Pacific Rim/Godzilla is a crossover film and the possible sequel of Pacific Rim. It is being directed by Guillermo del Toro, written by del Toro and produced by Thomas Tull and Travis Beacham. Starring Charlie Hunnam, Rinko Kikuchi, Charlie Day, Max Martini, and Ron Perlman with new guest stars. It's going to a full length movie that last 2hrs and 98 minutes. The Second Kaiju War fought between the years 2047-2054.


In the year 2054, another breach as appeared in an unknown location beneath the sea, releasing new Kaiju, the beginning of the second kaiju war between humanity and the Precursors. In the year 2027 the Jaeger program has been reactiated by the President's approval, as the Pan Pacific Defense Corps began to build new improved Jaegers Mark: 6-9's. Now in order to stop the sentient Kaiju attack, Raleigh, Mako, and the rest of the PPDC must team-up with the King of the Monsters himself, Godzilla and a group of Aliens that have a history with the Precursors in order to defeat the Kaiju!





  • Charlie Hunnam as Raleigh Becket: The main protagonist and a Ranger in the PPDC. He and Mako pilot Gipsy Danger 2.0.
  • Rinko Kikuchi as Mako Mori: Raleigh's co-pilot.
  • Paula Patton as Jasmine Martinez: An attractive graduate Ranger from the Jaeger Academy in 2035. She pilots Saber Damsel along with her sister Kathryn. She's Raleigh's love interest.
  • Alice Braga as Kathryn Martinez: Jasmine's sister and co-pilot of Saber Damsel.
  • Charlie Day as Dr. Newton Geizler: A scientist studying the Kaiju.
  • Burn Gorman as Dr. Hermann Gottlieb: Newton's partner and co-worker.
  • Max Martini as Hercules "Herc" Hansen: New Marshall of the Pan Pacicfic Defense Corps. He keeps a picture of his son, Chuck and Marshal Pencost in his office.
  • Clifton Craig Collins, Jr as Tendo Choi:
  • Ron Perlman as Hannibal Chau: A black marketeer who makes a living dealing Kaiju organs. 
  • Flex Alexander as Travis McCrary: An African American Jaerger pilot and a famous rapper of Strider Zeta. He quickly befriends Raleigh and Mako for their success of sealing the Breach years ago.
  • Zoe Saldana as Violet Hale: Travis' girlfriend and co-pilot of Strider Zeta.
  • Simon Pegg as Tobias Quint: A famed bounty hunter.
  • Bruce Willis as Manfred Chau: Hannibel's brother and Kaiju expert.
  • Don Frye as Jacque
  • Terry Chen as Nishio Kazuki:
  • Adrien Brody as Aaron: Pilot of Saxon Rose
  • Olivia Wilde as Catherine Lane
  • Cole Rosen as TBA:
  • TBA as Sensei Lee: a japanese sensei and martial artist that Pilots Shutendoji Daimao alongside his student Kai,Lee is also Sesshomaru's guardian and friend.
  • TBA as Kai: sensei lee's Student that is also friends with Godzilla and Sesshomaru,Kai also Is enemies with the Calypso due to the fact his american Friend Zeke was presumed to have been killed by him. Kai also looks up to Raleigh for his trust for both Jaeger and Kaiju alike and consider's him his idol.
  • Greg Cipes as Zeke: Kai's Amercian friend from Seattle who was thought to have been killed by Calypso, Zeke is also a Jaeger expert,Designer and trainee despited his appearance as a teenage skater.
  • Gilbert Gottfried as Vincent Tatopolous: a Reporter with a Brooklyn accent who tries to uncover the secrets of the Kaiju to the world as he was once a Jaeger pilot During the first Kaiju war, Vincent and his camera man and helicopter pilot where both devoured by Hydra during the final battle, after the end credits Vincent survives along side his camera man and pilot much how Hannibel survived getting eaten by the Baby Kaiju.He is also dress similarly like Howard Cosell.
  • Shelley Calene-Black as President Winona Karlstien: The female president of the united states who relaunched the Jaeger program.
  • Stephanie Mahoe as TBA:
  • Frieda Pinto as Malaika D'Souza: An Indian Jaeger pilot of Komodo Frost.
  • Dev Patel as Sanjay D'Souza: Makaila's brother and her co-pilot of Komodo Frost.
  • Will Arnett as Evan Randall: A Candian Jaeger Pilot of Lovecraft Maple.
  • Liam Neeson as Brian Shackle: 
  • Shaun Austin-Olsen as Lawrence Sullivan: A Kaiju Priest who highly respects the Kaiju as Gods in his Church with the Kaiju Cultists.

Voice Cast

  • Ellen McLain as Jaeger A.I.:
  • Tony Todd as Precursor Leader:



  • Gipsy Danger 2.0: Now a Mark-6 American Jaeger.Piloted by Raleigh Becket and Mako Mori.
  • Saber Damsel: Mark-6 American Jaeger. When the Kaiju returned, Herc Hanson ordered to created a jaeger that is the predecessor of Tacit Ronin. Same body build with a little more thick armor. Two retractable blade that are energized with charged particles. And he sports anti-kaiju missile pods on each shoulder.
  • Azure Defiant: Mark-6 American Jaeger. He's armed with two thunderbolt rail guns like Coyote Tango's, two swarm missile lunchers and a retractable tesla blades on each arm.
  • Temasek Titan: A Mark-6 Singaporean Jaeger.
  • Blios Crimson: Mark-7 Mexican Jaeger.
  • Vertigo Black: Mark-7 American Jaeger.
  • Shutendoji Daimao: Mark-8 Japanese Jaeger.
  • Twin Hartman: Mark-8 quad leg Sarawak Jaeger. This model is only focus only on long range artiliry and it's movement is extremely slow and its weakness is melee combat. On the pro's side is that it packs deadly punch to any kaiju within it's range with one shot skill weapon grade. Unlike the other Jaegers, Hartman has two conn-pods: one focus on the large weapons and one focus on the regular mediocre weapons.
  • Caeser Sigma: Mark-5 Greek Jaeger. 
  • Komodo Frost: Mark-6 Indian Jaeger.
  • Saxon Rose: Mark-7 British Jaeger.
  • Locust Eclipse: Mark-5 Chinese Jaeger.
  • Lovecraft Maple: Mark-6 Canadian Jaeger.
  • Hippo Scorch: Mark-6 Peruvian Jaeger. Main weapons are large 


  • Jinx Renegade: Mark-5 Russian Jaeger that was destroyed by a Kaiju on May 22, 2029 during the battle.
  • Cosmos Electron: Mark-7 Australian Jaeger that was destroyed by a Category V on 



  • Godzilla:
  • Minizilla/Godzilla junior:
  • Anguirus
  • Rodan
  • King Caeser
  • Gorosaurus
  • Baragon
  • Manda
  • Mothra
  • Hedorah
  • Kumonga
  • Zilla
  • Sesshomaru: a wolf Kaiju that has the ability to sense electrical signals not just on Machines such as the Jaegers but other Kaiju as well and can produce Sharp claws capable of destroying the orginal Gypsie danger, Sesshomaru is also one of Godzilla's and the peace corps greatest allies.
  • Ebirah
  • Maguma
  • Varan
  • Titanosaurus

Antiverse KaijuEdit

  • Hydra [Category VI]: This is the first and only category VI Kaiju. It's similar to the greek hydra as it has five heads.
  • Gipsy Nemisis [Category V]: A Kaiju specifically Designed by the Precursors' to combat Gipsy Danger 2.0. Gipsy Nemisis has two sword like claws and Energy cannon from his right arm, Gipsy Nemisis also has the ability to abosrb radiation and nuclear energy which makes him bigger and more powerful, It was slained by Gipsy Danger 2.0 and Godzilla during thhe final battle with Hydra.
  • El Vejigante [Category III]: This Kaiju was killed by Blios Crimson on July 7, 2040. It creates a constant ionic fields similar to the kaiju code named "leatherback". Can fire concentrated jets of corrosive fluids identical to kaiju codenamed "Otachi". Has tendency to create photon flashes when submerged, blinding and damaging Jeager optical and targeting systems. He was killed in the Gulf of Mexico by Matador Fury on the News.
  • Beyagara [Category V]: This fearsome Kaiju's dorsal sail allows to control of lesser kaiju and has bioluminous glow.His teeth and tail claw has serious potential damage. It leads Driech,Hammerhead, Snaketail, Muneate, Croc Tears,Akasha,Hachiwara and Calypso to attack Japan after being emerged from the Breach. He was killed by Godzilla and Gipsy 2.0, after Beyagara died in battle his control over his henchman was broken and they switched sides with the peace corps and Godzilla.
  • Akasha [Category IV]: Akasha is Beyagara's mainly land-based fighter. It has incredibly powerful legs, giving it an impressive top speed, but also allowing it to leap great distances and deliver a devastating kick to opponents. It has a crest of bioluminescant protofeathers around the back of its skull that it uses as a warning display. The plates along its neck and upper back are also extendable, allowing it to break out of headlocks and other grappling attacks. It also possesses two modified arms that sports elongated claws, two retractable tentacles housed over its shoulder blades, elbow talons and incredible jaw strength which all add up to making it a lethal melee combatant. Akasha is named after an ancient demon, based on its evil, skull-like face and multiple intimidating blades.He was killed by Sesshomaru,Shutendoji Daimao and Titanosaurus
  • Dreich [Category IV]: Crystalline claws and bladed appedages on his back are viciously sharp and produce an energy pulse on impact, ferocious in melee combat, can emit a massive energy pulse from its brain but this causes its blades to lose their charge for a period of time. He can also regenerate his wounds and lost limbs if damaged. The name 'Dreich' is a scottish slang meaning bleak or miserable, named in the same vein as 'Scunner' which means disgust or loathing.with Beyagara Destroyed he joins forces with Godzilla and the Jaegers.
  • Hammerhead [Category IV]: Hammerhead is another of Beyagara's lackeys. It prefers to stay in the water where it has maximum environmental advantage over its foes. It uses its overwhelming speed to outmaneuver enemies and attack from afar with its spine launchers or use its guillotine-like skull to ram and cleave jaegers into pieces. Bladed skull, forearms and jets. Super speed provided by Bio-Thrusters, which also double as missile launchers which fire enormous, super-heated spines that regenerate inside its body.He joined Godzilla and peace corps after Beyagara's death.
  • Snaketail [Category IV]: This Kaiju is similar to a snakeman, after Beyagar's death Snaketail turned on it's other brethren and sided with Godzilla just like all of Beyager's other minions.
  • Banshee [Category IV]: His body shows similarity to both Knifehead and Scunner.
  • Ridgeback [Category III]: This long dragon-like Kaiju has aggresive fast actions,
  • Calypso [Category IV]: This Kaiju is similar to Otachi, as it powerful flight maneuvers. He can create sonic screeches.
  • Scissor [Category IV]: Scissor was a Cat-Iike Kaiju that chopping its way through Hawaii until intercepted by a Jaeger, Vertigo Black in 2031. The Kaiju squirted silk from pores in its gums and entangled the Jaeger, but instead of attacking it fled. Its energy signature was lost later after it was seen digging to the sea floor. It reappeared near by its last location and formed a chrysalis in. Nothing could penetrate the object, all could only observe the organic monolith. Two days later it broke open to reveal an adult form, far larger, more vicious than before. It had become a Category IV in 2038. It destroyed any thing in its path, spewing toxic gases as it went along. Two Jaegers were sent in to take it out. The fight was long, severely damaging both jaegers to the point of no recovery, but was finally dispatched after 6 hours of combat. Slained by Gipsy Danger, Vertigo Black and Rodan in 2040.
  • Mongoose [Category III]: the one of the many friendly Antiverse Kaiju and Zeke's friend while he was stranded at sea.
  • Hachiwara [Category IV]: This kaiju walks on two legs and heavley armored similar to leatherback . His name means "helmet breaker" or "skull breaker".Hachiwara was defeated by Anguirus and Strider Zeta. Hachiwara eventually joins forces with the other free Antiverse kaiju.
  • Novahead [Category V]: Her face is filled with holes, including a massive forehead opening, in which the powerful, super nova energy can release. When she fires the blast, her entire head is engulfed in bright light as the beam fires from the hole in her head. She guards the Breach alongside Kaedra, Banshee, Nemesis and Hydra, while, Hachiwara, Hammerhead, Krakatoa and Driech create a deversion by destroying Osaka. She was killed by Godzilla when he fires his Atomic breath and Get's stabbed by Gypsy Danger's new Plasma sword.
  • Kaedra [Category V]:
  • Rashaska [Category IV]: This Kaiju has the power to turn Invisible and has Long claw's laced in venom, he was defeated yet not killed by Komodo frost and Manda.
  • Krakatoa [Category III]: Krakatoa was capable of discharging mass quantities of plasma from its tube like horn, destroying its targets from afar. In close combat it used its sticky long tongue to drag and whip opponents, and its body mass to ram them. It had no visible eyes, its suspected it either had them hidden in its mouth or its tongue was used as its main sense, sensing wind direction and "tasting" targets. It eventually leaves after Hydra's death.





  • The Jaeger's Conn-Pods been upgraded, By dressing in a specially enhanced designed Drivesuit and using the mobile trace system the two pilots could operate their Jaeger by the movements of their own body by using the drift.
  • The 
  • Statues of Previous Jaeger pilots are seen in the Museum of Protectors,