for the new independent paramount, see Paramount Enterprises. for the mini-major paramount see Paramount Entertainment Co..

Paramount Enterprises

Paramount Pictures Corporation (commonly known as ​Paramount Pictures or simply ​Paramount, and formerly known as Famous Players-Lasky Corporation) is a American film studio, television production company and motion picture distributor, consistently ranked as one of the "Big Five" film studios of Hollywood until June 2020 effectively ended the existence of Paramount as a distribution company. It is a subsidiary of U.S. media conglomerate DreamWorks, Paramount is a member of the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) prior to the August 2019 bankruptcy of Paramount Pictures.

Following the La Tuna Fire on September 1, 2017, Paramount announced to stop distributing movies. from December 2019 onward, Paramount's releases is being distributed by Universal Pictures. Paramount remains major until April 2022, when the Large Studio called The Hartnett Organisation purchased Viacom's film and television studios as well as it's networks and retired all Paramount names, except for this company.

However, Paramount was split into the Independent Paramount Enterprises and Paramount Entertainment.

since 2023, the new Paramount's majority of its films will be distributed by Universal Studios, Lionsgate Pictures, Warner Bros., Entertainment One, Walt Disney Pictures, Sunking Pictures, Mishmash Pictures and Republic Pictures.

in 2024, the New Paramount can have 60 new movies announced so that Universal (along with other studios) can co-produce films with Paramount Pictures as a future distributor.


for the history, see the History of Paramount Pictures.


for a list of films, either see the List of Paramount Pictures films (pre-2022) or List of Paramount Enterprises films (post-2022)

Smurfs: The Smurf Out of the Village 2020 (distributed by Paramount Pictures)

Transformers 6 2019 (distributed by Paramount Pictures)

Covi & Zizt (Live Action)

The Sam Flynn and Alice Movie 2018 (distributed by Paramount Pictures and Universal Pictures)