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A sequel to the 2006 film, Over the Hedge. This film will be made in 2015 and takes place 2 years after the events of the first film and it will feature new characters.


One Day in Suburbia, RJ and his friends preparing for the 4th of July just like everybody else in the Suburbian neighborhood. RJ and the gang get ready to watch the fire works and they celebrate independence day

One day RJ discovers on the news that he and the animals are famous. When he tells it out to the others they are amazed at this. But the newscaster says that they should stop this forever and tells everyone to try and find them And be send for extermination. After that RJ believes that the gang should go on a vacation for a while until this all ends and they all agree. They packed their snacks, cases and sunglasses and head by traviling on foot. Later, a villian whose known as The Hunter Boss who was watching the news is mourning the loss of his father and plans to get revenge on the animals and decides to get Gladys out of jail.

They traveled across america where they sight see across the states. Vincent who has now has his fur all grown back is performing at an animal show at the country fair but when he sees the clan he with the help of 4 more animals cause a fiasco at the fair making everyone thinking he's killing more of the animals after that Vincent and his minions set off after them.

While on a boat RJ watches the sunset but feels sad, he tells Verne why because he has never had a girl friend before. Heather over hears this and at night when everyone (except her falls asleep) she sings a song to RJ telling him that she loves him ever since he first came and imagines the memories of them together. Vincent and his minions try to attack RJ and the animals but failed when they enter the wrong room and scare all of the passengers and they all fell into the sea and survive the night.

Next morning the gang quickly get of the ship and hitch a ride to the forest of Louisiana. When they arrive they discovery hundreds of animals. When a female possum appears and introduces herself the gang she suddenly recognizes Heather and Ozzie and she is revealed to Heather's mother/Ozzie's wife. She is glad to see them again and calls out to the family that Ozzie & Heather are home. We are then introduced to the rest of Heather' family who are glad to see them again. Ozzie introduces their friends to his mom and dad (Opal & Ivan), Martha's parents (Shaw and Mary), Shaw's goose friend Margret and Ozzie's adapted sister Lucy and joining the party is Ryan, Heather's childhood friend and his adopted mother possum Rebecca who thought RJ and the gang had brought her and Ozzie are home. That night Martha shows Heather her old tree where she used to live when she was born, Ozzie remembers everything now and Martha reminds her about her past and what happened when she was little (She and Ozzie were swept away in a flood in a box upriver) and they missed her and Ozzie so much. Heather remembers now and is happy of her memory and her old home.

That night The Hunter Boss is getting Gladys out of prison. Back in the forest Heather is having a bad dream about Vincent about to eat RJ. She tries to stop him but falls, she wakes from her nightmare and goes to find a vending machine. She manages to and buys some snacks and soft drinks from the machines and puts them in RJ's bag to suprise him the next day which successfully does the next day.

The next morning Heather asks Ozzie if she can go hang out with Ryan and his friends. Ozzie says yes and once Heather gets there Ryan takes her to the place were his 5 friends hang out. Ryan introduces his friends Pablo, Tinnofy, Sarah, Helga and Viola To her. They are unimpressed with Heather at first but when Ryan tells them it's his childhood friend they change they're personality to her and become friends. At the Hunter Boss' camp, he treats his minions nicely about animals. The Hunter Boss second minion says that they can be animals. Gladys, who is now the boss of him, angrily shouts at his minions to get going find RJ and the gang and get rid the animals and tells some of them to set a bunch of traps to capture them. Gladys turns to the camera and jumps in front of it said that they're going to keep moving by today.

That night, Ozzie says to Ivan that other species are very loyal to them. The next morning Ivan takes RJ a tour around the forest everything goes good until they encounter Ivan's rival: Bernardo an Indian American owl who teases him for helping someone like RJ. Heather and Ryan meanwhile along with their friends were having fun on the journey, they enjoy stealling food from picnickers and sliding down the trees. That night the teenage 8 animals are relaxing in the campfire that night. Ryan tells the gang a story about what happened to father when he was little. A little fox was sung a lullaby by his father. But one night the hunters are here. His father tells him to run and Ryan runs faster by his fathers last words. Ryan keeps running until Brian is shot by hunters. Ryan calls out his father but nobody is there. Ryan is so sad that father was shot and killed. So he went off alone and he was adopted by Rebecca, Heather's 2nd aunt and she becomes his mother.

Later, Palipi introduces the other friends Tommy, Bob, Roise and Jamie to the family and RJ says the line from the first film. That night, Vincent, Daisy, Nigel, Felipe and Shannon are making a big plan for revenge. Back in the forest RJ is suddenly tossing and turning, Ozzie sees this and asks if he's okay RJ then tells him the story of his mean and cruel father. Because it was back in 1997 when RJ was 7 years old and a robot was coming and his father tells him to get ready to roar at it. RJ does it but does a squeaky hiss. After that his dad kicks him out and he gets sent to Canada leaving RJ all by himself.

Later, The Hunter Boss tells Gladys the story of when he was younger, his father loved him and his mean mother didn't. One Day on his fathers birthday (Which was back in summer 1989), his mean mother got a python snake instead, making the two watch in horror. His father says to him that he still loves him before he dies. After that Hunter Boss' Mother kicks him out, and because of that hunter has grown a strong hatred towards animals and plans to kill of kinds around the world.

That next morning, the animals learn about hunting season and must make a plan about sending the hunters away. But the plan goes awary when hunters appear and capture and surround the animals this time RJ tells Verne, Heather, Stella, Ozzie and Tiger to warn the others while he and and the rest of the gang can stop them but they end up captured and put in cages. The other animals meanwhile manage to find a hiding spot but only to find that hunter boss and Gladys are already there. They try to escape but Gladys kicks Heather & Ozzie into cages while hunter boss puts Verne, Stella and Tiger into cages.

Later when they are put into a truck they find RJ, Verne, Billy, Hannah, Jamie, Hammy, Lou, Penny, Spike, Bucky and Quillo are already in cages and are taken away to pet stores. RJ blames himself for this and thinks it's his fault but Verne talks to him telling him that it's not his or anyone's fault, which makes him feel better. Ryan hears that his friends are captured and feels guilty for not helping them and wonders off sadly. The teenage animals see this and allow him to be part of their group but Ryan refuses saying that he must rescue RJ and the gang. Pablo insults him about the gang including Heather which makes Ryan cross and ditches the teens and goes to rescue his friends. Ryan hops on the truck and uses whipped cream on his lips to scare the 2 hunters (Jon Lovitz & Davi Viera) which fools them and makes them run out of the truck and rescues the gang who are glad to see him for rescuing them and they make a run for it when they are discovered by one of the hunters (Judah Friedlander). They manage to outsmart the hunter by sending him to the wrong direction and causing him to fall off a cliff.

The gang make it back and RJ has a plan to send the hunters away. First he gathers the Heather's family, her friends, the party animals and the gang and tells them about how to send the hunters away by scaring them and throwing human objects at them. The gang agree to help defeat the hunters by tomorrow morning. That night Gladys and hunter boss learn that the animals have escaped and tell them to find them or else they'll be killed by his pet poison frog. Next morning RJ and the gang set off to find the hunters (Even Ryan joins in). They find all of the hunters out in the woods looking for animals to kill when they find RJ and the gang in trees glaring angrily at them which makes them scared and try to runaway but they are stopped by hunter boss who tells them that they're only a bunch of rats and vermins and tells them to kill them. But the gang fight and attack the hunters and joining the fight are more of the forest animals including Bernardo who tosses rocks at them, Sid chuck a ball at them and Ryan's friends who also help attack the hunters which makes them runaway. Jamie uses a slingshot to launch Rosie and Bob to send Rob flying and makes the chicken fly much to his surprise and drops eggs on them. The hunters flee and the gang celebrates. RJ and the family celebrate thinking they've outwitted all of the hunters but however they are attacked by hunter boss & Gladys who show no fear in them and try to kill by using machine guns. When hunter boss has one bullet and when the animals hide (Except for Heather who has her tail stuck in a twig and can get out) Hunter boss tries to shoot her with his last bullet but RJ quickly gets her out of the way and the bullet hits a python snake.

Hunter Boss is cross and tells RJ that he's gonna pay for what he did but RJ bravefully, yet strongly stands up to him and whacks his head hard with a golf stick by saying I thought I told you: WE MEAN NO HARM!

Everyone cheers for what RJ did and congratulate him (Including Ozzie and Martha) for saving Heather. While the others cheer Heather finally admits her feelings to RJ which makes him happy. Just when they're about to kiss, Nigel suddenly appears out of nowhere and swipes RJ and takes him to Vincent. Everyone sees this and follow him. Nigel drops RJ and Vincent appears in front of him to get revenge by using a chainsaw to open his heart and take it out, but just as he was about to do it Daisy reminds him of the dynamite she set of dynamite (She was going to use it blow up RJ) this causes Vincent to say oh dang and the dynamite explodes.

Hunter Boss meanwhile has woken up and is about to take his gun, only to find himself and Gladys face to face with the same snake he shot the bullet at. He nervously offers it a donut but the snakes violently wraps himself around him and chases Gladys while dragging Hunter Boss to kill him. Verne and the gang find RJ but they think he was killed by the explosion. Heather is sad that she never got to kiss RJ and cries softly and buries her eyes into her paws, Ozzie who say that they're gonna kiss earlier realizes that she loves him even though he died of the explosion. Verne digs up RJ's grave and is about to burry him but RJ suddenly wakes up saying that he was knocked unconciouss by being hit in the head by a tree but it broke his head bone. Everyone is relieved that he's alive and he and Heather kiss and Heather becomes his girlfriend and manages to put duck tape his injured head to make him feel better.

Vincent and his minions (Who had survived the explosion see that RJ is still alive) try to kill them but they are thwarted when men from animal control appear and take them all back to animal control, Vincent begs RJ and the gang to free him and his Minions but they just leave.

The Newscaster (Who was watching the animals fight the hunters) tells the Animals are now brave heores.

That night RJ and the gang are celebrating their victory and Heather asks Ozzie if she and RJ could hang out which he agrees and tells her that RJ is the hero who she deserves. Ryan enjoys this and his friends (Who now become nice to the gang are impressed with his bravery towards the hunters and forgive Heather for what they said about her behavior to her and Ryan For insulting the gang). RJ also thinks that Louisiana is they're new home and Verne agrees to stay here and start a new life.

Cast/Characters Edit

  • Bruce Willis as RJ, The leader of the animals and Verne's friend and in the end becomes Heather's boyfriend.
  • Garry Shandling as Verne, The former leader and is now the co leader and RJ's friend and 2nd in command.
  • Steve Carell as Hammy, A hyper active squirrel adictedd to cookies and nacho chips.
  • Wanda Sykes as Stella, A skunk and now tiger's mate.
  • William Shatner as Ozzie, A shakesperean possum and Heather's father
  • Avril Lavigne as Heather, A teenage possum who reunites with her family and becomes RJ's girlfriend in the end.
  • Eugene Levy as Lou, The porcupine father of the triplets and penny's wife.
  • Catherine O'Hara as Penny, the mother of the triplets and Lou's husband.
  • Shane Baumel, Sami Kirkpatrick and Madison Davenport as Spike, Bucky and Quillo, The fun loving sons of Lou and Penny.
  • Omid Djalili as Tiger, A Persian cat and Stella's mate.
  • New Voices
  • Molly Shannon as Martha, Heather's kind hearted mother and Ozzie's wife.
  • Andy Garcia as Ivan, Ozzie's father is kind to Ozzie, RJ and friends especially his wife Opal, Martha and his granddaughter Heather.
  • Glenn Close as Opal, Ozzie's mother and the grandmother of Heather who taught Ozzie how to play dead.
  • Katherine Helmond as Lucy, Heather's fun loving aunt and was Ozzie's adopted younger sister.
  • Joy Behar as Mary, Martha's mother and a second grandmother of Heather.
  • Sam Elliott as Shaw, Martha's father and a 2nd grandfather of Heather.
  • Susan Sarandon as Rebecca, Heather's second aunt and Ryan's adopted mother who is about 55 years old
  • Will Arnett as RJ's father, RJ's mean and stern father only seen in a flashback. in the end, regrets his ways and starts being kind to RJ, and then tells him why he was so abusive.
  • Alec Baldwin as Vincent, a bear who plans revenge on RJ. In the end he and minions get taken back to the fair by animal control. Baldwin replaced Nick Nolte for the role.
  • Kristen Schaal as Daisy, a gecko who is Vincent's minion who is so dim-witted and child-ish
  • Whoopi Goldberg as Shannon, a pig and Vincent's book smart minion who follows his orders
  • Jimmy Fallon as Ryan, a teenager fox and Heather's childhood friend and is also Heather's age. He used to be scared of hunters when he was a little fox but when the hunters captured the gang (This time RJ, Tommy, Jamie, Bob Rosie, Rob and Tiger got captured) he stood up to them and rescued the gang from being taken to pet stores.
  • Joe Magneta and Cheech Marin as Felipe and Nigel, a scarlet macaw and an eagle who are Vincent's tough beefy tomboy minions.
  • Pitbull as Bernardo, an Indian American owl who is Ivan's rival.
  • Jenifer Lewis as Margret, a white duck who is Shaw's friend
  • Bruno Mars, Phillip Lawrence, Nicki Minaj, Claudia Christian and Janelle Monáe as Tinnofy, Pablo, Sarah, Helga and Viola. A spix macaw, a scarlet macaw, a flamingo, a spoonbill and an ostrich who are all teenagers and Ryan's and Heather's friends.
  • Jim Cummings as Dumb Tapir
  • Bernardo De Paula as Sid, a Spoonbill
  • Jeffrey Garcia as Stone, a blue macaw
  • Allison Janney as Gladys Sharp. The past villian from the first film now out of prison thanks to a hunter boss and they are now hiring a bunch of hunters to destroy the last of the Louisiana forest into a new Shopping Mall. In the end she gets chased by a python snake
  • Jeff Daniels as The Hunter Boss, The new Antagonist of the film replacing Dwayne and who helped get Gladys out of prison and also has a hatred for animals too. He also uses guns with knock out darts for any other wild animals including RJ and the gang and he would also have them sold to pet stores. In the end he gets dragged away to be killed by a Python snake.
  • Leonardo DiCapro as The Hunter Logger, a first round hunter.
  • Ed Harris as The Logging Treatman, a second thin hunter.
  • Michael Wincott as The Hunter Dart Trophy, a voice activated trophy that explodes.
  • Alain Chabat as The Hunter Tribe and Palipi, a fourth hunter and A Red and Green Winged Macaw who is Ryan & Heather's friend.
  • Ester Dean as The Soccer Announcer, a hornbill
  • Morgan Freeman as Brian, Ryan's deceased father who was once shot by hunters and is now an animal carpet rug.
  • Bruce Campbell as Hunter Boss' Father, The father of Hunter Boss who was killed by a python snake that his mean wife got for his birthday.
  • Jane Lynch as Hunter Boss' Mother, The mother of Hunter Boss and the trickster for her husband because she has always played mean tricks on her husband.
  • John Leguizamo as Jamie, A lizard and was adapted into the family 1 year ago.
  • Bill Hader as Bob, A smart and clever ferret and is RJ's friend in his pre-teen years and was adapted in the family after the events of Hammy's boomerang adventure.
  • Charlie Day as Tommy, Hammy's crazy cousin who is also a squirrel and during the battle against the hunters he chases them away by thinking they're walking turkey and drumsticks and was adapted into the clan 2 years ago.
  • John Michael Higgins as Show announcer.
  • Danny Mann as Rob, A flightless chicken who came into the clan after the events of over the hedge.
  • Teri Hatcher as Rosie, A badger who was adapted into the clan after the events of over the hedge.
  • Alison Brie as Hannah, a Molehog who is similar to Louis from Ice Age 4 who is adapted into the clan after the events of Over The Hedge.
  • Martin Short as Billy, a rabbit who is adapted into the clan after the events of Over The Hedge.
  • Cree Summer as Lara, a green macaw who is with the teenagers and Dumb Tapir
  • Frank Welker as Python Snake

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Soundtrack Edit

  • 1.Good Day-Ben Folds
  • 2.Better Off-Jack Johnson
  • 3.Still I Fly-Ben Folds & Tiao Cruz
  • 4.Simply Wonderful-Avril Lavinge
  • 5. Mother, Daughter-James Taylor
  • 6. Find Yourself-Morgan Freeman
  • 7.I Will Survive-Allison Janney and Jeff Daniels.
  • 8. We are family- Avril Lavigne, Andy Garcia, Alison Brie, Bill Hader, Wanda Sykes, Ester Dean, Janelle Moane, Bruno Mars, Claudia Christan, Pitbull, Phillip Lawrence and Nicki Minaj
  • 9.Dont bring me down-Alec Baldwin, Kristin Schaal and Cheech Marin.
  • 10.Its a jungle out here-Ben Folds.
  • 11.Big City- Phillip Lawrence and Janelle Monaé
  • 12.What You Need-Claudia Christian


Over The Hedge 2 Transcript

Major events Edit

  • Vincent Will plan to seek revenge on RJ.
  • The New directors will be Jimmy Hayward (Director of Horton Hears a Who and Free Birds who will also direct the film, while Tim Johnson, Bonnie Arnold & Karey Kirkpatrick will serve as executive producers and head of story) and Matthew O' Callaghan (Who will direct the film).
  • RJ's true name will be revealed, which is Revered Jr When he tells Ozzie the story of his father.
  • Heather will hope to ask RJ out on a date
  • It will be revealed that Heather has long lost relatives.
  • Gladys Sharp has returned and she will have her singing voice.
  • The music will be composed and conducted by Planes film composer Mark Mancina. With John Powell as executive music producer and John Debney was also the second as well.
  • Both Sam Eliott and Wanda Sykes previously starred in Barnyard in 2006.
  • Bruno Mars voices Pablo who voiced Roberto in Rio 2 with Phillip Lawrence voices Tinnofy who voice Felipe in Rio 2 with the same name. Claudia Christian voice Helga in Atlantis The Lost Empire with the same name and Nicki Minjai who voiced Steffie in Ice Age 4 voiced Sarah as well.
  • Rob shares simlair to Peck from Barnyard.
  • This was the Dreamworks film to have a longer mintues.

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