentinel
Member Voice Color Rank Bio
King Walron Angus MacFadyen Red King
Queen Skellina Susan Eisenberg Yellow Queen
Prince Mabrook Liem O'Brien Orange Prince
Thorn/ The Priminister Phil LaMarr Blue Priminister of the Underlanders
Thados Doug Parker Indigo Sorceror
Minotarn Kevin Grievioux Green Enforcer
Lord Dumyat W. Morgan Shepard Violet Warrior
Minun Giancarlo Eposito Brown Bishop
Asul Munrah/ Mummerah Steven Blum Magenta Admiral
Pyronita Olivia Hack Turqouis Pyro Expert
Forever Man Greg Ellis Pink Warrior
Black Blade Bumper Robinson Black Assassin
Cameron Cho/ I.C.E James Sie White Inventor
Frinax Troy Baker Cyan Dinoman
Wraith Robin Atkin Downes Aquamarine Sorcerer
Inorcat Charlie Adler Gray Swordsman
The Shagardez
members voice color rank bio
Princess Shonicah Ashleigh Ball Black Leader
Prince Longi John DiMaggio Blue Second in Command
Prince Zain Stuart Allan Aquamarine Third in command
Iron Enforcer Tom Kenny Red Enforcer
Geomancer Mikey Kelly Yellow Bio Expert
Sorca Brian Bloom Orange Cybernetics Expert
Unitooth Kirk Thornton Gray Enforcer
Lord Armadillo John Kassir Indigo Representative
Kelpie Kari Wahlgren Green Under Water Expert
Neon-A Andrea Baker White Spy
Bongo the Great James Patrick Stewart Brown Acrobat
Trinity Katie Griffin Pink Karate Expert
Seren-Ice Alana Ulbach Turqouis Cryowarrior
Waterhorse Katie Higgens Magenta Mermaid
Bumblewasp Massa Moyo Violet Sky Warrior
Iccorah Cameron Rhodes Cyan Spy
Storm Brewers
member voice color rank bio
Mason Trask/ Time Traveler Andrew Francis Brown Leader
Girach Michael Rooker Magenta Second in Command
Captain Gunthor Steven Blum Red Captain
Emil Stone/ Mr. Saturn Jim Ward Green Super Hero
Lilly Everhart/ Slipstream Ariel Winter Pink Wind Warrior
Long Ho Bill Fagerbakke Blue Fisherman
Omar Montgomery/ The Key Daran Norris Orange Locksmith
Skulton James Arnold Taylor Yellow Weatherman
Jay Derrick/ Sky Bird Khary Peyton Indgio Daedevil
Ordon Dee Bradley Baker Violet Enforcer
Umpass John DeLancie Black Spy
Vertigo Maurice LaMarche Turqouis Magician
Leo Muerte Carlos Alazraqui Gray Thief
Barahi the White Dragon Eric Bauza White Samurai
Placerous N/A Cyan Watchdog
Avatar Nancy Cartwright Aquamarine Escape Artist


The Cyber Empire

Member Voice Color Rank Bio
Emperor Gual Kevin Michael Richardson Yellow Emperor
Lord Vlaxis Kevin Michael Richardson Red Lord
Cal-Lya/ Silver Swan Allison Stoner White Princess
Dragon Master Jim Ward Magenta Dragon Tame
Hippogriff Crispin Freeman Brown Spy
Mask Troy Baker Blue Master of Disguise
Komodo Troy Baker Green Warrior
Tiya Tara Strong Black Representative
Supreme Sumalee Montano Pink Enforcer
Tank Gary Anthony Williams Violet Machine Master
Jeff Oglethorpe/ Count Eon Diedrich Bader Indigo Count
Mankey Fist Keith David Orange Warrior
D.I.N.X Steven Blum Cyan Scientist
Bioclops Nolan North Aquamarine Sorcerer
League of Legends
Memeber Voice Color Rank Bio
Prince Lezorr Mark Hildreth White Prince
Lord Xenneth David Boat Aquamarine Lord
Lydia Meijer/ Captain Tiger Danielle Judovitts Red Captain
Sgt. Rene Fergus/ Anaconda Rosaro Dae Green Sgt.
Lady Faun Laura Bailey Brown Schollar
Shrimp Joe Dee Bradley Baker Indigo Watcher
Dr. Alchemist Lex Lang Cyan Scientist
Cybernaut Cam Clarke Gray Weaponsman
Herbind Dee Bradley Baker Turqois Spy
Skiu Keith Ferguson Orange Enforcer
Lioness Warrior Andrea Baker Black Teacher
Ms. Millennium Tara Strong Yellow Time Walker
Volcano Girl Jennifer Hale Pink Elemental
Chio Wong/ Ringorah Eric Bauza Magenta Samurai
Giranna Cree Summer Violet Scout
Terno Dan Green Blue Soldier

The Star Patrol Knights

{| class="article-table"

!Memeber !Voice !Color !Rank !Bio |- |King Sorcer |Fred Tatasciore |Orange |King |King of the Star Patrol and Ruler of the Debrhyss System. He is also the founder of the Star Patrol Knights, he has blades on his ankles and shoulders that can cut any web or net, he uses them to even escape the black holes, he is wise enough to call help from heroic or honorable men like the Pokesquad. |- |Queen Veronica |Lisa Ortiz |Blue |Queen |Former Pokemon Trainer and now queen of the Debrhyss sytem, she is a loving and very cleaver Queen who can see through deception, also she is into the old Japanese order, and often expresses her martial arts when training with her husband. |- |Princess Orza |Alison Stoner |Black |Princess |Daughter of Veronica and Sorcer she has learnt the ways of the Debrhyss system, and her mothers Pokemon world system, she is rebellious and not so easy to be decieved because of her quick wits against monsters like the Scythe and the Pandemonians, she has a crush on Prince Cornog, though he doesn't know it. |- |Lady Braun |Kimberly Brooks |Yellow |Lady |King Sorcer's sister and Orza's aunt, a great warrior who is the strongest and most agile of the group, she wears a mask that protects her face, and she also has honored the old ways of the Debrhyss system. |- |Wardon |Xander Berkley |Red |Lord |Former archfoe of the Pokesquad, no reformed lord of Debrhyss System, he has the ability to sink into the minds of the enemy and use their powers against them, he is also the one who offers good advice for the King. |- |Volcan |Jason Issacs |Violet |Captain |Captain of the guard, and Wardon's lieutenant and the most trusted of the group, and he often tries to win Orza's affection he is airborne and he is the night warrior. |- |Hondalis Khan |Richard Green |Gray |Ninja | |- |Ocmid |J.B. Blanc |Pink |Bodyguard | |- |Scam Mastere Agents of The Renaissance |Peter Dobson |White |Scam Artist | |- |Sorbo |Quinton Flynn |Tuqouis |Scientist | |- |Zelgotec |Khary Peyton |Indigo |Warrior | |- |Pangea |Kevin Michael Richardson |Green |Dino-Man | |- |Aulc |Jim Cummings |Brown |Admiral | |- |The Hunter |Corey Burton |Magenta |Hunter | |- |Zalurt |Alexander Polinsky |Aquamarine |Dealsman | |- |Piranha Jaw |Dee Bradley Baker |Cyan |Underwater Specialist | |} Guardians of the Solar System

Members Voice Color Rank Bio
Princess Kathros Colleen O'Shuganessy White Princess Leader
Col Pyro Trevor Devall Red Colonel
Muxellus Jim Ward Yellow Lieutenant
Ember Juliet Landau Orange Pyro Expert
Aaron Shift Dominic Scott Kay Turqouis Mechanic
Dragon Scales Andrew Kishno Blue Samurai
Zoron Steven Blum Magenta Tracker
Thomas Von Clutch David Boat Black Pilot
Dragon Turtle Eric Bauza Green Water Specialist
Brainiac 12 Corey Burton Indigo Scientist
Draglet Stacey Keech Black Apprentice
Claw Peter Weller Pink Veteran
Metal Mash Khary Peyton Gray Berzerker
Scratch Dee Bradley Baker Brown Cook
Blade David Kaye Cyan Assassin
Sergeant Flame Laura Bailey Aquamarine Officer

Agents of the Renaissance

Member Voice Color Rank Bio
Prince Ginaria Roger Craig Smith Turqouis Older Prince
Prince Kex/ War Prince Troy Baker Gray Middle Prince
Prince Garin Scott Menvile Pink Young Prince/Ninja
Lord Trexx Steven Blum Brown Mentor
Don Wallace J.B. Blanc Magenta Representative
Sir Winston of Gold Hawk Jim Meskimen Yellow Knight
Dr. Vanessa Curtis Jodi Benson Indigo Doctor
Fire Drake Kevin Connroy Red Paladin
Aerial Ace Nichole Oliver Orange Athlete
Soar Fred Tatasciore White Bodyguard
Green Boomerang Greg Ellis Green Warrior
Phantom James Remar Violet Spy
Black Rift Phil LaMarr Black Fighter
Tiger Claws Samuel Vincent Cyan Bodyguard
Alexander Jackson/ Skyfall Quinton Flynn Aquamarine Air Specialist
Water Master Maria Canals Berrera Blue Water Elemental

The J.A.D.E (Justice Alliance of Democracy Enforcers)

{| class="article-table"

!Members !Voice !Color !Rank !Bio |- |Commander Jennifer Caleb |Constance Zimmerman |Pink |Commander | |- |Captain Bruce Ace |David Boat |Gray |Lieutenant | |- |Kyra Johnson |Nichole Oliver |Blue |Medical Officer | |- |Josie Jose/ Swan Cruiser |Alana Ulbach |Yellow |Mechanic | |- |Zagriy |Dee Bradley Baker |Red |Drill Sargent | |- |Crog |Jeff Bennett |White |Enforcer | |- |Agent Unicorn |Danica McKeller |Turqouis |Spy | |- |Jack B. Nimble |Wally Wingert |Green |Mage | |- |Rip Jackson |Charlie Schlatter |Orange |Techno Geek | |- |Mumo |James C. Mathiss |Brown |Hunter | |- |Therkenzo |Charlie Adler |Magenta |Detector | |- |Agent Cobra |Wendy Lee |Black |Interogator | |- |Phil Jec |Troy Baker |Violet |Scout | |- |Mrs. Lineage |Jennifer Hale |Indigo |Representative | |- |Shane LeMouse |Kari Wuhur |Cyan |Technician | |- |Boris Sepinte/ Robocon |Brian George |Aquamarine |Weaponsman | |} The Alliance

{| class="article-table"

!Member !Voice !Color !Rank !Bio |- |King Bathiniga |Beau Billingsea |Blue |King | |- |Gia |Craig Ferguson |Orange |Lord | |- |Commander Corana Sina |Ashleigh Ball |Violet |Commander | |- |Lieutenant Boris Shavenskki |Liem O'Brien |Turqouis |Lieutenant | |- |Private Jackson Overland Frost |Tom Kenny |Indigo |Private | |- |Iron Hand |Chris Williams |Gray |Inventor | |- |Stampede Boy |Quinton Flynn |Brown |Warrior | |- |Andra 13 |Debi Derryberry |Pink |Spy | |- |Gi |Lauren Tom |Green |Special Agent | |- |Lunea Thornton |Kaley Cucco |Yellow |Mechanic | |- |Alchemy |Travis Willingham |Red |Swordsman | |- |Zortda |Fred Tatasciore |Magenta |Enforcer | |- |Halx |Andrew Francis |White |Swordsman 2 | |- |Arion |Ogie Banks |Black |Commando | |- |Cyan Spider |Drew Arron |Cyan |Infiltration Solider | |- |Earth Master |David Sobolov |Aquamarine |Sorcerer | |} Rocket Racers

{| class="article-table"

!Member !Voice !Color !Rank !Bio |- |Louis Trombolt/ Rocket Commander |Kirk Thornton |Yellow |Leader | |- |General Rouge |John DiMaggio |Indigo |Lieutenant | |- |Sclade |Ron Perlman |Brown |Enforcer | |- |Dr. Cooloclaw |Scott Menvile |Orange |Scientist | |- |Cat Queen |Laura Bailey |Pink |Expert on Ancient Writings | |- |Basila |Tara Strong |Blue |Aquatics Expert | |- |Slender |Tom Kenny |Magenta |Spy | |- |Sook Fungaz |James Hong |Black |Alien Weapons Dealer | |- |Clowny |Rob Paulson |Turqouis |Interogator | |- |Solar Robot |Khary Peyton |Gray |Robotic Enforcer | |- |Cold Thumb |Nolan North |White |Ice Warrior | |- |Ragnarok |Tia Carrere |Violet |Giantess | |- |Rocx |Lance Henrikson |Green |Warrior | |- |Rampesis |N/A |Red |Android | |- |Baron Rocker |Gary Sturgis |Aquamarine |Baron | |- |Zomboyage |Jeff Bennett |Cyan |Ghost | |} Team Jungle

{| class="article-table"

!Member !Voice !Color !Rank !Bio |- |Jungle Lord |Michael Dobson |Green |Leader | |- |Princess Lunilla |Cindy Robinson |Black |Second in Command | |- |Lord Isne |Peter Weller |Aquamarine |Lord | |- |Dr. Predator |Dee Bradley Baker |Magenta |Savage Scientist | |- |Rocus Lord Eluio |Richard Green |Orange |Warrior | |- |Dathosaurs |Kevin Michael Richardson |Brown |Dragon | |- |Vozarn |John Kassir |Blue |Spy | |- |Solar Flare |David Boat |Turqouis |Fire Master | |- |Siala |Andrea Baker |Red |Hunter | |- |Cintron |Plain Talk |Gray |Android | |- |Helmman |Peter Spunick |Pink |Tracker | |- |Polar Cap |Nolan North |White |Ice Elemental | |- |Air Shredder |Dorian Harewood |Indigo |Sky Warrior | |- |The Helmet |Rick D. Wasserman |Violet |Strategist | |- |Riptide |Megan Smith |Yellow |Water Specialist | |- |Cinah |Maria Canals Berrera |Cyan |Shaman | |} Diamond Lords

{| class="article-table"

!Member !Voice !Color !Rank !Bio |- |Striker |Brian Bloom |Blue |Leader | |- |Robo Beta |Ashleigh Ball |Green |Co Captain | |- |Colarn |Lee Tockar |Gray |Hacker | |- |Maria Karsinoff/ Red Princess |Kath Soucie |Red |Princess | |- |Almec |Mark Ryan |Magenta |Bodyguard | |- |Diobon |John Malchovich |Black |Shade | |- |Prodeus Lancer/ Stallion |Paul Dobson |Brown |Warrior | |- |Gabrielle Lancer/ Mare |Vanessa Marshall |White |Partner | |- |Elina |Jessica Dicico |Violet |Enchantress | |- |Rock Stut |Steven Blum |Indigo |Weaponsmith | |- |Gengrind |Liem O'Brien |Turqouis |Scout | |- |Phillar |Travis Willingham |Pink |Sorceror | |- |Lola Hernendez/ Rocket |Maria Canals Berrera |Yellow |Space Exploror | |- |Lydia Quinn/ The Tiger |Selina Gomez |Orange |Warrior | |- |Racon |Nolan North |Cyan |Sky Warrior | |- |Mako Shark |Cindy Robinson |Aquamarine |Spy | |} Star Surfers

{| class="article-table"

!Member !Voice !Color !Rank !Bio |- |Nelkama |Richard Chamberlain |Magenta |Leader | |- |Princess Sionarah |Kristy Wu |Black |Princess | |- |Thomas Monty son/ Dr. Mind |Kevin Michael Richardson |Gray |Scientist | |- |King Raptor |Eric Bauza |Red |Boss | |- |Leslie Dobson/ Snake-Mother |Vanessa Marshall |Green |Snake tamer | |- |Kexis |Matt Hill |Orange |Enforcer | |- |Malcolm Jarvis/ Eagle-Owl |Phil Morris |White |Spy | |- |Krispin Ordry/ Science Facts |James Arnold Taylor |Brown |Representative | |- |Brianna Ferris/ Sky-Warp |Lisa Ortiz |Yellow |Speedster | |- |Zigzan |Jim Meskimen |Violet |Magician | |- |Lady Cynthia |Tara Strong |Turqouis |Negotiator | |- |Nina Chapman/ Bat-Girl |Britt McKlip |Indigo |Sonar Expert | |- |Audry |Colleen O'Shugannessy |Pink |Archer | |- |Yinana |Andrea Baker |Blue |Stunt Artist | |- |Glug and Horace |Tom Kenny |Cyan |Inventor | |- |Yinyang |James Sie |Aquamarine |Samurai | |} Neo Lords

{| class="article-table"

!Member !Voice !Color !Rank !Bio |- |Indigenous King of Quartz |Lance Henrikson |Green |Leader | |- |Stan Oak/ Gelvarod |Josh Keaton |Turqouis |Second in Command | |- |Baron Lord |Jim Cummings |Orange |Third in Command | |- |Silas Gray and Zint |McKenzie Gray |Black |Dragon Tamer | |- |Cail and Daracks |Cam Clarke |Indigo |Tracker | |- |Kasurah |Perri Gilpin |White |Negotiator | |- |Fire-Fist |J.B.Blanc |Gray |Scientist | |- |Myra |Sumalee Montano |Violet |Enforcer | |- |The Eel |Peter Lurie |Pink |Diver | |- |Count Benedict Roghes |David Boat |Blue |Count | |- |Fire Master |Andrew Francis |Red |Pilot | |- |General Wontonaka |Michael Horse |Brown |General of Earth | |- |General Electron |Fred Tatasciore |Magenta |General of Electricity | |- |Queen Bee |Cree Summer |Yellow |Scout | |- |Yumi |Kelly Hu |Aquamarine |Martial Artist | |- |Vlad |Diedrich Bader |Cyan |Informant | |} Larnian Warriors

{| class="article-table"

!Member !Voice !Color !Rank !Bio |- |Sundra the Sand-Queen |Gabrielle Union |Gray |Queen | |- |Princess Sourona |Kimberly Brooks |Yellow |Princess | |- |Celesti/ Lady Knucker |Brit McKlipp |Orange |Lady | |- |Lord Scare |David Oyelowo |Indigo |Lord | |- |Grand Bishop |Adam Baldwin |White |Bishop | |- |Patricia Hunt/ Coral-Mermaid |Jessica DiCicco |Pink |Water Specialist | |- |Lanax |Troy Baker |Blue |Enforcer | |- |Westlake Curtis/ Killer Smoke |Peter Kelmis |Magenta |Assassin | |- |Gresh the Shadow Knight |Jamie Watson |Black |Knight | |- |Traloni Sophmore |Josh Keaton |Brown |Swordsman | |- |Master El Congre |Victor Rivers |Violet |Sorceror | |- |Zordec |Rick May |Turqouis |Bounty Hunter | |- |Nag and Flurick |Gabrielle Carteris |Green |Hunter | |- |Wayingar |Peter Jessop |Red |Scientist | |- |Orzon |Fred Tatasciore |Cyan |Mystic | |- |Lady Savage |Hynden Walch |Aquamarine |Lady | |} Sky Quakers

{| class="article-table"

!Member !Voice !Color !Rank !Bio |- |Sora Long/ Crimson Streak |Kelly Hu |Red |Leader | |- |Azure Sentinel |Jamie Watson |Blue |Second in Command | |- |Diamond and Pearl Man |Richard Green |White |Warrior | |- |Baroness Vengeance |Jessica DiCicco |Green |Knight | |- |Ulcar |Terry Klassan |Violet |Scientist | |- |Aipia Carpia |Corey Burton |Magenta |Mage | |- |Ariana Mendez/ Raptor-Girl |Katie Higgens |Yellow |Enforcer | |- |Armstrim |Khary Payton |Orange |Ninja | |- |Alpha 9 |Kimberly Brooks |Turqouis |Pilot | |- |Bumei |Fred Tatasciore |Gray |Mage | |- |Sybertron |Dee Bradley Baker |Black |Fighter | |- |Brother Gormno |Adam Baldwin |Indigo |Specialist | |- |Sanaranah |Danika McKeller |Pink |Martial Artist | |- |Cybertron |David Boat |Violet |Ariel Expert | |- |Serpos |Dave Wittenberg |Cyan |Snakeman | |- |Dr. Brachias |Don Leslie |Aquamarine |Scientist | |} Knights of Donwul

{| class="article-table"

!Member !Voice !Color !Rank !Bio |- |King Obisioa |Brian George |Violet |King of Donwul | |- |Queen Syna |Gwendoline Yeo |Green |Queen of Donwul | |- |Princess Kina |Kari Wahlgren |Pink |Princess of Donwul, and oldest child. | |- |Prince Seto |Andrew Kishno |Blue |Prince of Donwul, Second Child. | |- |Prince Jancu |Josh Keaton |Orange |Prince of Donwul, Third Child. | |- |Prince Brad |Andrew Francis |Gray |Prince of Donwul, Fourth Child. | |- |Lord Vosac |James Remar |Red |Lord of Donwul, and Brother of Syna | |- |Orana |Grey DeLisle |Yellow |Lady of Donwul, Wife of Vosac. | |- |Rachus |David Kaye |Brown |Knight of the Shark Jaws. | |- |Serpentina |Lauren Tom |Magenta |Lady of Donwul, and Naga Warrior. | |- |General Vort Nod |Fred Tatasciore |Black |General of Mallias | |- |Sir Grant of Donwul |Troy Baker |Indigo |Knight of the Dragon | |- |Captain Canubis |Phil LaMarr |Whte |Captain of Donwul | |- |Thursday Merriwether/ Lady of Donwul |Tara Platt |Turqouis |Badger Warrior | |- |Fentix |Rob Paulson |Cyan |Guardian | |- |Sir Zykes |Liem O'Brien |Aquamarine |Swordsman | |} Dark Squad

Member Voice Color Rank Bio
Dr. Eric Tlasstique T.J. Gould Yellow Leader
Erin Tlasstique/ Megaraptor Hynden Walch White Second in Command
Ian Grant/ Dr. Raptor Tim Curry Indigo Scientist
Lord Dragon Dee Bradley Baker Green Warrior
Gorah Keone Young Turqouis Samurai
Ladon Robin Atkin Downes Violet Spy
Kirk McLeod/ Iron Ape Brian Dobson Gray Enforcer
Shanna Stone/ Blue Thunder Grey DeLisle Griffin Blue Martial Artist
Gerdash Phil LaMarr Brown Pilotrsabu Empire
Alia McAffee/ Black Cobra Gina Torres Black Assassin
Cold-Shadow Charlie Adler Magenta Ninja
Jaime Powers/ Navajo Man Greg Rainwater Orange Elemental
Zaion Lauren Tom Pink Representative
Draker Kevin Michael Richardson Red Destroyer
Racon Nolan North Cyan Underwater Specialist
Regohern Alexander Polinsky Aquamarine Muscle

Naruru Clan

Member Voice Color Rank Bio
Emperor Toros Don Leslie Yellow Emperor
King Maur Frank Welker Orange King of Law
King Ramses Jeff Bennett White King of Order
Lord Tron Lou Diamond Phillips Red Lord of Law
Lord Colioso David Kaye Violet Lord of Order
Chancellor Lexis Jess Harnell Green Chancellor
Ress Roger Craig Smith Brown Martial Artist
Shadow Mace Tom Kenny Indigo Ninja
Toranana Troy Baker Magenta Judge
Nazer Giancarlo Eposito Black Inquisitor
General Vira Cedis Laura Bailey Gray General
Lieutenant Vlad Lindsey Schnelby Blue Lieutenant
Anaba Ashley Johnson Turqouis Oracle
Sera Rice Jodi Benson Pink Spy
Mondoon Giancarlo Eposito Cyan Judge
Yonu John DiMaggio Aquamarine Officer
The Dark Masters
Members Voice Color Rank Bio
Slade Wilson/ Deathstroke Jeremy Irons Dark Red Leader
Granny Goodness Pat Carroll Dark Green Water Specialist
Kang Jonathan Freeman Dark Blue Conquror
Dr. Ramon DeLaporta Brian Blessed Dark Yellow Scientist
Shade Kieth David Black Sorceror
M. Bison Richard White Dark Orange Enforcer
Akuma Miquel Ferrer Dark Indigo Strategist
Pyron Kevin Michael Richardson White Pilot
Bloth David Ogden Stiers Dark Violet Schemer
Thunderbolt Ross John DiMaggio Dark Brown General
Owlman James Woods Gray Machaniac
Skeletor Malcolm McDowell Dark Turquois Second in Command
Boss Alemeda Randy Quaid Dark Magenta Financer
Madame Zylene Angelina Jolie Dark Pink Dealer
Captain Hook Corey Burton Dark Cyan Pirate
Clockwerk Ross Douglass Dark Aquamarine Messinger

The Puadok Tribe

Member Voice Color Ranke Bio
Emperor Clorgax Travis Willingham Blue Emperor
Queen Saon Tara Strong Yellow Queen
Lord Bishop Michael Dorn Violet Lord
Lord Kohs Troy Baker Orange Admiral Lord
Lord Vlagmar Tom Adcox Hernendez Aquamarine Prison Lord
Mataza Stephen Stanton Gray Captain
Retix Brian Bloom Magenta Knight
Jennet Silver-mane/ Madame Rune Tara Platt Pink Sorceress
Zep David Boat Turqouis Scientist
O-Grr Ogie Banks Brown Warrior
Klorg Paul Dobson White Guardian
Varon James Patrick Stewart Black Spy
Kinso Dante Basco Red Archer
Gerin David Sobolov Indigo Scout
Cruncher Nolan North Green Executioner
Wild Cell Grant Moninger Cyan Creation

Kings of Hearts

member voice color rank Bio
Shadow King David Kaye Red Leader
Bolt Tracker Chiara Zanni Indigo Second in Command
Plaque Michael Dobson Magenta Third in Command
Dragon Knight Christopher Judge Black Warrior
Marth Christopher Gaze Turqouis Sorceror
Jaico Lee Tockar Brown Assassin
Thorn Blu Mancuma Yellow Spy
Lothor Ron Halder Gray Enforcer
Wenlok Gary Chalk Violet Strategist
Lizarn Scott McNeil Blue Scientist
Chanaku Eric Bauza White Ninja
Rehilu Richard Newman Orange Bodyguard
Carnotaur David Kaye Green Dino Expert
Nelehtron Brian Dobson Pink Machine of War
Amara Kathleen Barr Cyan Enchantress
Green Face Richard Ian Cox Aquamarine Gangster


Member Voice Color Rank Bio
Queen Syndrah Danika McKeller Violet Queen
Icarus Krey/ The Terrible Trivium Mark Oliver Gray Leader
Calpatine Lance Reddick Yellow Second in Command
Savanna K. Russel/ Queen of Diamonds T'Keyeh Keymah White Psychic Speicialist
Captain Jack Kex/ Obsidian-Cat Rino Romano Black Captain
Alfalfa Ginnino/ Gorilla De'Ville Susan Blakeslee Magenta Thief/ Combat Specialist
Ludmilla Kex/ Cyan-Cat Kate Higgens Tuqouis Infiltration Expert
Brah Grant Moninger Red Weaponsman
Omar Jared/ Quart-Eyes Kevin Michael Richardson Green Spy
Orson Jared/ Quart-Legs Phil LaMarr Indigo Spy
Razor Jim Ward Brown Enforcer
Juliana Lancer/ Shadow Hawk Sumalee Montano Blue Martial Artist
Veronica Ketchum/ Miss Magnus Grey DeLisle Orange Representative
Lois Channing/ Vigilante Queen Virginia Madson Pink Berzerker
Dante Vale/ Jersey Devil Marc Thompson Cyan Spy
Dream Changer Keone Young Aquamarine Mindbender


Color Good Bad
Red Ashemis Prime, Crimson Cat, Commander Kronos Crawl, Captain Snake-Eyes, Unikurn, Lord Wiren, Hethratep, Rubber-Girl Gelvarod, Rendahll, Smaug, Z.A.L., Lord Hydra, Lord Colgort, Lord Blood, King Walron,Skulker, Slade
Orange Chimera, Cutter, Empress Kronos Selena, Captain Ragu, Trogdor, Pslymouth, Britain Anvie, King Lingchar Regidon, Hammer Master, Col. Von Bluth, Crispton, Jersey Devil, Mabrook, Valg, El Chupacabra, Sethratep, M. Bison
Yellow Joker, Transactor, Major Kronos Ceratopsian, Druk, Scorp, Ghost, Oracle, Dr. Unkown, Abigail Stone, C.Y.B.O.R.G., El Viper, Cockatrice, Emperor Croud
Green Star Prime, Aquarias, Lord Jorgon Jones, Cyberhook, Zilla Wrestler, Quetzelcoatyl Blackfire Maximus, Mage, Tempest, Slimu, Orochi, King of Games
Blue Mr. Fantastic, Wren, Hunter Kronos Jack, Pirate, Crystal Butterfly, Unicorn Cyber, Archer, Isis, Lexton, Unicorn, Gemini
Indigo Streak, Hippo, Emperor Kronos Akbar, Siren Song, Groveman, Kraken Aratron, Halloween Master, Blencon, Ice Viper, Cerberus, Tar Drake
Violet Jinx, Ocmore Commander, Scout Kronos Clay, Orc Fish, Light-Fire, Meganeura Von Phrokon, Von Clutche, El Blancho, Zuniceratops, Harpy, Judge Rolan Skull
Brown Power-Bend, Grand Duke, Mystic Kronos Skeksis, Psycho Pirate, Cobra Commando, Centaur Cyberdon, Knumb-Skull, Bloom Shane, Raptorn, Manticore, Dr. Pandora
Black Raven, Gray Owl, Knight Kronos Lance, Myrom, Hyperion, Roc Dr. Crayfish, Stalker, Mysteridom, Black Ton, Titan, Zekrom
Gray Antimatterboy, Lion-Master, Col. Kronos Rain, Rec-Inier, Uni-Knight, Tylosaurus General Spider, Mech-Lock, Skelesapien, Chameleon Monster, Griffin, Xeses
White Color-Girl, Silverwolf,General Kronos Gasket, Skeleton, Reshirem, Sphinx Thurg, Swordsman, Zactos, Celion, Pegasus, Sirsci
Turqouise Lioness, Scrapmetal, Captain Kronos Eclipse, Aquifer, Dr. Amalthea, Waterhorse Cynatron, Questing Beast, S.T. Pegasus, Dekhan, Xenobeast, Captain Ragon
Magenta Thora, Mad Louie, King Kronos Crank, Rex, Firelass, Loch Ness Monster Quake, Allomon, Thunderbird, Kron, Jurugomo, Mandis
Pink Swan, Armstar, Lt. Kronos Radon, Davey Jones, Vixen, Fairy Wrecka, Berrod, Lurker, Fungus, Tarasque, Sphinx
Red Violet
Yellow Orange
Tropical Violet
Blue Green
Blue Violet
Red Orange
Seafoam Green
Blue Gray

Levels/Episodes (based off Spyro series worlds)Edit

Draconis Noble (Spyro's species Realm: Artisan)Edit

  • Stone Hill Highlands - The hills where to gain diamonds!
  • Dark Hallow Fairgrounds -  a scavenger hunt, to find the flags, in each part!
  • Town Square of El Dorado - must round up the bulls!
  • Dragon's Ritual Ground - must kick out the Thieves!
  • Sunny Phase of Victory - to gain the Light Sphere!
  • Scarecrow - Pokesquad must defeat Scarecrow before the Rift Energy is permanant!

Draconis Rex (Man-Dragon's Species Realm: Peecekeepers)Edit

  • Cliff Town of Tarpit Peek - To win the obstacle course!
  • Very Dry Canyon -  to seek the Lotus Jade Flower!
  • Ice Caverns of Norf Mountain - to rescue the Crimson Cat!
  • Battle Camp 150 - to Face Dr. Octopus, and stop him from manipulating the Apache!
  • Night Phase of Victory - to gain the Night Sphere!

Draconis Cygnus (Serrifas's Species Realm: Magic Crafters)Edit

  • Alpine Ridge Climb - To Encounter the mountain grounds of the Cygnus Draconis!
  • Golden High Caves - Explore the Caves for treasure against Silver Stagbeetles!
  • Wizard Peak - Do the activities of the Ancient Sorcerers!
  • Stormy Weather Mountain - Ice King absorbed the Crystal energy, and must be stopped!
  • Crystal Phase of Victory - to gain the Crystal Sphere!

Draconis Terras (Smaug's Species Realm: Beast Makers)Edit

  • Cabbage Terrence Village - To reclaim a village from Punk Gangs!
  • Misty Bog of Tag Frogs - The travel into a Swamp of Many obstacles!
  • Tree Top Forrest - to do the ways of the Tree Elders!
  • Beast Maker Factory - Megatron builds a factory, and created surge towers to boost his power!
  • Wild Phase of Victory - to gain the Stone Sphere!

Draconis  Luck Drakk (Falcor's Species Realm: Dream Weavers)Edit

  • Dark Passage of Illusions - to go through a daunting passage of illusions!
  • Chamberlain's Lofty Castle - enter the mysterious castle!
  • Haunted Towers of Haggard - They must stop a wizard from bringing armor to life!
  • Volcano Horror World - James must battle his darkside!
  • Ice Phase of Victory - to gain the Ice Sphere!

Draconis Komodo (Shendu's Species Realm: Evening Lake)Edit

  • The Frozen Inca Alters - to open the gates of the Alters!
  • Captain St. Glen's Lost Fleet - find the treasure of Captain Stewart Glen!
  • St.Glen's Fireworks Factory - to stop the Ninjas of the Fire Dragons!
  • Charmed Fairy Ridge - Ash must rescue the Fairy Prince!
  • Whale Graveyard - Man-Bat kidnaps Misty, and the gang must rescue her!
  • Bee Hive Phase of Victory - to gain the Honey Sphere!

Draconis Ursus (Vermithrax's Species Realm: Sunrise Spring)Edit

  • Sunnivila - Brock must find the Mayor!
  • The Storm Cloud Spires - they must free the slaves and activate the Clouds!
  • Molten Craters of Tiki Island - to save the ancient ruins!
  • Seashell Shore Island - They must save the endangered Blue Navy Seals!
  • Molten Harbor - Toad infiltrates the Harbor, and must be stopped!
  • Insect Phase of Victory - to gain the Pillbug Sphere!

Draconis Falcon (Sapphira's Species Realm: Midnight Mountain)Edit

  • Sky Crystal Islands - They must collect the crystals of Legend!
  • Ruins of the St. Glen Desert - they must uncover the secret of the ruins!
  • Pharoah Ke-rahtep's Haunted Tomb - Ash must find a way out of the tomb!
  • Dinosaur Crypt Mines - They must find the thing that controlls the Dinosaurs!
  • Castle Arena - Draca absorbed too much of Fathnir's powers, and must be stopped!
  • Harbor Phase of Victory - to gain the Crab Sphere!

Draconis Serpentine (Zarton's Species Realm: Miday Garden)Edit

  • St. Glen's Icey Peak - to enter the peak, and clear the Ice!
  • King Rarag's Enchanted Castle - to find the blueprints of the warmachine!
  • Spookey Swamps of Gloom - They must light the lamps to see the dangers in the water!
  • Bamboo Terrence Valley - they must help Pandas reclaim their homes!
  • Spike Outpost - Khyber uses the weapons and resources to start a small war!
  • Old Country Phase of Victory - to gain the Hay Sphere!

Draconis Leo (Draco's Species Realm: Avalar)Edit

  • Glimmer Mines - to gain the Armadillo Totem!
  • Tiki Idol Springs - to gain the Mullusk Totem!
  • Colossus  Monestary -  to gain the Gorilla Totem!
  • Sunny Beach Bay - to gain the Dolphine Totem!
  • Triton's Aquaria Towers - to gain the Shark Totem!
  • Ocean Phase of Victory - to gain the Pearl Sphere!
  • Castle Dungeon - Flesh takes over the dungeons secret powers, and must be stopped!
  • Prehiskelos Badlands - to gain the Phylot Totem!
  • the Crystal Glaciers - to gain the Bear Totem!
  • Wind Breeze Harbor - to gain the Wolf Totem!
  • Zephyr Battle Grounds - to gain the Eagle Totem!
  • Scorch Deserts - to gain the Beetle Totem!
  • The Fracture Ground Hills - to gain the Cheetah Totem!
  • Magma Cone Mountain - to gain the Fox Totem!
  • The Shady's Oasis - to gain the Lion Totem!
  • Metro Phase of Victory - to gain the Glass Sphere!
  • Ice Phase of Victory (south) - to gain the Snow Sphere!
  • The Overlook - Skalamander infiltrated the Kings courtship to steal the crown jewels!
  • Mystic Marsh of Gloom - to gain either the Knowledge or Fear Card!
  • Cloud Temples - to gain either the Strength or Invoulnerability Card!
  • Robotica Iron Farms - to gain etiher the Lightspeed or Destruction Card!
  • 3000 Metropolis - to gain either the Wisdom or Decay Card!
  • Canyon Phase of Victory - to gain the Stone Sphere!
  • Draconis Arena - to defeat Zarton, Dagirth, Shendu, Clydhis and Man-Dragon


Totems - from the Visionaries when they realized Merklyn lied to them and used them to gain power, so devided the 14 Totems all around the Leo Draconis Territory, and waited for the right people!


1st RoundEdit

5 teams on each Alliance must find the 5 Crystal Hearts before the other team does, and only one team will be the defeated ones in a "Epic Battle Stage" and are defeated along with their Dragonlord.

Heroes Elite (Bronze, Blue, Polar, Black, Purple) Dark Lights (Gold, Brass, Silver, Red, Green)
Pokesquad - Is considered the Pokemon Factor that had to go through Primordia to obtain a Red Crystal Heart. Wyvercons - is considered the Tech Factor that had competed against the Pokesqaud for the Red Crystal Heart.
Russia's Finest - Is considered the Strategy Factor that had to go through Mummerah's Tomb to obtain a Yellow Crystal Heart. Slayers - Is the Weapons Factor that had competed against Russia's Finest for the Yellow Crystal Heart. They were defeated by Russia's Finest.
Davey Jones Crew - Is considered the Pirate Factor that had to go through the Isle of Mysteries to obtain a Green Crystal Heart. Z.I.N.C. - Is considered the Freakshow Factor that were competing against The Davey Jones Crew for the Green Crystal Heart.
Kronos Knights - Is Considered the Knight Factor that had go through the Kingdom of Magic to obtain a Blue Crystal Heart. Team Victory - Is considered the Victory Factor that were competing against the Kronos Knights for the Blue Crystal Heart.
Project Unicorn - Is Considered the Leading Factor that had to go through Alien Planet to obtain a Violet Crystal, they were the leading Factor in the Heroes Elite Alliance. Project Harpy - is considered the Leading Factor that were competing against Project Unicorn for the Purple Crystal Heart.

2nd roundEdit

Four Alliances must compete against the Stand Alone Team, and must free the Dragon Nobles from Crysal Imprisonment, and the losing team will be defeated, and that the Stand Alone will choose a new allience.

Freedom Fighters (Bronze and Black)
Pokesquad - is considered the Rescue factor of the alliance, that they had to go through the Dream Weaver Zone to free the nobles of the zone.
Kronos Knights - is considered the Leading Factor of the group, that they had to go through the Nexus to free the nobles from the nexus.
The Crusaders (Purple and Polar)
Project Unicorn -is considered The Rescue Factor  that had to go through the Peacekeepers training grounds, and has to free the Nobles of the Canyon.
Davey Jones Crew - is considered the Leading Factor of the Alliance, that had to go through the Artisan Island grounds to free the nobles of the Island. They were severley defeated by Z.I.N.C.
Dark League (Gold and Silver)
Wyvercons - is considered the conquerors for the alliance, that they had to go through all the lands to free the nobles from all the lands.
Z.I.N.C. - is considered the Leading Factor.
Team Cryptid (Red and Green)
Team Victory - is considered The Victory factor of the alliance, that had to go through the Magic Crafters Valley to free the Nobles of the Valley.
Project Harpy - is considered the Leading Factor of the alliance, that had to go through the Beast Makers Factories to free the Nobles of the Swamp.
Stand Alone (Blue)
Russia's Finest - After Defeating the Slayers, they have been ranked Stand Alone in the 2nd round, and that they have proved themselves worthy, they have Decided the Realm of the Dragon Lords and the Dragon Nobles are the ones that should be freed.

Round 3Edit

The Four Alliences of the Eight Remaining teams must gather the Disney Magic from the six realms of Disney and Restore it to it's natural state.

Pokemon's Finest (Bronze and Blue)
Pokesquad - is the Beast Factor, that had to go through the Pride Lands to obtain a Lion Figure.
Russia's Finest - is the Leading Factor, that had to go through Agribah to obtain a Lamp.
Legend Knights (Purple and Black)
Project Unicorn - is the Health Factor, that had to go through Monster's INC to obtain a Canister.
Kronos Knights - is the Leading Factor, that had to go through Wall-E's junk yard to obtain a Plant.
Project: Doom (Gold and Red)
Wyvercon - is considered the Battle Factor, that had to go through the Treasure Island to obtain a Skull coin.
Team Victory - is considered the Leading Factor, that had to go through Wonderland to obtain a Heart Crown.
Wolf Odd (Green and Silver)
Project Harpy - is considered the Mutant Factor, that had to go through Monsters Inc to obtain a Canister.
Z.I.N.C. - Is considered the Leading Factor, that had to go through Agribah to obtain the Lamp. They were defeated by the Kronos Knights.

4th roundEdit

The three Alliances must compete with the Stand Alone team to regain the lost Dragon Eggs, and win a shot for round five.

The Gaurdians (Bronze and Purple)
Pokesquad - is considered the Hero Factor, that must go through Evening Lake to find the lost eggs.
Project Unicorn - is considered the leading Factor, that must go through Midday Gardens to find the lost Eggs.
Destroyers (Gold and Green)
Wyvercons - is considered the Capture Factor, that must go through Sunrise Springs to find the Lost Eggs.
Project Harpy - is considered the Leading Factor, that must go through Miday gardens to find the lost eggs.
Royal Arts (Blue and Black)
Russia's Finest - is considered the strength factor, that must find the lost Dragon eggs from the four Dragonfly mazes.
Kronos Knights -is considere the Leading Factor, that must go through the Midnight Mountains to find the lost eggs of the peaks. They were defeated by Team Victory.
Stand Alone (Red)
Team Victory - is the stand alone team that decides on the egg challenge because of Smaug's attempt to preserve the eggs.

5th RoundEdit

The Two Triads must gain 14 Talismans to enter the grand turnament to end the phase one of the Dragon Lord Games and make a new alliance making.

Legendary Triad (Bronze, Purple, Blue)
Pokesquad - is the leading factor, and must find all 14 talismans to enter phase 2 of the Dragon Lord Games.
Project Unicorn - the Healing Factor.
Russia's Finest - The Strategy factor.
Dark Triad (Gold, Green, Red)
Wyvercons - the leading factor.
Team Victory - the victory factor
Project Harpy - the Mutation factor. they were defeated by Project Unicorn.

Round 6Edit

The 5 remaining teams must work with their foes to wind against the Stand Alone team, to gain the warzone points in a Warp Room.

Pokemon Trainers (Gold and Bronze)
Pokesquad - is considered the Leading Factor, and they must go through the 3rd and 4th Warp Room Challenges.
Wyvercons - is considered the Renegade Factor, and they must go through the 5th and Final Warp Room challenges.
Royal Gaurd (Red and Blue)
Russia's Finest - is considered the Leading Factor, and they must go through the 2nd Warp room challenges.
Team Victory - is considered the Victory Factor, and must go through the Warp Room 1, challenges to obtain lost Draconion Crystals.
Stand Alone (Purple)
Project Unicorn - is the Stand Alone team, and they will be testing the other teams, and see if they win or fall into their hands. The were defeated by Pokesquad.

7th roundEdit

2 alliances must compete in a mountain to do battle in a long forgotton kingdom.

Team Great Success (Bronze and Red)
Pokesqaud - is considerd the Leading Factor, that had to go through the Terrydactyland, and Witchyworld to gain a puzzle piece.
Team Victory - is considered the Victory Factor, that had to go through the Mayahem Temple, and Jolly Roger's Lagoon to gain a Puzzle piece. they were defeated by Russia's Finest.
Masters of Night (Gold and Blue)
Wyvercons - is considered the Leading Factor, that had to go through the Glitter Gulch Mine, and Grunty Indaustries to obtain a puzzle piece.
Russia's Finest - is considered the Stealth Factor, that had to go though the Hailfire Peaks, Cloud Cuckooland, and Cauldron Keep to gain a puzzle piece.

8th RoundEdit

The Final Three teams must solve series of puzzles and solve mysteries in three worlds.

Stand Alone (Bronze)
Pokesquad - is a stand alone team that must go through, the Flights of Victory in the Autumn Plains.
Stand Alone (Gold)
Wyvercons - is a stand alone team that must go through, the Flights of Victory in the Summer Forest.
Stand Alone  (Blue)
Russia's Finest - is a Stand alone team that must go through, the Flights of Victory in Winter Tundra. They were defeated by the Wyvercons.

9th RoundEdit

The two must battle in their own home world the Pokemon world to determine the champion.

Stand Alone (Bronze)
Pokesqaud - is the Stand alone team to battle from Kanto to Kalos, and win
Stand Alone (Gold)
Wyvercons - is the Stand alone team to battle from Kanto to Kalos, and Win. they were defeated by the Pokesquad.

10th round (final round)Edit

The Pokesquad must battle their grand foes to win the challenge. Pokesquad

Stand Alone (Bronze)

December 1, 2017

December 15, 2017

January 13, 2018

January 28, 2018

Pandemonium Club

Stand Alone
Will challenge the Pokesquad. They were defeated and imprisoned in the Rift.